Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it's huge to visit in a short amount of time. That's why we've gathered the things you'll want to prioritize in your 3-day itinerary. From castles to delicious food, there's a bit of everything to see and do in the city.

Of course, Portugal has beautiful beaches and these are the least crowded, but you won't want to miss the best that Lisbon has to offer. Plus, if you want to get the best of both worlds, you can go to Cascais to enjoy the beach.

If you're looking to visit more than Lisbon, you can check this travel guide to Portugal. But if all you have is 3 days, make sure you make the most of them by following these tips!

10 Visit Castelo De São Jorge If You Love The Medieval Period

Castelo de São Jorge is one of the most important castles in Portugal, which you can visit whenever you like. One of its major features is the fact that is has a 360º view overlooking the historical center of Lisbon.

This castle served as the location of fortifications occupied by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors—which makes this castle even more important to Lisbon's history. Book a couple of hours to visit such a historical monument.

9 Walk Around Baixa (Lisbon's Downtown)

Lisbon's center is very flat, so you'll have no problem visiting the city on foot. Of course, if you want, you can always hop on a bus or even the metro.

Either case, you should have no problems in getting to know every corner of Lisbon's downtown, and also its stores. But, if you prefer to go to the beach during the day, then grab a car and travel to Praia da Marinha: Portugal’s most beautiful beach.

8 Go To Alfama And Listen To Fado

If you don't know what Fado is, you should quickly go to YouTube to listen to a sample of it. This is a very particular Portuguese musical genre and, traditionally, you listen to a Fado singer and his/her guitarists in special places, such as proper bars or restaurants.

If you want to know what's the best place to listen to this special music, then you should check the best Fado restaurants in Alfama.

7 Walk Rua Augusta Until You Reach Terreiro Do Paço

Rua Augusta is one of Lisbon's most famous streets, where you find all kinds of restaurants and also stores. From this street, you can reach other famous places, such as Chiado, for example.

You can also (and you should) walk the street down until you reach Terreiro do Paço (where that big arch is). By the way, did you know that you can go to the arch's top to enjoy an amazing view of Lisbon's downtown?

6 Go To Belém (Very Close To Lisbon's Center) And Visit Torre de Belém

Torre de Belém is very famous in the area—don't worry, because Belém is only a few minutes away from Lisbon's center and you can easily get there by bus, metro or car (you can also go on foot if you enjoy walking when visiting a new city).

Torre de Belém served as an embarkation and disembarkation point for Portuguese explorers, and also as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. The normal ticket cost is around €5.

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5 Get To Know More Of The Portuguese History At Mosteiro Dos Jerónimos

Along with Torre de Belém, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This monastery is huge, so book some hours to know all corners—besides being beautiful on the outside, the inside (and its interior gardens) is amazing and worth seeing.

If you want to visit the place, you'll need to buy a ticket. Make sure you inform yourself because, on specific days defined by the monastery, the entrance is free!

4 Stop By "Pastéis De Belém" Pastry To Delight Yourself

Have you ever heard of Pastéis de Belém? If you haven't, you should run to this pastry's line and wait to eat the best cake of your life. The recipe for this small pastry is still quite a secret, even though a lot of pastries sell their version. However, this pastry in Belém is the original selling the crunchy milk cakes.

Pro tip: add powdered sugar and/or cinnamon on top of your Pastel de Belém!

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3 Ride The Teleférico Over Parque Das Nações

To go to Parque das Nações and hop on the teleférico, you'll need to choose one means of transport: bus, train or metro. You can also call a taxi (or an Uber) to get to this area, a bit distant from the city's center.

However, if you're afraid of heights, don't go on the teleférico since it's quite high and it takes some minutes for the whole ride to end.

If you're not afraid of it, make sure you don't miss this awesome experience!

2 Hop In Ascensor Da Glória For A Memorable Trip

Ascensor da Glória is a funicular railway that connects Praça dos Restauradores to Bairro Alto, the area you need to go to if you want to have (a lot of) fun.

This tram dates back to 1875 and is still operating to this day. As it is such a traditional means of transport, Lisbon's municipality has decided to maintain it as it is so rare to see in other cities—and the truth is that tourists love it!

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1 Bairro Alto Is The Place To Go If You Want To Have Fun

Bairro Alto is the neighborhood to go if you are looking to have some fun after dinner, for example. It is crowded with bars, and also restaurants, pumping the loudest music ever. It is a great place to go with your family or friends, especially during summer nights, because the climate is so warm and lets you party right on the main street.

The picture above illustrates a regular night in Bairo Alto.

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