There is often a parade of things that are considered to be 'difficult' when it comes to air travel, and there are some things that are considered to be fairly normal about it all. In truth, it depends on your own personal perspective of things, and so today, we want to give our own perspective on something that's a little bit more fun and a little bit less serious.

We are, of course, referring to the neverending debate over whether or not the aisle seat or window seat is better when you're on a plane. The conventional wisdom automatically suggests that most people want to sit by the window, no questions asked. However, over time, we've come to learn that there are many pros and cons to both that often leave us scratching our heads.

Some of these things may not apply to you and others may be of vital importance, but either way, you've got to respect that both options are pretty viable. We all know full well that getting stuck in the middle seat is a position that absolutely nobody wants to be in, and as a result, you'll probably want to get one or the other of these two options tied up far enough in advance.

You may be sat there wondering how we're going to stretch something like this out over twenty entries, but trust us when we tell you that this isn't something as simple as 'one or the other'. It's all about the technicalities behind air travel and maximising your own experience. See - didn't we tell you at the top that this was going to be fun?

20 (WINDOW!) Take-Off Delight - Get A Glimpse

Depending on what kind of flyer you are, you'll likely be excited for one of two things: the plane taking off or the plane landing safely on the ground. It's fair to say that most people fall into the first of these two categories, and it's hardly shocking to understand why.

The euphoria of lifting off into the sky is something that some guys and girls only get to enjoy a handful of times in their lifetime, depending on your own situation or circumstances. If you're stuck in the aisle or middle seat then you'll find yourself looking over the shoulder of someone else like a puppy dog, and that's hardly a position you want to find yourself in.

19 (WINDOW!) Maximum Comfort - Avoid The Nudges

This may not initially seem like something that you'd get from a window seat, but hear us out. For all of the 'you'll be too cramped' arguments, there are equally as many good reasons for why the best comfort level is found when you're closer to the window. Why?


It sounds silly and it sounds odd, but when you're in the aisle seat, you'll often find at least one part of your body being nudged to the side and pushed around by either the cabin crew or your fellow passengers. In the window seat, all of those troubles will wash away after the first 15-20 minutes, and that's a virtual guarantee.

18 (WINDOW!) Take Your Time - Enjoy Every Aspect

Some folks want to get off the airplane as quickly as possible upon the cabin doors being opened (and we'll get to this side of the coin later), but others are willing to take their time and just enjoy the experience. Flying can be quite overwhelming sometimes, and people watching as others frantically exit can be a good way to unwind.

You aren't going to be getting off anytime soon anyway if you're situated in the window seat, so why rush it? The hustle and bustle associated with the aisle seat means that there's a lot of pressure on you to get moving ASAP, and this removes all of that.

17 (WINDOW!) Great Views - See What The World Has To Offer

While it's always great to see the plane taking off, it's nothing compared to the sights that you'll see once you're actually in the air. Being that high above the ground should be viewed as an honour, and as unusual or cheesy as that may sound, it resonates with a lot of people.

When descending towards your destination or 20,000 feet in the sky, you'll be able to witness things that you never previously thought were even possible. Seeing what the world has to offer is what life is all about, and as cliche as it sounds, it's the truth.

16 (WINDOW!) Leaning Ability - An Underrated Attraction

This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous to some people, but sometimes, you need to be able to rest your neck and head in general. If you've got a travel pillow then resting against the side of the plane will be perfect for you, and it eliminates the possibility of you slipping onto the person next to you.

If you end up drifting away in this position then there's a good chance that you'll sleep throughout the entire flight, whether it be one hour long or six. Nobody is ever really going to view this as something that's essential, but depending on what time of the day your flight is, a nap could be important.

15 (WINDOW!) Ignore The World - No Climbing Necessary

If you're in the aisle or middle seat, then you're all but guaranteed to have people climbing over you and asking to get past you throughout the course of the flight. It's extremely disruptive especially if you're in the middle of doing something, and it can really impact your flight depending on how many times it happens.

You can probably already see where this is going, but yes: the window seat eliminates that issue. You don't even need to really communicate with anyone else at all if you've brought your own food and form of entertainment, meaning that rest and relaxation can be your number one priority.

14 (WINDOW!) Limited Child Risk - Do You Mind?

You've all heard the stereotypes and some of you have probably experienced them. The fact of the matter is this - sitting on a plane whereby a child behind you is kicking your seat or being incredibly loud is not a fun thing to endure. Sometimes it's unavoidable and other times it isn't, but for the most part, there's a way to get around it.

Due to the safety risks concerned the majority of parents like to have their child in the middle or aisle seat as opposed to the window, which also tends to be a general source of advice from most higher-ups involved in the aviation business. So if you want to limit the chances of this happening, you know what to do.

13 (WINDOW!) The Bag Disposal - Subtle & Sleek

Carry-on bags can either be a blessing or a curse, but if you're travelling on a low budget airline, they can be a little bit risky. Depending on the size of your bag you may be instructed to put it in the hold until you can pick it up on the carousel at your destination.

One way or another you should be able to get it onto the plane if you're crafty enough, but if you're in the aisle or middle seat, there's a greater chance of the air hostess noticing the size of it and taking it away from you. If you're by the window it should be easier to store away under your seat, making it easier for everyone involved.

12 (WINDOW!) True Privacy - Keep Yourself To Yourself

For some insane reason, people on planes have a tendency to be a little bit nosey. Sometimes it's just an innocent glance, but in other instances, they'll straight up look at what you're doing for anywhere between two minutes and an hour. It can be a little bit off-putting, and it's even more different when you're in the aisle as you're exposed to those behind you, too.

But if you're by the window, by natural positioning, it just feels like you get a little bit more privacy in every sense of the word. You can hide away your laptop, your phone or your tablet more effectively. Simple.

11 (WINDOW!) Social Media Presence - 'Lucas Is Travelling To..'

This sounds a little bit silly initially, but come on, it's the 21st century. Social media is a bigger part of our lives than anyone will ever care to admit, and that goes for travelling too. We all love to let our loved ones know what we're up to and where we're going, with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram being perfect outlets for that.

If you're in the window seat you'll be able to get the perfect 'stereotypical view of the sky' shot that everyone is so used to seeing these days. Obviously, it depends on what kind of timeline you have and what you want people to see, but for those of us who can't spend two seconds away from our devices, this one's for you.

10 (AISLE!) Leg Room - Absolutely Vital

We've moved on to the 'pros' side of things for the aisle seat now, and we'll kick off with something pretty simple: leg room. It's something we all need especially if you're over 6 ft tall, and stretching out is a luxury you'll be able to have if you can avoid the window or the middle.

Otherwise, you'll find yourself being pretty cramped, and that kind of thing can be particularly uncomfortable if you're on a budget airline. The practicality behind flying is more important to some than others so you may not care about it too much, but if you're a frequent flyer, then this is vital.

9 (AISLE!) Less Stress - Yes Please

This can be seen as a rarity, but depending on whether or not you're out of options or are booking quite close to the flight date, it could easily happen. As we all know there are emergency exits located in the middle of any given plane, and as such, two people need to sit in the window seats on either side.

That's not something you'd want to go through in a hurry, and if you're a nervous flyer then this is probably your own personal version of hell. If you're sat in the aisle seat then not only do you have to deal with all of that, but you'll also get even more leg room to go with it.

8 (AISLE!) The Trolley - It's Food Time

Some people like to eat on flights and others don't, but there's a reason why the option is there: because sometimes, it's a necessity. If you happen to be in the aisle seat then you'll be able to get the first selection of what you'd like out of your row, and you wouldn't have to pass your card or money over to someone else in order to pay.

The food would also probably come a lot quicker as a result, and doesn't that just sound a whole lot easier than the alternatives? The whole 'eating on a plane' thing is a complex subject in its entirety, and in fact, the next entry is quite relatable too.

7 (AISLE!) Space To Eat - Relaxation Defined

Once you've got your meal it's important to ensure that you're comfortable, whether it be a hot meal or a cold meal. If you're in the middle or by the window then the odds are that you'll struggle more with having enough room to actually enjoy your food.

This way you've got more space, you can stretch your elbows out a little bit, and it'll feel a bit more like a regular meal that you'd have at home. People seem to have this stigma which leads to bringing their own food, but it really isn't necessary - so long as you've landed the right seat.

6 (AISLE!) Head Room - Stretch That Neck

While it's true that being able to lean on the side of the plane in the window seat is a benefit, actually having the room throughout the course of your flight to move around is equally as important. If you aren't a big sleeper then you want to be able to avoid feeling claustrophobic at all costs, and that's not a luxury you'll get in any other position.

You just tend to feel a little bit more 'free', and with a travel pillow, you should still be able to sit back on your specified seat and relax from the beginning to the end of your journey.

5 (AISLE!) Departing - Get Up & Go

There's really not much of an explanation to this one, but one way or another, when you reach your destination, most travellers want to get off the plane as soon as possible. They'll be able to beat the crowds when picking up their luggage, and they'll be able to get through security fairly quickly.

If you're in the aisle seat then your job becomes a hell of a lot easier, and the only real task is ensuring that you pick your seats so that they're quite close to either the front or the back of the plane. If you're somewhere in the middle, then you could be in trouble.

4 (AISLE!) Less Awkward - When you gotta go...

It doesn't matter whether you had anything to drink or not before you got on the plane, because the odds are that you're going to need to visit the little boy's/girl's room sooner rather than later. If you're not in the aisle seat, however, that can be quite the pain.

But if you're not, then you can head back and forth as much as you want throughout the flight, and the same goes for getting up to ask a member of the flight crew a question. The queues will be smaller, and by default, it takes the pressure of asking someone to move off of your shoulders.

That might not seem like a big deal to some, but it can be for others.

3 (AISLE!) Friends & Family - Different Allocation? No Problem

If there's more than three of you on any given flight, then you'll likely be required to sit in a whole row. That means that if you're in the aisle seat then you'll not only be able to communicate with the guys and girls in your set of three but also with those opposite you.

So if you happen to be next to someone within your party that is a nervous flyer or likes a good conversation to get through the journey, then you're in luck. If you're in the window seat, then you run the risk of feeling a little bit isolated, which isn't exactly the most pleasant of feelings.

2 (AISLE!) Mid-Flight Delight - Nice & Easy

Sometimes it just makes sense for you to put any extra bags you have in the overhead compartment, for practicality if nothing else. Once the seatbelt signs have been turned off then the aisle seat allows you to be instantly 'reunited' with your bag without any kind of stress or hassle.

You don't have to edge your way past others and all you need to do is take it down and get on with the rest of your trip. Plus, if necessary, you can be 'that guy' and get everyone else's down for them as well. So really, unless you're a little bit lazy, there are positives to be found in every corner.

1 (AISLE!) Availability - Simple!

Budget flying isn't necessarily something that is everyone's cup of tea, but if you find yourself in that situation, you may be forced into not picking a seat courtesy of the fact that it usually costs more. Add-ons are never enjoyable, and most of us want to avoid them wherever possible.

When you're assigned a random seat the most important thing is that you avoid the middle seat, and out of the other two options available, you're much more likely to get the aisle than the window. People tend to get caught up in the buzz of the views, but on the whole, the aisle is generally much more economical for you.