Southeast Asia is home to one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the region, the unique country of Thailand. More than 39 million tourists flock every year to this magnificent area of the world to witness Thailand's breathtaking beaches and stunning temples. However, the country has much more than Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, and the island of Phuket. Thailand has a small charming town lying on its northern side that has become a travel destination in recent years due to a load of attractions to its visitors.


This town is called Pai and is home to magical waterfalls, a giant Big Buddha, a stunning Canyon, and a handful of other unique attractions that draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors to this splendid corner of the world. To the surprise of many, Pain turned out to be a magical town that stole their hearts, and they will be returning again to visit it in a heartbeat.

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This Is The Best Vehicle To Use When Getting Around Pai

Riding a scooter is very common in Pai. This is why it is vital to learn how to use this vehicle for touring the town efficiently. The scooter is particularly needed when heading for activities located out of the city center, of which there are many. Moreover, there are not many tuk-tuks in town because the scooter is the primary vehicle of transportation used by tourists in Pai. Additionally, there is almost no traffic there, making it easy to learn how to drive a scooter.

It is wise to note that one must drive cautiously when using a scooter, and drinking and driving is a definite no-no. People can find several places that rent scooters at the main walking street in Pai. Some rental shops may ask for the renter's passport. This step is illegal, and the tourist must not conform to such requests. It is logical for the rental shop owner to request a cash deposit when renting the scooter to a tourist. The deposit will be paid back to the tourist once the scooter is returned in its original condition. Insurance is recommended when renting a scooter for the first time. This coverage can also be purchased from the rental shop.

  • Cost: Renting a scooter in Pai costs around 250 Baht per day, equivalent to $7.75.

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How To Enjoy The Best Of Pai

Pai is home to a stunning and giant white Buddha statue known as the Big Buddha. People visit this attraction to climb the statue up to the top and enjoy the mesmerizing town views. A camera is essential to snap the best shots when undergoing this activity. Since the location is religious, dressing appropriately is required. Moreover, it takes around one hour to reach the top of the statue, and the activity is totally free of charge.

Another popular thing to do in Pai is to go tubing on the town's magical river. However, one must practice this activity only when the river is calm and no heavy rainfall. It rains the most in Pai between May and October. The activity can be conveniently booked from their accommodation or through a travel agency for those who enjoy tubing. Some people walk around Pai and sell tubing tours.

  • Cost: River tubing costs in Pai range between 200 and 300 Baht, equivalent to $6 and $9, respectively. The price includes the tube rental and the drop-off and pick-up.
  • Duration: A tubing activity lasts around 1 hour.

Some more adventurous visitors to Pai enjoy whitewater rafting combined with hiking. Other unique activities in Pai include walking the historical WWII Bridge, learning and practicing yoga, hiking the Pai Canyon, and visiting the Tham Lod Cave.

What To Eat And Where To Stay In Pai

Pai is known for its savory and healthy food, and people can easily find a place that offers a healthy yummy mix. From delicious waffles with fruit, smoothies, and sandwiches to funky salad mixes, visitors to Pai will discover all the unique eats that they may be looking for. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also very prevalent in town. It is recommended to try the high-quality vegetarian food offered by the popular restaurant, Earth Tone. Apart from the healthy food, some unhealthy options are also available, and they are utterly delicious.

In the afternoon in Pai, many street food stands open up and start serving cheap Pad Thai and other noodle dishes to passers-by. They also offer yummy donuts and Indian food. Lovers of pizzas and burgers can also find what they're looking for in those stands. However, it is essential to try the local savory Thai food when in Pai. The town is also full of happy hours where unique Mojitos are offered for special prices.

When deciding to stay the night in Pai, a handful of options is available for all budgets, including low ones, midrange, and top-end plans. Those on a low budget can stay at the Pai Porpeang Guesthouse or the Hommy Camping Room. Le Mont Resort is a good option for those on a mid-range budget.

  • Where to stay: For a luxurious stay in Pai, booking a room at the stunning Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm is recommended.
  • Cost: A night for 2 adults at a Boutique Garden room in Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm costs around $55.

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