Leonardo DiCaprio And 19 Other Celebs Who Love To Party In Monaco

Monaco is quite simply one of the most luxurious places on Earth. This is precisely why it attracts such A-Listers as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, and Kendall Jenner.

Monaco, which is home to the city of Monte Carlo, is a sovereign city-state, country, and microstate. In fact, it's the smallest country in the world, after Vatican City. It sits on the French Riviera, bordering the country on three sides. Its fourth faces the bejeweled Mediterranean where copious yachts await seasonal events such as The Grand Prix.

The city of Monte Carlo, specifically, is a magnet for actors, athletes, models, and musicians due to its exclusivity. It's home to some of the finest restaurants, casinos, and clubs in the world... AKA it's a party town.

Without further ado, here is Leo DiCaprio and 19 other celebs who love to party in Monaco.

20 Back When Leonardo DiCaprio Was Single

Daily Mail

In 2017, Leo had just broken up with model Nina Agdal and had yet to meet Camila Morrone. His relationship status gave him an opportunity to party with a bevy of beautiful young women in Monaco. The Wolf Of Wall Street star looked particularly relaxed as he took in the warm Mediterranean climate with his leggy new friends.

19 Kendall Jenner Went From Cannes To Monaco Looking Fly

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Kendall Jenner was newly single in May 2019 when she partied from Cannes to Monaco. She was with her family and friends when she took a yacht from The Cannes Film Festival to check out the breathtaking sights in Monaco. Kendall looked sensational and sensuous in a skimpy bikini. Then she hopped on a jet ski and zipped around the sea.

18 Louis Tomlinson's One Direction Was To Monte Carlo


Thanks to Zimbio we have these fantastic pics of One Direction bandmate, Louis Tomlinson. He was with his then-girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, in Monte Carlo to attend the Red Bull Racing Energy Station party during the Grand Prix. In the background, we can see the other-worldly cityscape of the gorgeous Mediterranean town.

17 Barbara Palvin And Lewis Hamilton Had A Yacht Party

Daily Mail

Before she started dating Dylan Sprouse, Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin was romantically linked to renowned Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton. In June 2016, the pair were spotted partying it up on a private boat resting on the bustling shores of Monaco, the home of the Monaco Grand Prix.

16 Kris Jenner And Corey Gamble Embraced The Formula 1 Chic

Daily Mail

Kris Jenner seldom misses an event. These functions are how she remains relevant and continues to hold her status in the entertainment industry. In 2018 she was spotted at the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo with her man, Corey Gamble, on her arm. There she mingled with other celebs and Formula 1 drivers.

15 Olivia Culpo Easily Looked More Stylish Than All Of The Drivers


The Grand Prix attracts all sorts of celebrities, including models. We can imagine that many of them are interesting in wooing some of the handsome Formula 1 drivers, but most merely want to have fun. We can say that Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, who is also Nick Jonas' ex, definitely did that when visiting in May 2019.

14 Jay-Z And Beyonce Were The King And Queen Of Monte Carlo

Daily Mail

Wherever Beyonce and Jay-Z go, they're pretty much King and Queen. But the pair were even bigger stars back in 2010. Here we can see them lounging around on a yacht on the coast of Monte Carlo. Beyonce rocked a teeny bikini while Jay-Z played entertainer to some guests. Shortly after, they took their yacht down to Portifino Italy.

13 Bono Always Has Time For Soccer In Monaco

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Bono, who has a property not far from Monaco, is an avid visitor of the country. He loves to hang out in Monte Carlo and he loves soccer. It doesn't matter where he is, Bono always has time for soccer. Here's the Ireland native alongside two of his bandmates, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. as they watched the UEFA Champions League game between As Monaco and Arsenal FC.

12 Selena Took A Break From Filming "Monte Carlo" In... Monte Carlo

Just Jared

Back in the days when Selena was still romantically linked to that little puke with the tattoos, she was making a movie called Monte Carlo with Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy. While they were filming, they were allowed to sit beachside in Monaco town and soak up some rays. Selena looked exceptionally glamorous as she showed off her curves.

11 J-Lo And Alex Rodriguez Held Hands In Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo is the ideal place for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, it has all of the luxury and glamour that stars like them have become accustomed to. In September 2019, the pair were spotted roaming around town while holding hands. Then they enjoyed dinner with friends at Cafe de Paris, shopped, and visited Casino de Monte-Carlo.

10 Cameron Diaz Soaked Up All The Attention

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You don't get much more cool and glamorous than Cameron Diaz strolling around in Monaco. In 2013, The Mask and Something About Mary star hung out with Formula 1 drivers at the Grand Prix. The day before, she stepped out for the Tag Heuer Yacht Party where she posed alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

9 Cristiano Ronaldo Had A Day At The Races With His Girl

Just Jared

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez took in the races in May 2019. The 34-year-old soccer superstar and his gorgeous girl were spotted watching the Monaco Grand Prix on a warm Thursday afternoon. The couple played it cool and remained fairly aloof. Although when they left their hotel, they were surrounded by an entourage that would make Jennifer Lopez blush.

8 Elton John Was The King Of His Monaco Yacht

Daily Mail

Elton John was clearly the King of his yacht in August 2019. He was surrounded by his friends, including What Not To Wear star Susannah Constantine while enjoying the sights off the coast of Monaco. His friends leaped off his luxury boat into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

7 Antonio Banderas Was Spotted Near Monaco

Daily Mail

In 2018, Us shared photos of Zorro and Shrek star Antonio Banderas onboard a ludicrously luxurious yacht perched outside of Monaco. He also took to the Gram to post a picture of him and his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel with the caption, “Greetings from the Mediterranean! Saludos mediterráneos!”

6 Will Smith Boards A Boat


Will Smith never misses the party. So it makes sense that he'd fly over to Monaco for The Grand Prix. Chances are, Will has been to The Grand Prix on numerous occasions. But here we see him at the 2012 event, thanks to Zimbio. The I Am Legend star looked pretty casual as he boarded a speed boat with a few other important people.

5 Nicole Scherzinger Blows Us A Kiss While Celebrating Her Man


Whatever happened to Nicole Scherzinger, you ask? Well, she disappeared in Monaco. No, not really. She's perfectly fine and still making music. But it's clear that she loves the Mediterranean country. In 2012, Zimbio posted pictures of her blowing the camera a kiss as she waited to cheer on her Formula 1 driver boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton.

4 Naomi Campbell Rocked It In 2017

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail loves to cover Naomi Campbell because they never know what kind of trouble she's going to get herself into. But when the supermodel visited the FIA Formula E Championship Monaco ePrix in Monte-Carlo, she remained exceptionally composed. The gorgeous woman wore an eye-catching white frock complete with billowing sleeves that screamed, "Monte Carlo."

3 Patrick Dempsey Puts Aside His Doctor Duties In Monaco

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Recently, Patrick Dempsey put aside his hospital garb from Grey's Anatomy and showed off his handsome good looks in Monaco. The acclaimed actor strolled along the pit lane at the 2019 Grand Prix on a sunny Sunday afternoon in May. Little do most people know, but Dempsey is actually a racecar driver himself. So, in all likelihood, he fit right in.

2 Bella Hadid Joined Kendall Jenner For A Glamourous Monte Carlo Trip

Daily Mail

After spending two weeks at the Cannes Film Festival, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner took a yacht down to Monte Carlo to moor for a little while. There the 22 and 23-year-olds supped on champagne and rose and even hopped off their mega yacht to speed over to Monte Carlo for the day. Of course, they looked exceptionally glamorous and utterly eye-catching.

1 Blake Lively's Romantic Weekend With Leo


Most of us don't remember that Blake Lively had a brief fling with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2011. This was well before she started up with Ryan Reynolds. So, it only makes sense that she would try with the handsome Revenant star. The two were first spotted in Cannes and then made their way over to Monte Carlo where they had a romantic weekend together.

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