Are you planning to be away for a day or two and don’t want to board your cat? Makes sense, since most cats are pretty self-sufficient.

Unlike dogs, cats are capable of being home alone for a few days, as long as you prepare to protect them while you’re gone. And while you’re packing, be sure they stay out of your luggage…otherwise they’re coming with ya!

You may miss “Whiskers,” but he’ll be A-OK without you. Most of the time he’ll be napping anyway, so for him, the time will fly. He probably won’t even notice you’re missing ‘till you come home and “bother” him.


Follow these five tips below to ensure your cat is safe while you’re not home. Your cat will probably be a lot happier home alone than in some crate at the vet’s office or with a stranger.

Have a good time traveling, and know that your beloved cat will be just fine. If he gives you the “side-eye” when you return, it’s probably all an act...or an attempt to get an extra treat or two out of you. Respond accordingly.

Have Cat-Friendly Trusted Friend, Family Member, Or Neighbor Come Check In

While your cat may not need a pair of eyes on him at all while you’re out, it can’t hurt to have someone check on him at least once or twice to be sure everything is smooth sailing.

This person can make sure he’s not injured, that his food and water bowls are full, nothing is broken or open or otherwise out of sorts, and if they are willing to do the “dirty work,” they can “scoop the poop!”

Isn’t that what friends are for?

Set Up A “Cat Cam”

In today’s high-tech world, there are plenty of home cameras to set up around the house to check in on your cat.

Some are even interactive, and you can “talk” to your cat from afar. Of course, this is probably confusing to your cat.

Peek in on his daily activities and have peace of mind that he’s doing well without you.

Get An Auto-Feeder And Water Fountain

Auto-feeders and water fountains are great for nourishing your cat while you are not there to do it yourself. A hungry cat is not a good thing.

This way, you don’t have to pour a mountain of kibble all at once before you go. The portioned-out servings can be pre-set, so supper is ready when you decide. Cats love seeing that food magically land in their bowl. Yum!

Cats enjoy fresh running water, and a fountain is way better than a bowl that’s been sitting stagnant. They’ll lap it up and stay well-hydrated. Find these online at various price points.

Load Up The Litter Box

Be sure to pour plenty of litter in the cat’s box before you leave. The more, the better, so don’t be stingy. Cats like lots of litter to kick around before “doing their thing.” Plus, covering up is a concern.

Consider investing in an automated self-cleaning box, but test it out before you go, as some cats get freaked out by the motor.

“Cat Proof” The Place

Just like new parents “baby proof” their homes, it’s just as important to do so for cats, especially when you won’t be around to supervise or at least deal with the damage before something worse happens.

Move things off the shelves, as cats have fun knocking things over. We’re still not sure why this cat pastime is so satisfying to them.

Look out for cords that could get tangled. Make sure there’s no way for your cat to escape. Be certain there’s no chance your cat could turn on the stove. Etc. Cats are crafty, so don’t put anything past them. Do a once-over before you leave. There’s always something a cat can get into…and destroy!

Have a great trip! Your cat will be cozy having the place to himself.

No need to worry when you've done all you can to ensure your home is cat-friendly and safe for your cat to be home alone. Just be sure he doesn't throw any wild cat parties while "mom and dad" are away!