Traveling and exploring the world does not always have to mean visiting the typical tourist destinations. Sometimes, it is all about discovering new things in an environment and in a simple way. As a result, it is possible to explore Milwaukee in a simple way and do things that are not very much identified as tourist-related. However, the secret is in knowing exactly what it is to do and when. That way, one is capable of finding it easy to explore.

Milwaukee is found in Wisconsin and is one of those places that have so much to explore that a visitor will not exhaust it easily. Although some things are not easy to find, here are the top 10 less-touristy attractions.

10 Explore Milwaukee’s Lovely Lakefront

It is one of the less touristy but interesting things one can find in Milwaukee. The Lovely Lakefront offers so much along its route. The most obvious one is the great views of the trail. Additionally, there are many shopping stores and art galleries. One will also find several dining joints worth a try along the beach. It has several landmarks and the most popular one is the War Memorial Center for WWII.

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9 Classes at Waxwing

Taking a class on kick knacks, and art is not so touristy but it is interesting. Waxwing is found on the corner of Oakland and North. It is a good place to learn, relax and interact with local vendors. The classes are really interesting and one can learn so much about numerology, solving Rubik's cubes, and tarot cards. It is also a very peaceful and relaxed environment.

8 Harley Davidson Museum

One may not be a fan of motorcycles or Harley Davidson in particular, but a visit to the Harley Davidson Museum is worth doing. It is located along the Menomonee River, and it offers an exciting environment for fans of motorcycles. It is one of those places that still carry the old motorcycle culture and style. The museum has a huge old motorcycle collection where many of them were used in interesting events such as Terminator 2, drag racing, Tsunami cruiser show, and much more. This means that a visit to this place, especially to a biker, is a chance to learn and see so much.

7 Riverwalk

In Milwaukee, one will find a 2- mile long Riverwalk. It is a walk along the Milwaukee River and it is unique and magnificent. Along this riverwalk, one will get a chance to spot so many restaurants, exhibitions for public art, brewpubs, outdoor galleries, and more. Along the Riverwalk, there are stories of the city's history all over that are displayed through colorful signs. It also hosts several annual events in the city like the Milwaukee River Challenge that one can enjoy.

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6 Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

It is also called (The Domes). Inside the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, there are several domes offering different experiences. It is a place that shows the world's largest collection of cacti, shrubs, and other intriguing desert plants. On the other side, one will find a tropical dome that hosts several lush greenery, nuts, fruit trees, and flowers. Basically, being in this conservatory gives a person a chance to see how much there is to offer the world. Without another area having exotic birds, and garden flowers, it is a chance to feel far away from Milwaukee, yet still there.

5 Visit Milwaukee Art Museum

It is one of the most visited art museums in Milwaukee and was started in 1888. Here, one will find over 20,000 works of magical art dating back several decades ago to the present. It is on the lakeside and the building itself is an artwork as it takes the shape of an aircraft and a sleek ship. Inside the Milwaukee Art Museum, there are many things to see which include American, and European contemporary works. The collection includes photographs, fine prints, drawings, writings, and other collections from even Africa and Asia.

4 Colectivo Back Rooms Shows

Visiting and exploring Milwaukee is not all about outdoor and tourist visited areas. One can do things that are interesting such as catching unique live music. This is a place where there is live music without any interference or alcohol at Colectivo and the Pabst Theater Group. It is a destination to chill and relax, interact with people, and witness the talents in music that the city has to offer. The music here is of a wide variety, and peaceful.

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3 A Day At Miller Park

For a lively amusement, maybe with family or friends, then Miller Park is a good choice. It is a baseball park that cannot disappoint. It is a very popular park for baseball and has hosted significant games and leagues in the city. One can catch a match with friends and enjoy the experience. Shows are also hosted here regularly.

2 Tour of the Milwaukee City Hall

The Milwaukee city hall is an interesting place to visit although it is tacked between tall buildings of the city skyline. However, built in 1895, it is a significant landmark that has remained an icon in the city, standing at 393 feet. The city hall has been popular because it stood as the tallest skyscraper in the 19th century. Still, there is a lot to see and experience from the place that is built in a mixture of German Renaissance Revival and Flemish style.

1 Taco Tuesday Celebration

For those who love tacos and would love a great experience, then a taco Tuesday celebration is the way to go. The city has many taco restaurants that are reputable for offering the best. One of the most popular to visit is La Casa De Alberto.

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