10 Cities With The Least Population In The USA

Have you ever thought that you live in a small city where nothing happens? Or that you live in such a big city where it's too crowded and you don’t feel like you know the people around you?

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Well, the truth being said, no matter where we live, we have this tendency of being curious how life would be somewhere else, or how life would look if it was opposite of what we have. In today’s article, we thought it would be interesting to present to you the 10 cities in the United States of America that have the smallest population.

10 Freeport City, Kansas - 5 people

As of 2010, this was considered to be an incorporated city in Harper County. Although it is not what most would consider a city, legally, it was considered a city. They voted to become unincorporated a couple of years ago though. They also used to have a bank (which left Freeport in 2009). Freeport has a population of 5 people, according to the latest census made in 2010. It is interesting to think that many communities around the United States do have small populations. However, the status of this 0.52 km area, which was founded in 1885 (and back then had a population of 138) is still hanging in there.

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9 Vernon, California - 112

Can you believe that this is a city that is very close to one of the most famous spots in the world? Outside of Los Angeles, Vernon has a population of only 112 people. Vernon was incorporated in 1905 and had the purpose of being an industrial city. Vernon has only 13 km of land and is very active when it comes to promoting itself and mentioning that the city offers opportunities of employment, as there are over 5,000 job opportunities and a lot of people are going there on a day to day basis. There just isn’t much residential space or people actually living there.

8 Caliente, Nevada - 1, 130

This city in Lincoln County has a population of 1,130, according to the last census made The name is quite particular because it means “very hot” in Spanish and that is quite an interesting choice. The area covers almost 5 kilometers in total and can be visited, especially when trying to get to Las Vegas by car as it is right on the way. Moreover, tourists choose Caliente because, despite the name, summers are not as hot as they are in the lower elevations of the state so they can come to relax and chill during the summertime.

7 Whites City, New Mexico - 147

A very interesting location, that has a population of 147. This little bump in the road is four miles from the wondrous Carlsbad Caverns National Park. People tend to simply pass through it as there are a lot of hotels to stay at it makes a pleasant diversion on the way to the Caves. It is a quiet and secluded place for tourists to relax in the hills. Overall, people consider it to be a very unique treasure in the state due to its interesting history as well as nice surroundings (they have a gift shop, water park, and a museum).

6 Akhiok, Alaska - 70

This is called a second class city in Kodiak Island Borough Alaska. After the census in 2010, the population was 70 residents. The area covers almost 27 kilometers and it used to be for fishermen or other similar activities and although the town first appeared in 1880, in the 19th century it was occupied by Russians and it had different names throughout the time. The majority of the folks living here are around 36-years-old and are Native American, with just a smattering of Caucasians. If you like living close to nature, don’t mind the cold and snow, and would love a short commute to work, you might want to move here.

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5 Hood River, Oregon - 7,806

This city has a population of 7,806 residents with almost 3,000 households, Hood River serves a port on the Columbia River. The city sits where the Columbia River and the Hood River meet. It was incorporated in 1895. The industries that work here are tourism, agriculture, and sports recreation because a lot of people are coming to Hood River to come here for the watersports on the Columbia River. Moreover, geography helps because Mount Hood, the highest peak in Oregon is only 50 kilometers away, and there’s a spectacular view of it from the city.

4 Brisbee, Arizona - 5,209

This small town will catch your eye! With a population of 5,209 people after the census and is located very close to the Mexican border. Even though the city was founded as a mining town, right now it is a great place for tourists thanks to the amazing sightseeing you can do in the high desert town. Known as the Queen of the Copper Mines, it once produced 25% of the world’s copper. There are a lot of cute cafes and art galleries and museums and tons of information on its copper mining history. The cost of living here is cheap, but it is close enough to the big city to provide what big cities do. Brisbee is extremely quiet and peaceful.

3 Joshua Tree, California - 7,414

Located in the heart of the High Desert of California, Joshua Tree has a population of only 7,414 as of the last census. The area offers outstanding recreational opportunities at Joshua Tree National Park where many of the Joshua trees are believed to be between 500 to 900 years old. There are a lot of small hotels and cafés where you can relax and enjoy your time. Moreover, it is famous due to its very “aesthetic” look, so a lot of artists have recorded their music in the city (Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys, for example). Needless to say, even though this city is quite small it does have a lot of incredible things to offer.

2 Elkins, Arkansas - 3,179

With a population of 3,179, where most of the folks (72 percent) live in an urban environment and 28 percent live in the countryside, this city became more and more populated over the past decade. It is situated in the Boston Mountains inside the bigger range of the Ozark Mountains so it offers a very secluded alternative to a big city. Moreover, the median age of the residents is 33-years old so there is quite a young population here and residents are young, willing to work and have fun. While here you can visit the Collins Mound Site, believed to be a prehistoric settlement from A.D. 900 - 1400.

1 Whiteville, North Carolina - 5,340

This small city has 5,340 total residents and is located in Columbus County and is very beautiful to visit and to walk around its most famous attractions. You will find various restaurants and shops as well as certain events on particular days. Moreover, there is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, which is an important aspect of a city that has such a small population. Even though there are a small number of residents, a lot of tourists pass through because of the great recreation facilities at Lake Waccamaw State Park nearby, as well as the Carolina beaches.

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