Native American history is a core part of the history of the lands that are now the United States. For the Native Americans, history did not begin with the landing of the Mayflower, the settlement of Jamestown, or the Declaration of Independence. Tours of Native American history offer the chance to deep dive the history of lands of North America.

On the East Coast visit the Oconaluftee Indian Village which is a replica of an 18th-century eastern Cherokee community and a living Cherokee museum in North Carolina. Another great place to learn about the Native American peoples is the Navajo Nation in Arizona.


Who Go Native Is And What They Offer

Luckily, we already know the hidden locations, best travel routes and great hotels and Go Native America gives you a special authentic experience you can't create for yourself.

Go Native America

For those who would like to learn more about Native American history, Go Native America offers a range of tours designed to educate and inform people about the diverse and intricate cultures and histories of America's many native peoples. They offer tours in Nebraska, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Go Native America runs its tours with Native American guides and visits areas around the country where tribal cultures formed and history was made. On the tours, guests will meet Native American people and hear their stories that have been handed down through the generations.

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Why Book With Go Native America

The people one can expect to meet on some of these tours include Medicine people, powwow dancers, storykeepers, culture-holders tribal historians, and dreamers. Going with the tour carries advantages of going places one may not able been otherwise able to have accessed alone. Seeing places that are off-limits to regular tourists and meeting people that one would otherwise not have met.

  • Off-Limits Places: One Will Be Able To Visit Places Normally Off Limits To Normal Tourists

One will even be able to immerse oneself in an indigenous philosophy embodied by "Mitakuye Oyasin" - learn more about that on the tour.

Places visited are not only reservations, but also historic hotspots, original homelands, and cultural sites. One will get a glimpse into the many secrets that most tourists miss out on. One will see Native America through tribal eyes and understand the sacred values of the tribal way of life.

It should be noted that as of the time of writing (April 2022) upcoming week-long tours for 2022 are not listed on their website. So here we will give an example of past week-long tours.

  • Note: The Pandemic May Have Interfered With Tours Of The Reservations

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I Am Lakota - Black Hills Tour

The I Am Lakota tour was held in 2021 and spent a week in and around the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. The tour explored the Holy Land of the Lakota People and explored the stories passed down through the centuries of generations.

The Black Hills are where, according to their traditional beliefs, "the People first emerged to the surface of the earth, and it is here where the Lakota’s ceremonial season begins with the Return of the Thunder Beings."

The I am Lakota tour is a journey into the world of the Plains Indian Nation. Journey into a timeless land of prairies, shining mountains, and mighty rivers of the Great Sioux Nation while hearing stories of legendary figures such as Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Hump, Man Afraid, and Black Elk. One learns about their many struggles and triumphs.

The tour is full of authentic cultural knowledge with each day visiting and explaining cultural and sacred places.

Tour Highlights:

  • Mato Tipila: Devils Tower And Learn its Significance To the Lakota
  • Fort Robinson: Where Crazy Horse was murdered
  • Pine Ridge Reservation: Visit Red Cloud School, artist home studios, OLC History Center, Wounded Knee
  • Location: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana
  • When: May 31 to June 6, 2020

Day Tour Castle Gardens: 'Petroglyph Heaven' and the Wind River Canyon

This is a day tour to a remote site down 27 miles of dirt roads to a famous archeological site with messages from the ancestors. See the petroglyphs and how they continue to bear meaning today. The tour is led by an indigenous guide who explains the wealth of tribal history to those interested in messages from the "Old Ones".

Castle Gardens remains a deeply sacred site that heralds the renewal of birth. Although to many this is a mass of interesting rock etchings, to some it is a code for the unborn and continued existence.

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Tribe: Shoshone, Cheyenne
  • Duration: approx 6 hours
  • Cost: $450