Navigating through an airport is certainly no walk in the park. Between the security lines, rushing to your gate, and the awkward sleeping positions that airplanes force you into, most travelers strive to dress as comfortably as possible. This usually includes flat shoes or, better yet, sneakers. They are easy to slip on and off at security and make it a bit easier to run to your terminal and haul luggage. The rest of the outfit for most travelers typically consists of a pair of sweat pants or leggings with a loose-fitting shirt or sweatshirt. After all, who wants to be stuck on an international or even a domestic flight in tight pants and a skin-tight top? Apparently, many celebrities do.

It seems that there are some celebrities who have walked the red carpet so many times that they don't know the difference between red carpet attire and airport comfort. We have compiled a list of some of the most ridiculous outfits that celebrities have been spotted in at an airport. While some of the outfits we have listed may be stylish, they are by no means sensible for airport travel. Other outfits on this list seem just plain ridiculous...but we will let you be the judge.

25 Heads Up! Brigitte Bardot Needs An Extra Seat For Her Hat...

It is truly a wonder how Brigitte Bardot was able to even get this massive accessory through airport security or manage to avoid hitting some bystanders when turning her head. Nevertheless, Bardot was spotted in Paris' Orly Airport in 1965 wearing this absurd hat after a getaway to Mexico, says Elle. 

Let's hope that she at least had the decency to book another seat for her hat. Otherwise, one can only imagine the frustration of her seatmates on a flight that long.

24 Paris Hilton Didn't Get The Memo: Metal Body Chains Are Not Airport Security-Friendly

As if leather pants, heels, and skin-tight shirts weren't uncomfortable enough, Paris Hilton decided to go the extra mile in this get-up by adding a metal body chain to the mix. Not only is this body chain the cherry on top of an already ridiculous airport outfit, but sitting on a plane with a chain wrapped around your torso cannot possibly be comfortable.

This outfit also may cause some to wonder how she managed to get through airport security without holding up a line of travelers waiting for her to get the body chain off.

23 Lady Gaga Knows How To Make An Airport Entrance

Many celebrities hate the 24/7 media and paparazzi attention that life as a Hollywood A-lister brings about. Lady Gaga doesn't seem to mind this kind of attention. In fact, between her over-the-top costume and red carpet-ready strut, she seems to be loving the wild crowd watching as she makes her way to her flight.

Aside from the ridiculous hair and the sparkle bodysuit, it seems a miracle that Lady Gaga is able to stand on two feet in those platform shoes without breaking her ankle.

22 A Onesie Paired With Black Heels? Only Ariana...

Only Ariana Grande could semi-pull off a onesie in black heels. Let's face it, a onesie on a long flight sounds pretty comfortable if you can get past the initial stares of other airport-goers. The part of this outfit that may be slightly difficult for bystanders to wrap their heads around is the shoes that Ariana paired it with.

From the head down, one would guess that Ariana was really in the mood for quality sleep on her flight. Sporting black high heels with pajamas, however, adds a level of discomfort to the outfit that may leave other travelers a bit confused.

21 Difficult To Guess Where Candice Swanepoel Is Going...

If celebrities are trying to stump paparazzi on where they are heading to, this is the perfect airport outfit to do so. Either Candice Swanepoel is headed to a warm weather paradise in those short shorts or she is bracing herself for frigid temperatures in a more northern destination...or maybe she ran out of room in her suitcase and decided to wear the heaviest clothing item she had.

Regardless of her reasoning behind this outfit, Candice seems to be quite content in her airport outfit of choice, despite our confusion.

20 Kesha Feeling Pretty In Pink On The Plane

Maybe Kesha had just finished watching the classic Pretty in Pink movie...or was channeling her inner Elle Woods. Regardless of what the singer's inspiration was when she put this outfit together, she certainly managed to stand out while making her way through the airport.

This pink hippy-chic attire actually seems somewhat comfortable, when ignoring the more dressy shoes Kesha is strutting in. However, if she had left the shoes behind and traded them in for slippers, people may have thought she had just jumped out of bed.

19 Airport Terminal Or New Music Video Set? Lady Gaga Doesn't Know The Difference...

Lady Gaga is known for her many albums that are usually accompanied by music videos with views reaching the millions. With so many music videos and concerts that all require elaborate costumes, it makes sense that the pop start would confuse costume attire with airport comfort.

Aside from the green leather coat that doesn't look very comfortable for a flight, it is the massive shoes that Lady G chose that is so baffling. You would think that the singer would be clinging to the arm of one of her assistants while walking in those shoes, which more closely resemble stilts.

18 Hopefully Taylor Swift Remembered A Blanket For The Flight

Taylor Swift isn't one to do too much experimenting when it comes to her everyday street style. And this remains true with her airport outfit, as well. However, we can't help but wonder how she managed to sit on a flight without her legs shivering. Travelers know that regardless of what the weather is outside, airplanes always manage to be quite chilly once in the air. That is why it is common to see travelers dressing in layers for flights: sweatpants, t-shirts, a sweatshirt, etc.

Let's hope that the flight crew was handing out complimentary blankets on Swift's flight that day.

17 Nicki Minaj Starring In A New Outer Space Movie?

It is difficult to say what look Nicki Minaj was going for with this airport attire. The top part looks relatively normal, aside from the bright pink color of the hat, lipstick, and shirt. The bottom half of her outfit, however, is definitely puzzling. One could argue that she looks dressed to go fight aliens in a new space-themed movie.

Regardless of what look Minaj was trying to achieve, at least her "moon shoes" look comfortable to walk through an airport in.

16 Phyllis Diller's Outfit Reflects Her Enthusiasm For Travel

Phyllis Diller must have been extremely excited to be in London when this photo was taken in 1968 at London's Heathrow airport. According to Elle, Diller was spotted at the airport that day with thirty-five suitcases. If she was traveling with more of those crazy fluffy scarves that she seems happy to have had around her neck, it probably makes sense that she needed that many suitcases.

Despite how ridiculous Diller may look, her expression certainly matches her outfit...over the top and ready for the cameras.

15 Kendall Jenner Starting A New Cowboy Trend For Travel

It has already been said that short shorts on a plane cannot be comfortable, even when flying in a private jet as Kendall Jenner most likely was on the day of this picture. Aside from the tight workout shorts Jenner decided to wear on her travels, the ridiculous part of this outfit is in regards to her shoes of choice.

After all, it is seldom that you see people who are dressed in workout attire strutting through the airport in white cowboy boots.

14 Nicolas Cage Seems To Appreciate The Cowboy Trend

It looks like Kendall Jenner is not the only celebrity who prefers the cowboy-inspired look when flying. Nicolas Cage was spotted in this cowboy hat and shiny blue jacket while making his way through the airport.

While the jacket and cowboy hat certainly question Cage's sense of style, there is another detail that has us scratching our heads. Cage is wearing his sunglasses inside but also has another pair hanging from his shirt collar...This is a bit of a mystery, unless Nicolas Cage is prone to losing sunglasses while traveling.

13 Blake Lively Clearly Didn't Get The Memo...No White!

While the former Gossip Girl star looks flawless in her white pants and coat, she obviously forgot the most basic rule of airport travel: avoid white clothing at all cost! It is common to see airport travelers wearing an inexpensive white t-shirt under a comfortable sweatshirt. However, it is safe to assume that there is nothing inexpensive about Blake Lively's outfit in this photo.

Lively doesn't look too concerned about her outfit choice. After all, she probably could manage to just go buy the same outfit again if anything were to stain it during her trip, unlike most people.

12 Good Luck In The Plane's Lavatory With That Jumpsuit, Khloe!

Jumpsuits seem to be a very practical outfit of choice when traveling. They are comfortable and feel like you are wearing a onesie, while still making you look stylish and fashionable. There is only one problem with wearing a one-piece outfit on a plane...the plane lavatories are very small, making it quite difficult to manage a trip to the bathroom in a jumpsuit.

Khloe Kardashian clearly didn't realize this before putting on this stylish jumpsuit. Hopefully the Kardashian didn't drink too much water before hopping on her flight!

11 Victoria Beckham Must Not Mind Running Through Airports In Heels

Victoria Beckham is publicly known by her put-together look and flawless demeanor. In fact, it is rare to see the former Spice Girl in anything less than heels or business-looking attire. One would think that she makes exceptions for airport travel...wrong!

It seems that Victoria is just as comfortable in her black dress and strappy black heels at the airport as she is at a business dinner. Perhaps she was taking a flight to a business event when this photo was captured. Regardless, it would be hard to picture Beckham lugging her suitcases through the airport in those shoes.

10 Let's Hope Rihanna Doesn't Spill Her Coffee!

Anyone who travels knows that you never wear white on a plane. Between the accidental drink spills during turbulence, spilling coffee on yourself while rushing to your gate, and dropping a piece of that chocolate chip from your granola bar (we've all been there!)...there are far too many possibilities for stained white clothing while on a plane.

Rihanna doesn't seem to mind a little risk in her travels, which is evident from the all-white outfit she chose to wear this day at the airport. Hopefully she packed some instant stain remover in her carry-on!

9 Lady Gaga Clearly Inspired By The Clouds When Flying

Lady Gaga is no stranger to bizarre airport outfits. On the day this photo was taken, it looks as though the pop star was going for a cloud-inspired look while up in the clouds. Although we can admire Lady G's imagination and creativity in her outfit choice, it is baffling as to how she could be comfortable in such a get-up.

If Lady Gaga actually managed to not trip on her outfit's long hem while walking from security to her gate, then that is truly a miracle!

8 Here Comes The Sun Or...Hailey Baldwin?

Airport travel is stressful enough without crowds of fans and paparazzi surrounding you. You would, therefore, think that celebrities would want to blend in as much as possible when at the airport. Hailey Baldwin seems to not have minded the photos that day, judging by her airport outfit of choice.

In her all-yellow attire, the model still manages to look flawless. But hopefully bystanders were careful not to stare for too long, due to the intense brightness that her yellow outfit emits.

7 Don't Trip On The Escalator, Ashley Greene!

Long skirts and flowy maxi-dresses are definitely comfortable enough to wear while navigating your way through an airport. If paired with casual sandals are sneakers, you are good to go for a comfortable flight. Just remember to avoid escalators so as not to trip and fall. Ashely Greene didn't seem to get that memo when she wore a grey maxi-skirt to the airport.

Greene looks happy to be en route to her next destination, wherever that may have been. It definitely would have put a damper on things if her skirt were to have gotten caught in the escalator steps.

6 Miley Cyrus Planning To Have A Magical Slumber On Her Flight

It is no secret as to what Miley Cyrus's intentions were for her flight on this day. While her unicorn onesie is definitely ridiculous looking, at least she is more comfortable than most celebrities are when flying. The most amusing part of her outfit, however, is probably the large stuffed sea horse that is accompanying her.

While most people may have a favorite stuffed animal that they sleep with, it is unlikely to see travelers in a unicorn onesie shamelessly strutting through the airport with the giant stuffed animal in hand.