Las Vegas is a really fun city to visit. There's so much to do there from seeing shows to eating at world-class restaurants and trying your luck at the casinos that it's no surprise that so many people want to take a trip to this city. With so much to do, it's easy to get overwhelmed while planning a trip to Las Vegas.

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While the options for what to do while in Sin City are basically endless, it's important to be careful when planning your trip. There are some big rookie mistakes that can cost you a lot of extra cash and make your entire trip less than ideal. No one wants to deal with that, right?

To see 10 rookie mistakes everyone makes on their first trip to Las Vegas, keep reading!

10 Not Checking For Deals Before You Book

One important thing that many people make the mistake of skipping out on is searching for a good deal before they book a hotel. You may have your heart set on a certain hotel on the strip, but because they're all amazing, you won't be missing out if you can't find a good room in your dream hotel.

When you're planning your trip, stay open-minded about the hotel that you stay in and try to find a good deal on it. Use an incognito window in your browser to make sure that prices don't become inflated based on your web history and spend a little time looking for a good deal before you book.

9 Thinking Everywhere Is Close

When you're in Las Vegas, everything on the Strip looks like it's so close together. And when you check your GPS and see that the hotel you're staying in is only a block or two away from the restaurant you want to have dinner at, it may seem like everything is super close together.

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Trust us when we say that looks can be deceiving. The blocks of the Strip are enormous and although buildings may look close together, it can be a pretty far walk. Make sure that if you're determined to walk from place to place, you give yourself enough time to get there and you're wearing comfortable shoes.

8 Not Staying On The Strip

If you're researching a trip to Las Vegas, you might see a lot of tips about staying in a hotel off the Strip. The Strip is the main hub of activity in Las Vegas and home to some of the nicest hotels. While it's true that they can be on the more expensive side, it can definitely be worth it to stay there.

The advice about staying off the strip isn't wrong, there are amazing hotels all over Las Vegas. But if you're taking a trip there for the first time, you definitely want the full Vegas experience. And part of the experience that can't be missed is staying in a hotel on the Strip. Don't try to save money and miss out on some of the experience by staying elsewhere - that can happen on your second trip.

7 And Never Leaving The Strip

Although staying on the Strip is definitely a popular option as far as hotels go, there's a lot to do in Las Vegas that isn't located on the Strip. We're not saying that you shouldn't see that show or stroll through that shopping center, we're just saying that you should consider what else is around Las Vegas for at least part of your trip.

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Las Vegas is home to a lot of really unique and fun tourist attractions that aren't located directly on the Strip. There are a lot of things that not many people even think about doing because they're so focused on being in the heart of the action and going from place to place on the Strip. And by never leaving it, you're really missing out.

6 Not Joining The Players Clubs

If you're not planning to do much gambling while in Las Vegas, we definitely still advise that you take advantage of this tip. Every casino in Las Vegas has a players club. These are cards that are given to visitors who sign up for these programs. The cards are completely free and track how much a member is playing or spending in the casino and turns it into points.

Why would someone who doesn't plan to gamble need one? Well, even if you don't gamble at all in a Las Vegas casino, the first level of rewards still comes with some bonuses that you might be interested in. Some will give you a few dollars free to gamble while others will give you access to special rewards like discounts. And if you are planning to try your hand in the casino, it can give you access to even more rewards.

5 Not Renting A Car

We've already discussed the fact that things are pretty far away in Las Vegas. Even if they don't look like it, it's quite a distance between different hotels, casinos, and restaurants. And if you're planning to go off the Strip, that distance can get even harder to walk.

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While getting a taxi or Uber is definitely an option, that can add up fast. It can get pretty expensive to order them over and over and you'll spend quite a bit of time waiting around for them. If you're planning to do a lot in Vegas, it could be wise to rent a car for the time you'll be there.

4 Paying Full Price For A Show

Seeing a show in Las Vegas is definitely a must-do for many people while on their trip. While planning your trip, you're likely thinking about the shows you want to see and trying to plan your trip around them, right? While tickets to a lot of them can be seriously pricey, you don't necessarily have to shell out the big bucks to get them.

If you're willing to do a little research, you can often find tickets for Las Vegas shows for way cheaper than the price they sell for at the box office. And if you're willing to be a little risky, you can likely find someone online selling theirs the day of the show for a much lower price.

3 Only Eating At Buffets

There are a lot of buffets around Las Vegas and there are a lot of coupons for them. This means that they can be a really cheap and totally delicious way to eat while on your vacation in Sin City. While eating at these buffets may seem like a good idea, you'd be seriously missing out on some amazing eateries around Las Vegas.

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We're not saying that these buffets have to be skipped entirely. That would also be a huge Las Vegas rookie mistake because some of them are so delicious and a great way to get a meal in before you go exploring the city. But, make sure that you check out some other restaurants while you're there.

2 Misjudging The Airport

The airport is only a short drive from the Strip... Technically. If you're looking at it on your GPS, it may look like it's only going to be a few minutes to drive from your hotel to the airport. Plus, you can hear planes going overhead all the time while you're in Las Vegas.

But, like with the distance between buildings on the strip, it can be deceiving how far away things are. That means you need to be careful when you're getting ready to leave to get on the plane back home because you might underestimate your drive there and miss your flight!

1 Expecting To Win Big

Although going to the casinos can test your luck a little can be fun, it's important to know your limits. Be careful and always keep track of exactly how much money you're betting and how much you've spent.

When your casino budget is gone, it's time to leave. Don't go to Las Vegas expecting to win big, it's incredibly rare and, unfortunately, likely isn't going to happen. Just have fun!

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