It is a butler's job to cater to a person's every whim, but this Las Vegas butler takes his job to the next level and is incredibly serious about it.

Being waited on hand and foot sounds like our idea of heaven. However, it's a luxury that only the most elite in society can afford. Whether it be servants, butlers, or maids, you have to be pretty well off to be able to afford to pay someone to cater to your every desire.

What we didn't realize before now is that there are different levels of butler. There are also butlers who have different people to serve and cater to each passing week or even day. That's where Joe Yalda comes in. Yalda works as a butler at The Palms in Las Vegas and he is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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The catch is, Yalda only buttles one room. The Palms very exclusive Empathy Suite. It costs guests $100,000 per night to stay in the hotel's Empathy Suite, so only the highest of rollers can afford to call it home when in Vegas. Yalda stays in the room next door and caters to his guests' every need, and we mean every need.

Some of the stranger requests have included two pairs of the newest and most collectible Air Jordan sneakers, and he also helped one of his guests deliver a litter of eight puppies, reports MSN Travel. Yalda knew that the guests were bringing their pregnant dog with them, and when the pup went into labor, the butler was on hand to lay down towels and bring her babies into the world.

Annoyingly for those of us who want more of a glimpse into the lives of people who can afford a $100,000 per night hotel suite, Yalda is very tight-lipped when it comes to specific information about his guests. Many celebrities have stayed in the Empathy Suite, but he refused to divulge information about any of them, stating that the trust he has between him and his guests is sacred and something he doesn't take lightly.

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