Thanks to its luxury resorts, postcard-perfect beaches, breathtaking mountains, lush forests, and much more, the Dominican Republic is a tourist hotspot. People come to this unique country to witness the marvelous resort destination of Punta Cana, walk through Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial, visit Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada, enjoy Cabarete’s beachside restaurants, and lounge on the mesmerizing shores of Las Galeras. They also come to take part in a handful of exciting activities, such as kiteboarding on Cabarete’s Kite Beach and whale watching in Samaná Bay.


However, there’s a fantastic thing to do in the Dominican Republic that every traveler must ensure to take part in. That is visiting the beautiful small town of Las Terrenas in the province of Samaná. Here’s what to know about this attractive destination in the Dominican Republic.

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Here’s Why Las Terrenas Is A Must Visit In The Dominican Republic

Once visitors to the Dominican Republic hit Las Terrenas, they can head to the most iconic places in town by walking or hiring a moto-concho. This is what motorcycles taxis are called in the country. The first and most beautiful attraction in Las Terrenas is its marvelous beaches. They are distinguished by their crystal clear waters, soft golden sand, and fascinating coconut trees. People come to these beaches to relax and soak up the summer sun and to also practice all sorts of water sports.

Las Terrenas is known for its unique culinary side, which is one of the many reasons that make the town one of the favorite destinations in the Dominican Republic. Incredibly fresh ingredients and delicious dishes characterize the local gastronomy in this town. This is because the shellfish and fish are picked directly on the coast. People will also enjoy the beautiful sights of the fishing boats anchored near the shore.

A visit to the town center is a must when hitting Las Terrenas. People will enjoy the various restaurants and many craft shops where they can buy all kinds of gifts they want for their loved ones, family members, or friends. They will find many types of local crafts, jewelry, Haitian-style canvases, and much more. The streets of Las Terrenas are charming and vibrant thanks to their unique low colorful houses. This is why it’s essential to walk through the town when visiting Las Terrenas.

  • Recommended: Visitors to Las Terrenas are encouraged to snap the most fun shots with the iconic low colorful houses appearing in the background.

Here’s What To Do Around Las Terrenas In The Dominican Republic

People who visit Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic enjoy coupling their trip with other nearby areas which are equally attractive and unique.

Those who love spending their time with native wildflowers and the whistle of blackbirds in the middle of nature will particularly enjoy a visit to this marvelous landscape which is very close to the town of Las Terrenas. This is where they will have the chance to witness the majestic Salto Del Limón waterfall, one of the most unique natural gems in the Samaná peninsula and the whole of the Dominican Republic.

  • What to do: The 40-meter tall magical Salto Del Limón waterfall will not only offer one the most beautiful views of water falling from high above, but it also provides its visitors with one of the most refreshing swims they will ever experience.
  • Location: Salto Del Limón is 23 kilometers away from Las Terrenas.

Another close site to Las Terrenas is the Samaná Bay. The latter is home to one of the most iconic natural tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic, Los Haitises National Park. Humid forests, hundreds of endemic bird species, and caves with Taíno pictographs are what make up this beautiful national park. Moreover, Los Haitises National Park is known for its 40-meters high hummocks, which set it apart from other parks on the island.

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Here’s How To Get To Las Terrenas In The Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas has done a lot to make the town much more accessible to the public in recent decades. People can reach this iconic place by taking a bus from the country’s capital, Santo Domingo.

  • Duration: The bus from Santo Domingo needs two and a half hours to reach Las Terrenas.
  • Recommended: People are advised to take the bus from the Dominican Republic’s capital to reach Las Terrenas because taking a car or taxi or any other private passport makes a difference of around fifteen minutes only. This is because the bus takes a direct route from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas.

People traveling from Punta Cana to Las Terrenas expect to spend more time reaching their destination.

  • Duration: The trip to Las Terrenas from Punta Cana needs seven hours to complete by bus and four hours and 10 minutes to complete by car.
  • Location: Las Terrenas can be found on the Atlantic Coast in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, on the Samaná peninsula.

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