Backpacking through Europe on a budget is fun, and so is embarking on a road trip to America's Southwest. These kinds of vacations are enjoyable, jam-packed, and memorable. However, on the other hand, cruising is another mode of travel and vacationing that’s worth looking into, as today’s cruise ships offer an eclectic mix of relaxation, thrills, international cuisines, and world-class entertainment, all under one roof! Whether people are traveling with family, friends, or even by themselves, cruising is another great option to see the world, especially on these massive ships. From Carnival’s Mardi Gras to Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, these behemoth cruise ships give new meaning to the phrase "living large"!

10 Mardis Gras

  • Cruise Line: Carnival Cruises
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,630
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,641

Named after Carnival’s first cruise ship, the TSS Mardis Gras, this modern-day cruise ship is chalked to the brim with fun. Mardis Gras is so much fun; it’s even got a roller coaster attached to it, which is the first ever to be built on a ship! For more fun, guests can participate in a game of Family Feud live or catch a world-class theater show at sea.

9 AIDAcosma

  • Cruise Line: AIDA Cruises
  • Passenger Capacity: Between 5,400 to 6,600
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,626

Nicknamed “the cruise ship of the future,” AIDAcosma is a behemoth of a ship! Weighing at 183,200 GT, this German cruise ship runs on environmentally friendly fuel while offering a host of amenities to its guests. On board, guests can choose from 17 restaurants and 23 bars while enjoying activities like their on-site spa, casino, and comfortable lounges.

8 AIDAnova

  • Cruise Line: AIDA Cruises
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,654
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,626

Much like AIDAcosma, AIDAnova is leading the cruise line industry to an environmentally-friendly future thanks to its use of liquefied natural gas (LNG), a relatively clean fossil fuel. Thus, eco-conscious tourists can be proud of their stay at AIDAnova while enjoying their onboard activities like a climbing garden, the ship’s television studio, and their topsy curvy water slides.

7 Costa Toscana

  • Cruise Line: Costa Cruises
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,554
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,612

Boasting 13 swimming pools, 11 restaurants, and 19 bars or lounge areas, Costa Toscana offers modern-day luxury with simple comforts. While staying at Costa Toscana, travelers can dance the night away, partake in a sushi-making class at the Food LAB, or catch a thrilling show at Colosseo, all under one roof! There are also abundant shopping options for memorable souvenirs and goodies to take back home.

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6 Iona

  • Cruise Line: P&O Cruises
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,600
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,614

Thinking of traveling to the Canary Islands? How about a mystical vacation to the Norwegian Fjords? R&O Cruise's newest ship, Iona, takes passengers on a journey to these destinations while offering a luxurious stay. This family-friendly cruise ship has it all: 33 dining options, kid-specific activity clubs, and an array of entertainment at their Grand Atrium (among other places).

5 Allure Of The Seas

  • Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,780
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,742

Allure of the Seas will transport passengers from Texas to the Caribbean, all while providing a multitude of fun and relaxation for its passengers. This award-winning Royal Caribbean ship has no shortage of entertainment, eateries, and epic experiences, perfect for the whole family. Cool off at the H2O Zone Water Park or go zip-lining across the Boardwalk. At night, go bar hopping or dance the night away at Boleros, Allure’s Latin club!

4 Oasis Of The Seas

  • Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,780
  • Number of Staterooms: 5,484

The Oasis of the Seas offers a mix of thrills and chills while guests embark on their journey around the Caribbean. This behemoth of a cruise ship is large enough for epic family vacations, offering fun activities like glow-in-the-dark laser tag, the Splashaway Water Park, and hangout areas for toddlers, kids, and of course, traveling teens!

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3 Harmony Of The Seas

  • Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,687
  • Number of Staterooms : 2,747

Harmony of the Seas is so huge that it might as well be a city at sea. This massive ship hosts the largest slide on a cruise ship, which takes riders down ten stories! Otherwise, there’s no shortage of fun to have at Harmony, with onboard recreational activities like a splash pad, ziplining, and rock climbing. Plus, adult travelers can check out their array of bar options, including the futuristic Bionic Bar, operated by robotic arms.

2 Symphony Of The Seas

  • Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,680
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,759

Cruising isn’t all about relaxing and chilling out under the sun. Thrill seekers who find themselves on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas can get their adrenaline fix by riding the surf simulator, playing laser tag, or plunging down the cruise’s massive water slides. On top of that, guests can partake in catching a Broadway-worthy show after enjoying an exquisite meal in dozens of restaurants or lounges.

1 Wonder Of The Seas

  • Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
  • Passenger Capacity: About 7,000
  • Number of Staterooms: 2,867

As its name suggests, this Royal Caribbean cruise ship is a floating wonder due to its sheer size. Complete with 18 decks, Wonder of the Seas is a family-friendly ship that may very likely change the way people view family vacations. Enjoy a range of thrilling shows, whether it’s enjoying an ice skating show or catching a stunt at the Aquatheater. Wonder of the Seas is also fully equipped with incredible waterslides, sports recreational facilities, an arcade, a karaoke bar, and much more. To top everything off, guests can take their pick and indulge in over 30 restaurants, bars, and lounge options!