England's Lake District is one of the best destinations to visit all year round in England. In fall, however, this region becomes more scenic as the entire landscape is covered in beautiful red, orange, and red colors. While one can witness the scenery of autumn from any part of the Lake District, these locations offer the best fall vibes one can experience in this region of England.

10 Keswick

The beautiful market town of Keswick is an exciting place to visit during Autumn. Surrounding the town are scenic lakes and towering mountains carpeted by vegetation that glows in red, yellow, and orange colors during autumn. Besides the scenic fall colors, this town also features shops, restaurants, and museums to keep visitors entertained at all times. For the best views of fall scenery in this town, one can take a stroll along Derwentwater to the Friar’s Crag.

9 Ullswater

Ullswater is the second-largest lake in the Lake District and also one of the most beautiful. It is also one of the most adventurous parts of the region as it offers opportunities for sailing, boating, windsurfing, and other water activities. During fall, the surrounding mountains carpeted with trees and grasses glow in fall colors making the adventures here more scenic and exciting.

8 Surprise View

Surprise view is reached via Asheness Bridge, and from here, one will be presented with some of the best views of the Lake District. Views of Derwentwater, Keswick, and Bassenthwaite Lake will be visible to those from this viewpoint. Even though this viewpoint offers scenic views all year round, the added colors of fall are what makes it worth visiting during this season.

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7 Buttermere

Buttermere is a hidden gem in England as it is one of the most serene parts of the Lake District. The small settlement is made up of farms, woodlands, lakes, and small hotels that make the area an exciting and tranquil getaway. The scenic walk along the shore of Buttermere lake is the most popular activity one can do here as it offers scenic views, which have made this area one of the most beautiful in Britain. During fall, visitors to Lake District must engage in the scenic Buttermere lake walk to experience an unforgettable fall experience.

6 Whinlatter Forest

Whinlatter Forest is the only mountain forest in England, and it is located in the Lake District. For those seeking the perfect fall vibes in this part of Great Britain, one can head to the Whitnlatter Forest, where they can engage in hiking and mountain biking to experience the fall vibes in the area.

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5 Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows is a scenic part of Lake District National Park characterized by dense woodland, scenic water bodies, and stunning views of a mountain range. Here visitors can witness some mesmerizing fall scenery while engaging in a short and circular walk. On the walk, one can sit on one of the benches and watch the scenery while resting.

4 Ambleside

Ambleside is the perfect town to visit in Lake District for a laid-back fall vacation. Besides the lodges, shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers, Ambleside is also surrounded by towering mountains, scenic lakes, and beautiful vegetation that also make it naturally appealing. During autumn, the surrounding vegetation transforms the entire town into a scene of yellow, orange, and red colors, and one can witness this scenery by hiking or kayaking on a scenic lake. This tiny town also features castles, beautiful waterfalls, a museum, a Roman Fort, and a host of other interesting natural and manmade attractions that will make one’s vacation here exciting.

3 Rydal Mount & Gardens

Nature and history lovers will love Rydal Mount & Gardens as it combines charming scenery with an interesting history. The house planted on a lush hillside in the village of Rydal was home to William Wordsworth - a popular poet, and visitors here will be presented with views of Grasmere and Windermere lakes as well as Rydal water. While the views are also scenic during summer and spring, fall makes the house and garden more colorful. Rydal Mount & Gardens is open to the public as a writer’s home museum, and visitors are allowed to explore the inner parts of the house.

2 Langdale Valley

Langdale Valley is a scenic and large valley in Lake District that is characterized by fells, beautiful trees, and a scenic group of peaks. The valley is perfect for hiking, biking, climbing, and other exciting outdoor adventures. At Langdale Valley, one can enjoy an adventure all year round; however, fall comes with the added advantage of colorful scenery.

1 Orrest Head, Windermere

Orrest head is a summit that presents one of the best views of Windermere and the surrounding mountain ranges. The summit can be reached via a short route that rises to an elevation of 238 m and goes through the rich flora and fauna of Elleray Wood. During fall, this is one of the best locations to experience fall vibes and see the scenery.