24 hours is never enough to discover any city, let alone Los Angeles, but there is however, enough time to get a taste (literally and metaphorically) of what the city is about that will leave you wanting more. L.A. is first and foremost the world capital of music and film, but it is also the center of entertaining nightlife, culinary flare, various cultures and perhaps most importantly, good weather.

From stepping off the plane at LAX to the moment you leave L.A., these are the 10 must-do activities with 24 hours in the City of Angels.

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10 Car Rental


To truly experience L.A. and the beauty that surrounds it, it is almost a sin not to hire a car. With so many sights to see in a short period of time, spend a bit of money and hire a car, you won’t regret it.

As you step off the plane, the first thing you should…nay, must do (before collecting your bags, of course) is head straight to the rent-a-car booths and pick yourself up a set of wheels for the day. This will allow you to not only see more of Los Angeles in such a short period of time, but it will save your legs from the hiking you would have to endure in the absence of a car.

9 Surfing

Before you even set your sights on brekky, take a surfing lesson in Santa Monica. With 75 miles of coastline to choose from, you will not be disappointed, and you never know, you might just find a new hobby! Look for a surfing school located near Venice Breakwater for the best and safest waves, especially for a beginner.

If surfing is not your thing, simply take a dip in the refreshing Pacific Ocean to clear the mind for a busy day ahead! After all, swimming after a flight is probably one of the best things you can do for your body.

8 Take A Break on Venice Beach Boardwalk

After a surf or swim, you deserve to treat yourself. Take a pleasant, leisurely stroll down the Venice Beach Boardwalk and feed your appetite with one of the many cafes scattered up and down the strip. Take in the serenity and watch people go about their day while you devour a delicious breakfast and coffee.

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You are almost bound to see at least one street performance, but be careful of pickpockets. After breakfast, try your hand at window shopping down the boardwalk before jumping in the car, ready for your next stop.

7 Santa Monica Pier

Spend the next few hours letting the kids roam free and chilling out on the Santa Monica Pier. There are plenty of rides to choose from, with the Ferris Wheel boasting simply magnificent views of downtown Los Angeles.

If you’re in the mood to see some muscles, then head down to Muscle Beach and watch the gym buffs work out while you indulge in some freshly made churros. The Pier is not as busy as Hollywood or some of the other sights in L.A. so you can feel safe knowing the kids will be just fine.

6 Malibu

Just around the bay from Santa Monica lies Malibu, and guess what, it is time to eat again! There is no shortage of superb eateries here, never mind the panoramic scenery, all from different corners of the world.

With the majority of restaurants overlooking the Pacific, the view is covered, and now it is a matter of deciding which cuisine gets you going. After lunch, get down to Zuma Beach and explore some of California’s famous natural beauty. You could get carried away with Mother Nature’s work, but remember, you’re only in L.A. for 24 hours so let’s get a move on.

5 Hollywood

Head back into town for a completely different feel and enter the glitz and glamor that is Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Visiting Hollywood is almost part and parcel of a trip to Los Angeles, even America, so it would be rude not to.

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There are many sights in Hollywood apart from celebrity houses and famous sign overlooking the city, there are also some museums and the Walk of Fame. Also nearby, if it is your cup of tea, is a ‘movie star homes tour’ to possibly catch a glimpse of your favorite star.

4 Universities

Visiting a university may seem like an odd one, but it is surprisingly popular. There are a total of 9 University of California’s, with the main ones being University of California Los Angeles and University of California Berkeley.

These universities run frequent, strongly recommended tours of the facilities and grounds, and are very popular with tourists. Why are they recommended? Well, because it allows you to develop a whole different perspective to the American college system both in academia and athletics.

3 Explore Downtown

Los Angeles is known for many things such as culture, food, and nightlife, but what people seem to forget is that there are a thriving art and museum scene in the city.

Spoil yourself with a snack, or meal (no judging), from one of the many food trucks, which line the streets of the downtown area, and then head on to the Art Walk, perhaps purchase a local masterpiece and meet some of the industry’s up and coming artists.

2 Be Entertained


Head into downtown L.A. for afternoon drinks at one of the many rooftop bars. Los Angeles is famous for its entertainment scene, and the things that separate it from the rest.

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Rooftop pools, sun chairs, and live music are just some of the things that make the L.A. bar scene unique, and definitely one to check out, as there is no shortage of rooftop bars. Moreover, if you time it right, you’ll get to experience a rustic, western sunset over the horizon.

1 Wine and Dine

As you can imagine, a city like L.A. has quite literally a million places to dine to end a fantastic and jam-packed day of sightseeing. Regardless of your budget or cuisine, RedBird in the city center has something for everyone and is sure to cap off a great day in The City of Angels.

Its combination of modern and vintage décor, paired with a reinspired American cuisine creates for a wonderful atmosphere that will just perfectly encapsulate everything L.A. is about, and leave you wanting more!

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