9 Vegan Pop-Ups You Need To Try While In Los Angeles

With large chains like Del Taco, Burger King, and even Ikea suddenly making a change and adding more and more vegan options to their menu, it seems like the quest to create a more sustainable and morally conscious future is beginning to take hold of the food industry. While it’s great news for animals and animals lovers alike, there are some people who will always be at the forefront of that fight. So let’s take a look at what some of the amazing pioneers in the Los Angeles vegan pop-up scene can teach some of the largest companies in the world. From some of the most delicious tacos, tortas, and burritos available in Los Angeles to the classic greasy burgers that could rival any diner or dive out there. The vegan options in Los Angeles are almost endless.

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9 Mort & Betty’s Vegan Deli

While there are many pop-ups on the list that highlight Los Angeles rich culture through plant-based dishes, Mort & Betty’s Vegan Deli is veganizing the Jewish deli. Mort & Betty’s Chef and Curator, Megan Tucker, says it best on their website, “food is a personal thing. It holds precious memories of family, traditions, and culture. Yet, it’s possible to hold on to what food means to us while letting go of animal products. The end result may even be more vibrant, compassionate, and more alive. I hope that Mort & Betty’s provides this to the lovers of lox, pastrami, corned beef, and kreplach. If you have nostalgia for this food, I hope that we satisfy your cravings, touch a food memory, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” Any visitors missing a decent Matzoh ball soup and willing to experiment will be delighted to find Matzoh ramen. An absolute must-try along with the carrot lox. Catch them outside of Block Party in Highland Park the first Sunday of every month.

8 ManEatingPlant

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When Phil Wang and Candice Tzeng went vegan back in 2016, they never imagined how many craving would go left unsatisfied. So using their combined knowledge and using their Asian roots as inspiration, they decided to start filling the void themselves and started serving up some of that tastiest plant-based food to be found in all of Los Angeles. From there absolutely mouth-watering mushroom bao to their spicy Sichuan wontons and even spicy garlic noodles, there’s plenty of reasons to stalk them every to every one of their Vegan Sundays NoHo pop-ups. They even do special tasting menus if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket before they sell out!

7 Donut Friend

While Donut Friend does technically have two brick and mortar locations, they also show up to the row in DTLA every Sunday for Smorgasburg LA. Every week vendors (both vegan and not) come together at The Row in Downtown Los Angeles to sell food, art, hot sauce, records, anything one might need.

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Every Sunday Donut Friend is there with a selection of delicious donuts, ice cream, and, if the dedication to the sweet tooth is strong enough, a combination of both. While Smorgasburg LA goes from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Donut Friend’s supplies typically don’t last that long, so try to get there early.

6 Oono Sushi

Oono Sushi shows up pretty regularly at Vegan Sundays NoHo to dish up some of the most incredible sushi in all of Los Angeles. Serving anything from sushi burritos to the hot Cheeto crusted Salmon Fire Feast and even the outrageously good tornado shrimp tempura. Days of eating a simple avocado roll or veggie roll all long behind any vegan willing to take a quick drive up to NoHo. They can also be found at the Paseo mall in Pasadena, should NoHo prove to be too long of a voyage.

5 Cena Vegan

Vegan was not only one of the first vegan taco pop-ups to hit Los Angeles, but it is currently one of the most successful. Not only can hungry vegans regularly find them in Highland Park and downtown at Smorgasburg LA on Sunday afternoons, but their meats can also be found at local chains like Veggie Grill and Baja Cali, and even at local vegan grocery stores like Organix LA. While their tacos and burritos are staples of the Los Angeles vegan community, it’s their absolutely beautiful nacho boat that has vegans and non-vegans alike breaking their necks to catch a second look.

4 Nodoh Brand

Nodoh Brand is the ex-cheese addicts best friend in the vegan community. Catch them nearly every Sunday at Vegan Sundays NoHo and pick up everything from their deceptively creamy mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers to “meatball” subs and pasta dishes like their baked ziti with beyond meats Italian sausage. Nodoh Brand is prepped and ready to bring any cheese addict ready to relapse back into dairy products back from the brink. So should any vegans happen to the North Hollywood station on a Sunday afternoon, remember, Nodoh has got the goods that will keep the vegan edge alive.

3 Compton Vegan

Chef, owner, accountant, and delivery boy Lemel Durrah is on a mission to provide healthy, plant-based options to a community sorely in need of them. Lemel has been cooking up some of the juiciest, tangiest, finger-lickingest vegan jackfruit ribs available anywhere in Los Angeles.

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While the jackfruit is definitely the star, Lemel also serves up mac and cheese, vegan buffalo “chicken” mac bowls, and all the comfort food staples vegans and non-vegans have come to know and love. As well as doing weekly deliveries and meal preps, Lemel can also regularly be found at Vegan Sundays NoHo and other pop-ups all over Los Angeles.

2 We Are The Vegan Hooligans

We Are The Vegan Hooligans started out a vegan pop-up that would take over after regular hours at Abby’s Diner in Eagle Rock were over. What started as just a few days a week has since blossomed into a weekly residency (three days a week. Monday, Friday, and Saturday evening from 5-10pm.) as well as a regular appearance at Vegan Sundays Noho. The hooligans are cooking up everything from crunchwrap supremes and “chicken” wings to more exotic fare like their mac-on hot dog and cinnamon roll cheeseburgers. Yes, that is, in fact, correct. Cinnamon roll cheeseburgers. Vegans all over Los Angeles are waiting on bated breath to see what these crazy hooligans will think up next.

1 Vegatinos

Well, this is it. The number one vegan pop-up in all of Los Angeles. Anyone that knows anything about Angelinos knows that they absolutely love their tacos. Vegatinos may not have been the first, they definitely won’t be that last, but they managed to all but perfect the art of the vegan taco. Their gigantic burritos, tortas, loaded fries, pozole, and tacos having been pulling vegans in from all over the state. Whether hungry vegans are looking for a humongous burrito filled with five of their vegan meats (various faux meats ranging from chicken and asada to a pineapple al pastor, jackfruit carnitas, and chicharron) to a bowl of comfort pozole after a long night, Vegatinos has got everything. Seriously. It cannot be overstated how good their food is. They have regular pop-ups all over Los Angeles. Check out their Instagram for more details.

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