La Compagnie, the business class only airline, is adding another perk to their already impressive list: free high speed Wifi for all passengers. The airline, which has been flying since 2014, caters to a very specific niche market - travelers who need to go from New York to Paris (or vice versa), and who are more concerned with comfort than cost. To that end, La Compagnie flies only one route, between Paris Orly and New York's Newark airports, and offers a huge number of perks for passengers.

For one thing, the flights carry only seventy six passengers, each with business class amenities including reclining seats, massage options in the seats, reading lamps, outlets, personal tablets for free in-flight entertainment, and delicious meals with wine and champagne accompaniments. However, for an airline that has always targeted business travelers, they have been lacking solid Wifi - until now.


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Last week, La Compagnie announced that they will be partnering with Viasat Inc to offer free high-speed Wifi starting in 2019. Viasat was chosen because it's unique satellite design provides excellent connectivity - even in exceptionally busy spaces, like airports. Don Buchman, vice president and general manager, Commercial Aviation at Viasat explains how the satellite system will give unparalleled service to La Compagnie passengers:

Given La Compagnie's primary flight routes over the Atlantic, they will use our latest satellite system, ViaSat-2, giving passengers an optimal connectivity experience - with industry-best speeds, performance and reliability - gate-to-gate.

Although the Wifi service will become available next year, it will not be on every La Compagnie aircraft. The service will only be available on the A321neo, which will be flying for La Compagnie from April of next year. This new airbus will then be replacing the existing Boeing 757s that the airline uses, with the Boeing 757s completely phased out by 2021.

Business travelers will no doubt be thrilled at this addition to La Compagnie's services, as it will mean that they can continue working throughout the flight and while waiting to board - and with an eight and a half hour flight time, that's a full day's work waiting to be done! Of course, this will be far more useful for the Paris to New York route, which is a daytime flight, rather than the New York-Paris route, which is overnight. Still, for an airline that prides itself on a luxury experience, Wifi is increasingly becoming an expectation for Business Class travelers, and it's not surprising that La Compagnie is adding it to the list of passenger perks.

Source: Travel Daily News