It's official: Krispy Kreme is exuding some kind of magic over the last year and if its holiday-themed donuts (that looked more like pieces of art than actual donuts) weren't enough, then the new St. Patrick's Day donuts are sure to bring smiles to faces everywhere. These donuts are more than just edible sweets; they're practically odes to the holiday itself, with the most perfect shade of green icing and decorations that are far too elegant and fun to eat. If you think we're being dramatic then, by all means, take a peek for yourself!


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The collection, which is called the Luck 'O the Doughnuts Collection, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser (then again, which collection hasn't been up until this point?) with four new donuts that are completely dedicated to St. Patrick's Day. The donut collection launched on March 11th and if that wasn't enough, Krispy Kreme has also promised a special surprise for those who show up at its stores between March 16th and March 17th. They say that a person is responsible for creating their own luck but we have a feeling that starting your day with a Krispy Kreme donut (or four) might go a long way in making that statement true...

Four New Donuts That Look Luckier Than A Pot Of Gold

Steer clear of the Lucky Charms this St. Patrick's Day and instead, treat yourself with some Krispy Kreme. If 2020 taught us anything it's that we should appreciate what we have and be thankful for what's to come - such as this new collection of donuts. The donut company was not playing around when they said that they had big plans for St. Patrick's Day and made the commitment to every holiday to bring fancy, fun, and artistically-designed donuts to stores everywhere. While we thought the holiday collection was a thing of beauty, there's just something about this new St. Patrick's Day collection that has us reaching for our greenest outfits and saying "top o' the morning to ya!" as we skip and do a little jig to the nearest Krispy Kreme store.

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The first up is a donut that speaks to us on a multitude of levels. The Lucky Unicorn Doughnut is one for the books and includes a level of artistic creativity that most of us have yet to ever possess. Rather than staring at this donut, it's definitely advised that you dig right in - but this edible unicorn is hella cute. The donut itself is a classic glazed Krispy Kreme donut that's filled with Kreme but also features a unique design on the top including two winking eyes, green and white sprinkles along the bottom, and a center that's filled with more green and white Kreme. It's a masterpiece, to say the least, but we've got three more donuts (and a surprise!) to admire.

The second is called the Lucky Gold Coin Doughnut which looks simple but is quite magical in its little details. This Original Glazed Doughnut has a fresh coating of white icing with a perfect green swirl around the top, and that alone would be enough for us to love it. However, Krispy Kreme took this one step further by adding tiny, edible gold coins.

The third donut is a bit simpler but no less special; with a coating of Kelly green icing over the top, this Glazed Doughnut then has a sprinkling of, well, sprinkles. The sprinkles are green and white and, if you look close enough, you might be able to spot a few shamrocks in there, too. It's cute, simple, festive, and everything a Krispy Kreme purist could ask for.

The fourth donut is a stroke of flavor genius and is called the Lucky Leprechaun Doughnut, featuring a hefty filling of Cookies and Kreme. The donut top is then dipped in that same green icing and features a unique plaid design, and, to finish, a sugar leprechaun hat is added to complete the look. If you're feeling lucky this March, there's no reason not to take advantage of all of these magic-filled (literally) donuts. But, there's one more thing: Krispy Kreme is bringing back an old favorite and offering it for free. There's one condition that applies to this, though - those popping into the store or heading through the drive-thru to be wearing green in order to get this baby free of charge. Don't worry, though - those wearing green will be happy they did because they'll actually match their free donut since the donut in question is the O'riginal (green) Glazed Doughnut.

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