Big North American food chains are increasingly expanding to the rest of the world, and the best part of that isn't just being able to get that favorite treat, even on vacation. No, the best part is actually being able to get new, country-specific exclusive products. These are offerings that are specifically designed to cater to the tastes of the local population, which could mean anything from different flavors and colors to new seasonal offerings.

Krispy Kreme, with their famously delicious donuts, have expanded to Japan - and with that expansion has come all kinds of new Japanese exclusives. In general, these donuts are less sweet than their American cousins (as the rest of the world tends to eat a little less sugar), and they come in a huge number of different flavors. From tea-inspired donuts to a sweet, circular take on health foods (yes, really), these are some of the best Krispy Kreme products that have only shown up in Japan. (And unfortunately, some are seasonal or temporary, so may not be currently available.)

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10 10. Fruits Yoghurt Bran

There's no denying that donuts are not a health food... but Japan's 'Good Day, Good Donuts' line is trying its hardest! Three new donuts are coming to Japanese stores this year, starting with the 'Fruits Yoghurt Bran', which clearly takes some inspiration from bran yoghurt parfait. The donut batter itself is mixed with bran, as well as soy-milk chocolate and sweet and sour berry flavors. The filling is yogurt cream, and the donut is topped with yogurt and berry glaze.

9 9. Uji Matcha Cream and Strawberry

Strawberries and Cream donuts are nothing special, but this spring Japanese exclusive has something special - a tea-flavored twist on the classic! Part of a range of tea-inspired treats from Krispy Kreme that were released earlier this year in Japan, the Uji Matcha Cream and Strawberry donut has Uji Matcha in the batter and the cream icing, and is topped with white chocolate and pink chocolate (strawberry flavored), as well as freeze-dried strawberries.

8 8. Uji Matcha Old Fashioned

Not in the mood for mixing your matcha with chocolate and strawberries? Japan has a little something for those with simpler tastes, too. The Uji Matcha Old Fashioned is a green-tea twist on the classic Old Fashioned donut. It may not look quite as gloriously luxurious as the others on this list (and doesn't have any of the fancy toppings) but it's truly delicious. Matcha chocolate (yes, it's bright green) is the only topping on this simple donut, which also has matcha in the dough itself. Delicious!

7 7. Ginger Lemon Bran

Another of the bran-infused donut options, the Ginger Lemon Bran is exactly what it sounds like. A bran-infused base, topped with lemon and ginger icing. Decorating this zesty treat are pistachios and honey cubes, as well as a drizzle of lemon sauce.

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Yes, it's still just a lemon donut, but we can pretend that it's healthy... and if you have a cold, just think of all that citrus, ginger, and honey as a natural (and very delicious) cold remedy.

6 6. Green Tea Adzuki

This is a Krispy Kreme twist on a popular Japanese dessert - pastries stuffed with red bean paste. In donut form, that means a donut sandwich, with Uji Matcha infused whipped cream and Hokkaido grain bean paste, with a matcha glaze on top. This may not be one for those who prefer not to get too adventurous with their eating, but for anyone wanting to see what a traditional Japanese flavor is in donut form, it's the choice for you!

5 5. Sesame Street Anniversary Box

For the 50th anniversary of the beloved children's show, Sesame Street, Krispy Kreme created these character-themed donuts, and even a 'Sesame Street Dozen', a box containing the character donuts as well as some more classic choices. Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird all get the Krispy Kreme treatment in this box. Elmo is covered in red strawberry chocolate and has a custard cream and vanilla bean filling. Cookie Monster has a vanilla cookie cream topping, and (of course) a chocolate chip cookie in the center. Finally, Big Bird is a custard flavor, to perfectly match his bright yellow color.

4 4. Citrus Green Tea Ring

More tea-flavored treats with this one, which mixes the flavors of matcha with lemon, white chocolate, and yuzu for a refreshing and sweet donut. Yuzu, for those who aren't aware, is a classic Japanese citrus, and pairs perfectly with lemon and matcha.

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The white chocolate topping (with a citrus glaze) balances out the tartness with sweetness, and the donut is decorated with pieces of yuzu peel as well.

3 3. Holly Jolly Holiday Selection

This is technically a whole box of donuts, but as they were released at the same time and come as something of a set... it counts as one! Created for the holiday season, the Holly Jolly Holiday donuts are shaped as Christmas-themed characters, including Santa, Rudolph, a Snowman, and a gift box. There's also a red, green, and white ring. Each one isn't just adorable, but has a different filling, including milk tea cream and bitter caramel.

2 2. Sakura

Sakura means 'cherry blossoms' (or at least, refers to the cherry trees in bloom), and it's common for springtime to find sakura-themed pink treats popping up in Japan. This particular Krispy Kreme take on Sakura is a donut stuffed with strawberry puree, cherry paste, and whipped cream, and of course - a beautiful pink glaze on top.

1 1. Cafe Latte Bunny

This donut is the definition of Kawaii (Japanese for 'cute'). It sounds delicious, of course, with latte-flavored cream, chocolate glaze, and toasted almond flakes on top - making it the perfect donut to pair with your afternoon coffee. However, it's the fact that the center has been turned into an adorable little bunny that makes this truly special - there's even ears and a tiny red bow tie!

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