Believe it or not, you have quite a few rights when it comes to buying plane tickets. Don't let airlines illegally push you around.

The issues surrounding Thomas Cook these past few days have left holiday makers around the world thinking they might be stranded. It has also got future travelers wondering whether their trips are now canceled and if they have now lost out on the cost of their plane tickets. We can't help all of you with advice, but we can help people understand their rights concerning US airlines operating domestic flights.


The US Department of Transportation put together a set of rules back in 2009, reports Travel + Leisure. Top of this passengers' bill of rights is what you're owed should an airline lose your luggage. For starters, the fee charged for carrying that bag should be fully refunded. The airline is also expected to compensate the passenger for "reasonable expenses for loss, damage or delay in the carriage of passenger baggage."

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Believe it or not, airlines are also required to state all additional fees to customers upon the purchase of a ticket. It can often feel like you have paid your money only to see a number of other add-ons pop up aterwards. If that has happened to you, the airline you bought your ticket through may have been breaking a rule or two. Even government taxes and fees need to be included in the final price.

Perhaps the most eye-opening rule is what your rights are should you be bumped from a flight. Overbooking happens more often than you might think. If you are bumped from a flight and experience a short delay because of it, you might be entitled to as much as $650. Longer delays could entitle you to twice that amount. Next time you're removed from an oversold flight, it might actually make you a little money.

If you're not removed from a flight but wind up waiting on the tarmac for hours on end, the airline you're with might once again be breaking the rules. Those rules dictate that an airline can't keep passengers sat on the runway for longer than four hours unless that delay is due to secuirty, safety, or air traffic control related issues. They're also required to supply passengers with water and a place to use the bathroom during this time.

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