Already done with pumpkin spice, Kit Kat is moving on to Christmastime flavors.

To be fair to Kit Kat, you can still get their new Pumpkin Pie-flavored bars in stores and will likely remain available up until Thanksgiving. Pumpkin being a flavor that doesn’t disappear just because Halloween ends.

That said, Kit Kat isn’t one to get bogged down by America’s love affair with a spice manufactured from the dried out remains of pumpkins. Instead, they’re already moving on to the holiday season with the newly announced Sweet Cinnamon flavor of Kit Kat.


Cinnamon isn’t exactly the most well-known Christmas flavor--nutmeg, eggnog, and peppermint come to mind before cinnamon does. But it’s certainly a winter flavor and is used in plenty of baking recipes, and who knows? Maybe this will finally be the year that cinnamon enters the world stage of Christmas flavor sensations.

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What we can expect from Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats is basically already on the label. The chocolate portion of the classic milk chocolate-coated cookie wafer formula is likely to remain the same, but the cookie portion is going to get a hefty dose of cinnamon zing.

According to Delish, there’s a very noticeable aroma of cinnamon as soon as you open the back and an equally strong flavor to match. This is not a snack that’s come here to merely mention the existence of cinnamon--no, it’s here to loudly announce that Christmas is now the season of cinnamon.

Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat hits store shelves starting in November and will be available in 7.5-oz or 9-oz bags. Regular bars won’t be available as Hershey correctly assumes Christmas to be the time of candy bowls and not just handing out bars to friends and family. Each Kit Kat Mini is encased in its own elf-like wrapper and there’s a tiny cinnamon roll on the front of the bag to remind you of what you’re in for.

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