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Florida's Key West is one of the most idyllic Caribbean-influenced destinations one can enjoy in the United States. Key West is also closer to Cuba than it is to Miami and is the southernmost city in the contiguous United States. The Island of Key West is around 4 miles long and a mile wide but is full of lodging and accommodation options. It's also more than just beaches - there are a number of things one can do and enjoy while staying on Key West.


It is a port for cruise ships, and those staying on the island will be spoiled for accommodation options. One of the more notable hotel chains on the island is Kimpton Key West. They offer visitors accommodation options to enjoy one's stay on the island. Kimpton Key West offers some of the best luxurious accommodations on Key West.

Five-In-One Kimpton Key West Accommodation

Many may not be aware, but Key West was actually Florida's largest city until 1900. And many of the buildings one finds in Key West (including those of the Kimpton Key West hotel chain) were built then. The hotels that make up Kimpton Key West were originally homes that belonged to army officers, industrialists, and steamboat captains.

The architectural styles of the buildings range from sensible Conch to grand Queen Anne. The five accommodation options offered by Kimpton Key West are:

  • Kimpton Fitch Lodge
  • Kimpton Winslow's Bungalows
  • Kimpton Ridley House
  • Kimpton Lighthouse
  • Kimpton Ella's Cottage

These fan out across the heart of Key West's Old Town, and each comes with its own distinct charm.

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Kimpton Winslow's Bungalows

Right in the heart of the Old Town are Winslow's Bungalows - the largest Key West hotel. They offer a lush, landscaped campus with three private pools, an outdoor bar, and vibrant gardens.

These bungalows are ideal for romantic couples, families, groups, and even wedding parties. There are 85 guestrooms with two deluxe suites. Some bungalows have accommodation for two, while others have accommodation for four.

Options include one bed, two beds, or suites. Prices can vary significantly depending on when one is planning to go. The suites can cost $537 or less to over $1,300 or so depending on the dates and the exact room selected - naturally, the weekends tend to be very expensive.

  • Breakfast: Included
  • Options: One Bed, Two Beds, Suites
  • Price: Varies Significantly

The top accommodation of the Bungalow comes with a king suite and 600 sq. feet. These suites also have a soaking tub with a walk-in shower. They have a king bed and a sectional sofa.

Kimpton Ridley House

The Kimpton Ridley House provides low-key luxury and is tucked behind classic picket fences and low-hanging trees. The Ridley House is the most elegant of the five accommodation options and is particularly suited for VIP stays and honeymooners. This retreat was once the accommodation of a prosperous industrialist.

In total, there are 23 spacious guestrooms in the Ridley House and three historic homes (two Victorian and one Bahamian Eyebrow). Accommodation options include:

1 King Essential:

  • Size: 240 sq ft
  • Bed: 1 King Bed

1 King Essential Patio:

  • Size: 250 sq ft
  • Bed: 1 King Bed
  • Other: Patio & Luxury Atelier Bloem Bath Amenities

1 King Premium Sofa Bed:

  • Size: 400 sq ft
  • Bed: 1 King Bed & 1 Sofa Bed
  • Other: Luxury Atelier Bloem Bath Amenities

1 King 1 Bedroom Suite:

  • Size: 400 sq ft
  • Bed: 1 King Bed
  • Other: Luxury Atelier Bloem Bath Amenities

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Other Kimpton Accommodations In Key West

The other three accommodation options are the Lighthouse, Ella's Cottage, and Fitch Lodge. It is too much to go into detail here about each - but here are their highlights.

The Lighthouse:

The Lighthouse is located close to Hemingway's home and the iconic Key West Lighthouse (so no, it is not the lighthouse itself). The accommodation has a lively pool, a vibing bar, and brick-garden grounds. It is popular for weddings and groups.

Ella's Cottages:

Ella's Cottages are also situated in the center of Old Town Key West, and they offer a blend of their historical characters and their cottage charms. Each comes with a front porch seat, and they have secluded pools and hidden gardens.

Fitch Lodge:

The Fitch Lodge is located close to the Key West Historic Seaport. They offer bohemian accommodations and a refreshing pool.

Find out more information on the Kimpton Key West website.