There are a lot of things that Italy is known for. One of those things is food, and there are some awesome pizza joints in Italy. But one important thing travelers should know is that some of the Italian food that is eaten in other countries is not actually something that citizens of Italy eat.

But there are some reasons to love this place that have nothing to do with food. According to, one thing travelers love about it is the archaeological sights that can be seen there. Some places in Italy are not family-friendly, but others are. Parents looking to go there just need to do some research first to find out where they can go. Here are family-friendly locations one can see there.

10 Florence Is The Home Of The Museum Of Zoology And Natural History

There are lots of museums in Dublin that people should visit, but Italy also has some great ones as well. According to, there are a variety of cool things for a person to see while they are there. They can take a look at things like animals and scientific artifacts when they go to the Museum Of Zoology And Natural History. Places like this are educational for everyone, but that’s especially true for kids.

9 Visitors Can Tour The Palazzo Vecchio For Free

One thing parents will probably want to know before they map out all of the details of their trip to Italy is the fact that there are lots of educational tours for them to take with their kids. According to, people who wish to do things like that can tour the Palazzo Vecchio free of charge, which is something they should really take advantage of. The tour has to be arranged ahead of time.

8 There Are Fun Festivals To Check Out Around Siena

One of the many cool things people can see when they go to Italy is a fun festival. What makes this even better is that this is something parents can do with their children, since families tend to enjoy things like this. According to, there’s at least one festival near Siena, and it focuses on what things used to be like back in medieval times. This festival happens in the first week of July.

7 In Venice, Kids Can Learn About Some Of The Local Traditions

There are probably a lot of places that offer visitors the chance to see old traditions of Italy, but none seem to do it quite like the city of Venice. According to, this is a spot where parents and their kids can learn more about the culture of Italy. For example, people who are interesting in mask-making can go to a workshop with that theme in order to learn about some interesting Carnevale traditions.

6 There Are Lots Of Things For Everyone To Do On The Amalfi Coast

It would be hard for travelers of any age to be bored when they are on the Amalfi coast. That is because there is actually a lot for people to do there. During certain times of the year, kids who are in that area can take part in some fun workshops, according to They can learn to cook, and they can also enjoy some art while they are there as well, which is cool.

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5 Families Can Go To Umbria To See What Inspired A Famous Childrens' Book

Lots of kids love to read, and this is probably the area in Italy that they will enjoy the most. That is because this part of the country actually inspired C.S. Lewis when he was creating the mythical land of Narnia for The Chronicles Of Narnia, according to That is cool on its own, but it gets even better. People who like to swim can actually enjoy doing that under a castle that’s there.

4 There Are Lots Of Cool Things To Do In Lombardy, Including Going To A Puppet Museum

Those who go to Lombardy surely will not have a hard time finding some cool ways to keep their kids entertained. According to, travelers who find themselves in that part of Italy can check out a really awesome puppet museum.

They can also enjoy swimming in a lake, which sounds nice and relaxing. There are many activities there, but visitors can also just take some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is there.

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3 Lake Garda Is A Great Place For Families, And It Is Near Amusement Parks

Those who wish to go to Lake Garda will have to travel to the northern part of the country. But, it is definitely worth the trip. According to, this is an ideal area for family vacations. Travelers can hop on a ferry to see some castles in the area, and they can also swim in that lake as well. But if kids are not into that, then they can check out nearby amusement parks.

2 Bomarzo Monster Park Is A Place Kids Will Love

There are some really odd and creepy parks around the world, and this is definitely one of the most intriguing ones. But, that is just part of its’ charm. According to, even though this place has some statues that look really unsettling, kids love it. Those who travel to Umbria will not have to go very far if they wish to see this place, since it is pretty close to that part of Italy.

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1 Older Kids And Their Parents Will Enjoy Seeing The Spookier Locations In Italy

Just like all of the other parts of the world, there are definitely some spots in Italy that are quite creepy. According to, older kids might enjoy exploring some of those areas. There are plenty of odd areas like this to see over there. Families who enjoy that kind of thing can go see some catacombs that are there. They can also see mummy museums, since Italy has some of those, which is awesome.

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