It’s never too late to start planning our next vacation destination. With so many vacation spots to choose from, travelers are bound to find something that sparks their interest. This upcoming summer season, people can explore new regions and see what opportunities lie ahead. And one of the best places to explore is the Bahamas.

For vacationers who love clear waters and sandy beaches, this is the place to go! The Bahamas has over 100,000 miles of ocean water, 700 beautiful islands, and 2,000 rocks and cays for tourists to admire. Not to mention there are tons of fun activities for couples and big families to take part in! Here are 10 Kid and Adult-Approved Resorts to visit in the Bahamas this year.

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10 10. The Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort

First on our list of family-friendly Bahama resorts is the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort. At first glance, the tropical background and beach-front landscape look as though they belong in a travel magazine. One look at this resort’s website and travelers will rethink every vacation destination they’ve been to. The Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort isn’t just all show though. It has all the entertainment and excitement families could ever hope for. Introduce the kids to onsite activities like going surfing. Even enjoy a nice game of beach volleyball or go snorkeling with the fish!

9 9. The Warwick Paradise Island Resort

Another popular family-oriented destination in the Bahamas is the Warwick Paradise Island Resort. It may not have a large emphasis on the tropical environment and abundant wildlife like the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort, but it does have a rich history. Once known as Hog Island, the Paradise Island lies just off the coast of the city of Nassau.

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Paradise island is most praised for its “culture and diversity of peoples, having been immigrants who migrated from parts of Europe years ago.” Warwick’s historical significance hasn’t just sparked interest in visitors, though. Celebrities have also been known to visit the island.

8 8. The Melia Nassau Beach Resort

This resort looks like it’s been on the set of one to many music video shoots already. Given the luxurious design of the resort, some families will both be intrigued and equally intimidated by all the glitz and glamour. Don’t be fooled though. Just because the Melia Nassau Beach Resort revels in glitter and shiny things doesn’t mean it’s too cool for kids. While parents can rest easy at one of the 3 heated pools and bars available, the children can have fun at the Kid’s Club. Melia Nassau Beach Resort has plenty of activities for children to choose from, such as pool table, basketball, and arts and crafts!

7 7. The Grand Isle Resort & Spa

Finding a resort that suits our family’s needs can be a pain sometimes but think again. With all the luxury resorts seen so far, there’s bound to be more for families. The Grand Isle Resort & Spa may look like a slice of Heaven but there’s more to this paradise resort.

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Located on the Island of Great Exuma, guests are immediately greeted by the Emerald Bay’s sandy beaches and crisp, clear waters. Not only will guests enjoy deliciously prepared cuisine and spa services, but families can also get involved in a number of activities. Enjoy popular water sports such as diving, snorkeling and fly fishing. Just have an unforgettable day at the Emerald Bay. This resort has it all!

6 6. The Fernandez Bay Village Resort

With so many Bahamian options to choose from, travelers and their kids are bound to have loads of fun. This resort may be out in the middle of nowhere but given the golden beaches, the rich history, and hut-style accommodations reminiscent of the colorful Cat Island, Fernandez Bay Village has it all. Parents can have bonding time with their kids over snorkeling trips, paddle-boarding lessons, boating and even while deep diving to one of the famous blue holes that are said to contain fabled-creatures such as sea monsters and mermaids. Additionally, lodging options are especially gracious with families, providing plenty of room for mom and dad, the kids and even the family dog.

5 5. The Grand Lucayan Resort

At the Grand Lucayan, nothing is impossible. Being one of the best Bahamian resorts seen thus far in our list, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it offers guests more than the usual. The website is full of images displaying crisp, sandy beaches and kids playing out in the Bahamian sun, which only spells family fun.

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Not only are water sports available for families, but the Grand Lucayan Resort also offers adventurous activities such as horseback riding. Enjoy a fun afternoon riding horseback along the beach shoreline. Other activities include cave diving and shark feeding dives, which are Instagram-worthy moments!

4 4. The Oceans Club: A Four Seasons Resort

The Oceans Club Resort doesn’t have anything on the Grand Lucayan, except its stellar beach-front views. The resort sits on the edge of Paradise Island, introducing guests to a beach-front experience unlike any other. It’s actually the first resort that allows guests to walk out onto the beach straight from their rooms. Adults can take advantage of excursions such as one of their Balinese-style spa villas and a round of golf at the Ocean Club Golf Club. Meanwhile, the children can spend the day at the on-site kid’s club, where they can play their favorite PlayStation 3 games or surf the web at the computer center. It’s no wonder that this establishment has been dazzling celebrities and travelers since 1962.

3 3. The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort

The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort hasn’t been serving guests as long as The Oceans Club Resort but it has all the internal workings of a family-fun paradise. When lodging at one of the lovely Villas and Bungalows on the beach-fronts, vacationers will instantly forget they’re even on an island. Cape Santa Maria is a little slice of Heaven.

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While the mom and dad are out on “date night”, the kids get to play in the game room where there’ll be plenty of puzzles, music, and movies for them to watch. For family fun, the island offers several attractions to choose from, such as the Iguana Tour. Guests get to witness a rare species of Rock Iguanas in the dry scrub forests and beaches of the smaller nearby islands. Each Iguana’s pigment color is unique to their environment, ranging from grays to variations of green, orange, and red. Along with the tour, guests will be taken by boat to other points of interests such as the Sandy Cay, where the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean took place. Paradise and adventure all wound up into one trip. Can’t beat that!

2 2. The French Leave Resort

The French Leave Resort may not be as adventurous as the Cape Santa Maria Resort but it’s just much fun for families. The website describes it as a “tranquil and secluded escape that sits on the brink of crystal clear, azure blue waters of the Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas.” Travelers will be spellbound by the beauty of the French Leave pink sand beach and the scenic views throughout the resort. Adults will soon realize that Eleuthera Island is the place to be, as it’s known for being the home of the Annual Eleuthera All That Jazz Festival. Guests will also enjoy The Bahamas International Film Festival, which brings people together during a celebration of Bahamian culture. The French Leave Resort may appear as a destination for couples at first glance, but it also offers family fun as well. The resort offers local boat rentals and charters to sail across the crisp blue waters of the island. Guests with families can also do water sports such as scuba diving, fly-fishing or just surf the waves!

1 1. The Sandyport Beach Resort

To stretch out across the French Leave Resort’s pink sand beach would be something but that’s not all the Bahamas has to offer. Sandyport Beach Resort is just as beautiful and pristine as the French Leave, if not better. The colorful island the beach sits on is just minutes away from all the commotion of Nassau. Even by being miles away guests still have access to the island’s top, favorite attractions. Guests can expect to find palm trees and hammocks dotted along the Lagoon Beach to lie under and relax. Families who seek adventure can go snorkeling in blue waters and spend hours of fun building sandcastles. Take the kids on a fun-filled day of playing with the Bahama’s legendary Swimming Pigs! The children will also love the Aquaventure Water Park where they can take a tour of the Atlantis Aquarium and witness all the animals that dominate the waters.

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