KFC is currently trialing a mammoth 80-piece bucket of popcorn chicken in the UK and we're hoping it gets rolled out around the world.

If we were to take a random survey and ask what exactly people eat their food off of, the resounding top answer would, of course, be plates. Bowls would be up there too, as would pieces of wood and slate thanks to the boom of hipster restaurants trying to prove food can be eaten off pretty much anything.

Fast-food restaurants changed how people eat food in a different way decades before we started eating burgers off of reclaimed driftwood. At establishments such as McDonald's and Burker King, people eat their food out of the packaging it's handed to you in. Sure, you can take it home and put it on a plate, but that just feels weird, right?


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Fellow fast-food chain KFC took things to the next level again. Years ago, the colonel basically said "you're all pigs who love stuffing chicken into your faces, so we're going to give it to you in a bucket," and we were all like, "cool, sounds great!" Now, KFC has upped its own game reports Gizmodo. It is currently trialing an 80-piece bucket of popcorn chicken.

That's right, popcorn chicken served as it should have been from day one, in a bucket like regular popcorn from the movie theater. There is a little bit of bad news, though. Right now, the product is only being trialed, and it's only being trialed within the city limits of Glasgow, Scotland. The buckets will be on sale until November 17, 2019, so don't let us down Glasgow, buy as many buckets as possible so they become a part of KFC's regular menu.

KFC certainly seems keen to expand and adapt its menu at the moment. The colonel has also been trialing different vegan products in various locations, including a burger and a wrap in the UK, and a bucket of vegan fried chicken in Atlanta. That's all well and good, but none of that has us quite as excited as the thought of trying to tackle 80 pieces of popcorn chicken all by ourselves.

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