Fried chicken is a staple of southern cuisine and American culture. Though it’s not the healthiest dish out there, the flavor is irresistible. People can’t get enough of the crispy-breaded, deep-fried chicken. It can literately be eaten on any occasion, such as a tailgate party or, more commonly, during the holiday season. Let’s face it, a thanksgiving dinner isn’t the same without fried chicken, right?

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The cuisine can even be served in several combinations, such as with syrup and waffles. Most people even prefer being served fried chicken with a bottle of hot sauce. When spice and crunch come together, they make for one delicious meal. Since the dish originated from the south, it’s no wonder that Kentucky has the best soul-food restaurants in town. Here are 10 Kentucky restaurants that serve up the meanest fried chicken!

10 Big Momma’s Soul Food Kitchen

Any restaurant name that starts with the words “Big Momma” means they serve great chicken. With so many soul food restaurants out there, it’s hard to argue that Big Momma’s Soul Food Kitchen isn’t at the top of their game. Google reviews can even back up the restaurant’s success. People have fallen in love with the quality of the food and the service.

One customer even praised the restaurant for their willingness to the serve the homeless during Christmas time, which was the very thing kept them coming back. Another customer praised the meatloaf and smothered pork chop dishes. Not only is Big Momma’s Soul Food Kitchen cuisine top-knotch but the dishes are affordable, costing only $10. Saving money and eating fried chicken is a great combination.

9 Chicken King

Chicken King also serves up great chicken. They give customers the option of going through a drive-thru or dinning in but honestly, who doesn’t want to part take in a buffet showcasing delectable chicken. The exterior architecture doesn’t do this restaurant justice, but customers shouldn’t judge this book by its cover.

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Chicken King’s chicken is so mouth-watering, good that it’ll make us want to order a second round. They serve all-white meat chicken that’s moderately greasy and breaded with the signature salty crunch. Chicken this good can’t be beat. No sides are necessary because really, who needs potato salad or greens when there’s a whole buffet of fried chicken waiting for us to devour.

8 Chick’n & Mi

Fried Chicken may have been a southern tradition but with its exposure to other cultures, new versions of the cuisine have been made. These alternations are a combination of old and new cooking practices used to introduce new fried dishes. Rather just being another classic soul-food buffet comes Chick’n & Mi, a restaurant that serves fried chicken with a bit of Asian flare.

Their most famous dish, known as the Laotian-spiced fried chicken, is not only the most tasteful cuisine but also the spiciest. It’s interesting to see another culture’s take on a traditional American dish and add something extra to the dinner table!

7 LouVino

When it comes to crafting innovative dishes, there’s no limit. Chick’n & Mi had the awesome idea to combine both an old idea with a new one and LouVino is following right in the restaurant’s footsteps. Though there’s little to no Asian influence in their cuisine, there is creativity in the presentation of their food. Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any better than spicy, Asian chicken, comes chicken tenders wrapped in tacos!

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It’s not the first thought that comes to mind when people think of eating fried chicken but then again, everyone likes tacos, too! Why not put our two favorite foods together? Rather than there being the usual ingredients found in a traditional taco, these chicken wraps include mashed potatoes, gravy, and melted cheese. Not only does this dish come with one taco, but two! LouVino is the place to be when it comes to eating fried chicken in a whole new way!

6 Royals Hot Chicken

This Louisville restaurant is also a fried chicken trendsetter and loves mixing the old with the new. Not only is Royal Hot Chicken a fan of the jumbo chicken tacos, they also specialize in sauces and a variety of milkshakes. On google reviews, one customer couldn’t get enough of the Sweet Potato milkshake and returned to the restaurant for seconds. As far as the sauces went, people said they were “delicious options."

A fan favorite amongst customers is the Gonzo Hot Sauce, which is known to be extremely hot. For those choosing to have their chicken tenders dipped in this sauce, beware! Though, the chicken batter is said to be so good that it hardly needs the assistance of a sauce. The Royals Hot Chicken is our first pick! Food Network certainly loves the restaurant!

5 Shirley Mae’s Café

Fried Chicken lovers will also fall in love with Shirley Mae’s Café, a soul-food, family-owned restaurant with a lot heart. This little restaurant, hidden in downtown Louisville, prepares homemade staples that are just as good as our mother’s cooking (don’t tell them that, though). Shirley Mae’s restaurant is not only known for preparing fresh fried chicken but also for their water cornbread, which comes with every order.

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Their flavor and texture is so good, that customers will be begging for more. Not only has Shirley Mae’s Café restaurant achieved fried-chicken and cornbread perfection but they also are the first Kentucky restaurant of its kind to have an open-kitchen. Not only will customers get the chance to eat great food, but they can see where the magic happens! This restaurant is definitely one to watch out for.

4 Harvest

Southern-style cooking isn’t just about preparing our favorite soul-food dishes though. With Shirley Mae’s Café priding themselves on serving fresh food, the Harvest also strives for preparing clean food. In fact, the restaurant holds the top spot for being one of best “locally grown” eateries in Louisville, KY. Once guests are seated, they’ll see photographs along the walls of every farmer that’s contributed a dish to the restaurant.

No harmful toxins can be found in their food, that’s for sure. Their chicken is a 100% home-grown and full of delicious ingredients that were handcrafted by the farmers themselves. According to the Thrillist, their fried chicken cuisine is a major staple of the restaurant, “smothered in buttermilk battered breast and served with a hoecake dipped in a creamy gravy, topped of spicy greens.” Now that’s just pure torture. After reading that review, who in their right mind can say no to the Harvest?

3 Malone’s

Louisville may be one of the best cities in Kentucky to buy good fried chicken, but it has some stiff competition with Lexington. Though this southern native considers itself a steakhouse and specializes in the perfection of red meat, it also caters to chicken lovers. For those who are really all about chicken strips, they’ll become fast fans of Malone’s fried chicken tenders.

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After taking a bite out of these crispy tenders smothered in sweet honey mustard sauce, there’s no going back. Customers love the cuisine! The dish as well as the entire menu is a bit on the pricey side of things but it’s doubtful customers don’t get their money’s worth. Malone has it all, the glamour, the steak and the fried chicken!

2 Mimi’s Southern Style Cooking

Soul food cooking reminds us of home. Malone’s restaurant is great and all but it’s nothing like Shirley Mae’s Café. They were definitely known for their original-styled fried chicken. Now there’s competition, as Mimi’s Southern Style Cooking has become a renowned restaurant specializing in great deep fried chicken. Their Facebook page is teeming with compliments from customers who love the restaurant.

People obviously praise their fried chicken, but they also love their pork chops and Chitterlings. Not to mention they offer Kool Aide as a drink option. That’ll sure put a smile on customer faces. The food is undoubtedly great, but so is the portion size. People love that they get the get a large plate of food for affordable prices. Mimi’s not only has the best fried chicken in town but they’re also the most generous with prices.

1 Chuy’s

There’s nothing wrong with good ol’ fashioned soul food. In fact, many people prefer a home-cooked-styled meal over those artificial foods. Though, soul-food, as has been previously seen, can always use an upgrade. Or rather, a little creativity to spruce up the flavor. Having opened in 1982, in the wild west Texas, Chuy’s is an immersion of both Texan meets Mexican cuisine.

Previously, a restaurant served a fried chicken dish that was Asian inspired. Other restaurant chains eluded to the idea of combining a Mexican and Southern dish together with tacos but never followed through. Chuy’s, however, serves fried chicken with a Mexican twist to it. First timers and regulars have to try the Chicken Flautas and Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken. Both dishes are both spicy and irresistible!

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