Kendall Jenner And 19 Other Female Celebs Spotted At Basketball Games

Today's list is all about the ladies who love watching an intense basketball game. Just kidding, at least half of our list is about female celebs who have come to a basketball match either so that they can take cute selfies for their social media accounts, show off their fancy outfits or most likely — so that they can shamelessly look at tall, strong men for about two hours or so. From models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, singers Rihanna and Taylor Swift, to actresses Mila Kunis and Bella Thorne — this list is full of female A-list celebs who have decided to attend a basketball match, for one reason or the other.

Alright, now here they are — Kendall Jenner and 19 other female celebs that were spotted in the audience at basketball games!

20 Let's Start Off With Kendall Jenner At A Game

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To start the list off here's model Kendall Jenner, who is frequently spotted at basketball games — and has been known to have dated a player or two as well. The pretty lady seems to have plenty of fun by the court and is always seen commenting on the game with her friends.

19 Bella Hadid Also Seems To Be A Basketball Fan

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Kendall's good friend Bella Hadid is also a basketball fan. The 23-year-old model has been spotted at a couple of Knicks games and judging from the smile on her face they were doing pretty well. We love seeing a celeb who is passionate about the game!

18 And Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Look Super Into It

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Speaking of passionate — it seems as if singer Taylor Swift and model Karlie Kloss are definitely big basketball fans. The two ladies — who could, by the way, be sisters — were spotted at a game and as you can tell from the pics above, the two were really into it.

17 Kylie Jenner Was Just Slightly Bored

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While Kendall Jenner seems to love going to basketball games, her sister Kylie doesn't seem to be as into it. The reality television star and makeup mogul looked rather bored and spent a lot of the time on her phone. If you ask Kylie, basketball can't compare to Instagram!

16 And Beyoncé Probably Just Wanted It To End

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It seems as if Kylie isn't the only celeb who's kind of underwhelmed by a basketball game. Singer Beyoncé was also spotted at one, and judging from her face the diva was just waiting for it to end. Hey, at least she got to show off her cute outfit!

15 Gigi Hadid Needed To Strech Her Legs

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Bella's sister Gigi also made the list, and it seems as if both sisters love watching this sport up close. The model was cheering the Knicks on all night, and she seemed pretty tired by the end of the game. Hey, being a true fan isn't easy!

14 And Kim Kardashian Was In For A Surprise

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Next on our list are these rather funny pics of reality television star Kim Kardashian who was attending a match and sitting in the front row — something she surely regretted later on. Well, at least we can have a good laugh while looking at these pics of a frightened Kim K.

13 Cara Delevingne And Ellie Goulding Gossiped All Game Long

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Next on our list are model Cara Delevigne and singer Ellie Goulding who were also spotted at a basketball game. While most people go to watch it seemed as if Cara and Ellie just wanted to spend the whole match talking — which is exactly what they did!

12 And Rihanna Had Plenty Of Fun

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It's time to move on to a celeb who actually enjoyed watching the game — this time we're talking about singer Rihanna who, as you can tell from the photos above, felt a rollercoaster of emotions during the game. Anyone who likes basketball can definitely relate!

11 Kate Upton Likes Basketball Too

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Another famous face that was spotted at a basketball game is Kate Upton. The model/actress was spotted passionately following the match, and judging from her smile when she got up to stretch her legs — her team must have been doing just fine!

10 But Mila Kunis Looks Like She Wants To Leave

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We can't help but wonder why some celebs sho seem so bored at these basketball games decide to even attend them? We've already seen a couple, and another one of them certainly seems to be actress Mila Kunis who definitely looked pretty bored at the game.

9 Kaley Cuoco Wasn't Too Happy With The Result

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Next on our list is actress Kaley Cuoco who was spotted passionately cheering for her team, but by the end of the game, it seemed as if the star was pretty disappointed and that can mean only one thing — the team she was cheering for has lost.

8 And Bella Thorne Wore A Purple Wig

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Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne was also spotted at a basketball game and saying that she dressed up would be an understatement. The 22-year-old star even wore a bright purple wig and had numbers of her favorite players on her face — now that is dedication!

7 Adriana Lima Munched On The Popcorn

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Next on our list is model Adriana Lima who wore a cute white dress while she was e eating her way through that box of popcorn but we can't really blame her — basketball matches can be very stressful and sometimes munching can help one relax.

6 Demi Lovato Took Some Selfies

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Here's another celeb who looked pretty bored while at a basketball match — this time we're talking about singer Demi Lovato. The 27-year-old pretty much only came there to take a couple of selfies for her social media, after which she seemed ready to leave!

5 And Halsey Danced Her Way Out

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Let's move on to singer Halsey who seemed so happy about the outcome of the match that she had to dance a little when she got up. Or maybe she was just really happy that she finally gets to leave? Who really knows with these celebs anymore...

4 Alicia Keys Was Super Excited For The Game

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A celeb who seemed genuinely into the match was singer Alicia Keys who was cheering her team on the whole night. We also have to point out that most of the ladies on our list use basketball matches to show off their amazing fashion choices, and Alicia is no exception!

3 And So Was Hailey Baldwin

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Considering that Kendall, Gigi, and Bella all love basketball we're really surprised that we haven't seen the four ladies at a game together yet. Hailey Baldwin certainly leaves her phone in her purse and focuses on the action happening at the basketball court in front of her!

2 Mariah Carey Seemed To Have A Good Time

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Next on our list is singer Mariah Carey, who certainly isn't a celeb we'd expect to see at a basketball match, but the diva actually seemed quite a bit entertained by the game. The singer rocked some black skinny jeans and a tight leather jacket to the game and we gotta say — she looked very cool!

1 Lastly, Amy Schumer And Dianna Agron Couldn't Believe How High The Guys Could Jump

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To wrap our list up we chose these pics of actresses Amy Schumer And Dianna Agron at a basketball match. We love seeing how surprised the two ladies were and we're assuming they saw some really impressive basketball moves that you can only see the professionals do!

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