Planning a trip brings an array of emotions. We're excited to be going somewhere new but we're also panicking about what to pack. How many outfits are too much? Once our checked bags are all sorted, it's time to focus on our carry-on.

Whether you're bringing a purse, a duffle bag, or a smaller, hard-shelled carry-on, we're here to remind you of 10 things that will make your trip easier. After all, is there anything more frustrating than hopping on a flight and realizing the one thing you need is below the belly of the plane? Never again. Screenshot this list, grab your carry-on, and get packing!


You may think you don't need chargers to your electronics but guess again. Phones, laptops, and iPads will run out of battery the longer you're on them. You may think you're not going to be on your phone because you'll just watch a movie on the plane instead, but what happens if there are no movies?

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That will usually bring a passenger to watch something they've downloaded or listen to music instead. If that's not the case, longer layovers and delayed flights happen all the time. You don't' want to be stuck in an airport because you missed your connected flight and don't have any chargers, do you?


Is there anything more comforting than your favorite snack? Everyone deserves a little indulgence and when you're flying there's no better time to self-indulge. Sure, most flights will have a snack cart but they're typically filled with the same sad pretzel and nut bags. Instead, bring a mini bag of your favorite chips or candy bar. Heck, you can even bring your own tea bags and ask for hot water if that's your jam.


You don't need to be an overprotective mother to bring hand sanitizer or bacterial wipes with you while traveling. These handy disinfectants are more used than you think.

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After taking a seat on the plane and realizing the passenger next to you is sick, you'll be happy you had those bacterial wipes with you to wipe down your tray or armrests. If you're traveling with kids, then these disinfectants are almost necessary. Kids can touch and make a mess of anything, so these disinfectants can just make a parent's life easier.


We hear horror stories all the time of an airline losing someone's precious cargo. When we travel, we typically take time in planning our outfits. We buy new things and coordinate so that when we finally land, we know what we'll be wearing on our trip. However, the flight mishandles your bag and loses it — you're SOUL. Just to be on the safe side, pack a light outfit in your carry-on just in case. And even if the airline doesn't lose your luggage, it's still nice knowing you can change your shirt if you get too sweaty from traveling.


Most travelers assume airlines have extra headphones lying around but that's not always the case. If a plane doesn't have TVs on it, they're most likely not going to have any floating around.

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Even if an airline does have headphones on them, they're typically pretty cheap and don't always fit the ear correctly.


When flying short, domestic trips, most flights won't have in-flight entertainment for you. There will be a few magazines in the chair pouch but that's really it. If you want to make your flight extra enjoyable and comfortable, bring your own source of entertainment. Grab a new book you've been dying to read or what about a crossword puzzle to kill the time? And if there aren't movies on your flight, download a few to your favorite streaming app so that you're totally prepared.


Whenever you're traveling with important documentation it's always smart to keep it as close to you as possible. There are travelers who believe in putting their important valuables in their checked bag because they feel it'll be in better keeping than in their carry-on, but anything can happen.

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Bags can be misplaced, left behind, and damaged when at the bottom of the plane. To make sure your valuables are never lost or vandalized, keep them with you if possible.


Science has proven that travelers get pretty thirsty on planes. Due to the change in air-pressure, passengers can get dehydrated quicker. Although planes have free water for you to drink, they give it to you in a small cup (which you can easily chug in less than a minute). To make sure you're hydrated and comfortable throughout your flight, do right by your body and the environment and bring a reusable bottle with you!


There are a few reasons to chew gum or suck on candy on a plane. Chewing or sucking on something can help your ears from popping (swallowing frequently also helps).

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Another reason to do this is to avoid something called travelers breath. Know Your Teeth explains bad breath for flying travelers is common due to their salivary glands slowing down, which increases the production of bacteria. Bacteria can, of course, make your breath a little funky or your teeth feel strange. To avoid it all, chew on gum or mints and drink some water.


New flyers may be nervous about bringing liquids on a plane but it can totally be done as long as they're under 100ml. Stores like Target, Walmart, or your local pharmacy will have travel-sized liquids (shampoo, mouthwash, etc...) for purchase. However, if you're packing them in your carry-on, always put them in their own pouch. The air pressure can alter some caps or lids, making spills and explosions a very real possibility. No one needs their liquids all over their clothes and everything else in their carry-on!

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