Keanu Reeves And 19 Other Celebs Spotted On The Subway

While there are usually plenty of people using public transportation, we generally don't expect to run into the rich and famous while riding the subway.

Which is exactly why we were so surprised to find out that plenty of celebs occasionally opt to take the subway instead of a taxi or Uber. Whether it's to get somewhere faster (traffic jams don't care if you're a celeb) or to save some money (as it doesn't grow on trees), so many celebs use public transportation.

Either way, from singers like Rihanna and Harry Styles to actors such as Bradley Cooper and Lindsay Lohan — get ready to see some famous faces getting around just like the rest of us!

Alright, now here they are — Keanu Reeves and 19 other famous people spotted riding the subway.

20 Let's Start Off With Singer Rihanna

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The first celeb on our list is singer Rihanna, who tried to stay incognito by wearing her sunglasses on the subway. Of course, fans immediately recognized the diva and managed to take a few pics of her as she's patiently waiting for the subway to arrive at her station!

19 Bradley Cooper Tries To Stay Undercover

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No one goes into the subway hoping that they will see a true Hollywood star, but hey — miracles happen. In the photos above you can see actor Bradley Cooper getting around just like the rest of us and honestly, with the hat and sunglasses he almost managed to stay unrecognized!

18 And Here's Harry Styles Exiting The Subway

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Next on our list is singer Harry Styles, who was actually spotted leaving the NYC subway, and we can't help but wonder how he managed to ride without getting fans to recognize him. Either way, it seems as if the former One Direction member likes to occasionally feel just like a regular person.

17 Elizabeth Olsen Also Uses Public Transportation

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There's no doubt that Elizabeth Olsen and the rest of these celebs can afford taxis, Ubers, or even private drivers — yet they keep on surprising us by using the subway. It's refreshing to see that even though they earn more money than we can imagine, they still like to travel around for pretty cheap.

16 And So Does Lindsay Lohan

Via: subchat.com

Another actress that was spotted taking public transportation is Lindsay Lohan. Similar to some previous ones, Lindsay did not take her sunglasses off in hopes of not getting recognized — which very rarely works. Subways are always busy so chances are that someone will know who she is!

15 Mariah Carey Is Definitely Overdressed

Via: mirror.co.uk

We are dying at these pics of Mariah Carey on a subway because the fact that the singer wore a dramatic gown even though she's using public transportation is so her. And did she seriously think that the glasses would make us not recognize her? Or are they just part of her diva look?

14 And Who Would Have Thought That Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Also Tried Out Riding The Subway?

Via: hollywoodlife.com

While we're pretty sure that this was just a once in a lifetime thing for the two famous sisters, it still qualifies Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to have a spot on our list. It seems as if the two had plenty of fun posing for pics on the subway!

13 Here's Anne Hathaway On A Night Out

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Let's move to yet another super famous Hollywood star who is totally okay with taking the subway — actress Anne Hathaway! The star was spotted on the subway together with her husband Adam Shulman and once again, both of them didn't take their sunglasses off!

12 And Here's Jaz-Z Going For A Ride

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We wouldn't really think that rapper Jay-Z would be on this list but hey — here we are. While we're pretty sure that the star doesn't take the subway regularly — in fact, he probably only did it that one time — we do love how chill he is about the whole thing!

11 Drew Barrymore Even Does Her Makeup There

Via: instagram.com

Next on our list is actress Drew Berrymore, who — as you can tell from the photos above — even does her makeup on the subway. hey, we're not judging, the girl needs to get places and she probably slept through her alarm. We love a star who's super relatable!

10 And Sarah Jessica Parker Seems To Have Done This Before

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Another actress who made our list is Sarah Jessica Parker, who surprisingly isn't wearing sunglasses like most of the celebs on our list. The Hollywood star definitely seems like she's used the subway plenty of times before which honestly just makes us love her that much more!

9 Katie Holmes Likes To Read A Book

Via: hawtcelebs.com

From one famous actress straight to the next one. Katie Holmes was also spotted on the subway where she was sitting in a corner, minding her own business while reading a book. It seems as if Katie just wants to live a normal life!

8 And Fergie Loves Saving Money

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Let's move on to singer Fergie, who was also spotted taking public transportation. Judging from her outfit, Fergie was headed somewhere quite fancy, but we're guessing she didn't bring enough cash to pay a cab to get there? Who knows, either way, we bet the people on the subway were pretty happy about sharing a ride with a celeb!

7 Dakota Fanning Can't Wait To Get Home

Via: justjared.com

Next on our list is actress Dakota Fanning. She definitely looks like she's done this plenty of times before and she's so totally hating it. Hey — we get it, riding the subway can be pretty boring and most of us just can't wait to get off of it.

6 And Andrew Garfield Can't Remember If He Turned Off The Oven

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Actor Andrew Garfield looked pretty relaxed while sitting on the subway until he thought of something that made him look quite concerned. We're wondering what it was — extraterrestrial life, climate change, or perhaps the fact that he couldn't remember whether he turned off the oven?

5 Here's Sarah Hyland Waiting For The Train

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Another actress who seems to frequently ride the subway is Sarah Hyland. The star was spotted waiting for it in proper celebrity attire a.k.a. a beanie and sunglasses! Do all these celebs actually think that we can't recognize them if they have those two on?

4 And Neil Patrick Harris Is A Subway Regular

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Let's move on to actor Neil Patrick Harris who definitely seems to be a subway regular. Like most people, he hops on it with his earphones in hoping that nobody will talk to him (or in his case — recognize him). Well, hopefully he occasionally gets away with it!

3 Jake Gyllenhaal Thought We Wouldn't Recognize Him

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Another Hollywood star who seems to frequently be riding the subway is actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Just like plenty of his famous friends, Jake also usually leaves his sunglasses and hat on in hopes of staying undercover, but that certainly doesn't stop us from recognizing him!

2 Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves Always Brings Something To Read

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The next famous actor on our list is Keanu Reeves, who certainly knows that there's no better thing to do on a long subway ride than read your favorite book. And Keanu doesn't seem to care about being recognized as he definitely isn't trying to hide his face.

1 Lastly, Here's Hugh Jackman Absolutely Enjoying The Ride

Via: justjared.com

To wrap our list up here's actor Hugh Jackman, who is the only one on our list of celebs riding the subway who actually seems to be genuinely enjoying it. We certainly wouldn't mind running into Hugh the next time we take the subway!

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