The Czech Republic is home to many amazing and exciting places but none quite as unique as Karlovy Vary. Karlovy Vary is an amazing spa town located on the west side of the Bohemia sector of the Czech Republic. Since the nineteenth century, this spa town has been made popular for its number of hot springs. The name Karlovy Vary originated from the name of the King of Bohemia, Charles IV. Hence the meaning of Karlovy Vary means "Charles’ bath," The spa city was founded in 1370. The town is worth visiting. Get the ultimate relaxation at the numerous hot springs of this spa town.


Here are some things every tourist needs to know when planning a trip to Karlovy Vary.

Things To Do

While in the majestic city of Karlovy Vary, you want to stay idle and get bored in the process, would you? Below are some fun things to do during your trip to Karlovy Vary other than sitting in a relaxing hot spring.

Experience Karlovy Vary Like A Local

Experience Karlovy Vary like a local as you can personalize and customize your tour. On this tour, you can make it feel very personal as you interact with the locals. By doing this, your trips become more about the people than the place, which is an excellent way to interact with a new environment.

Need To Know

  • Each tour has a duration of two hours
  • Tourists can pay using mobile phone tickets
  • To get a full refund, cancellations need to be made twenty-four hours before the tour time.
  • The tour costs $36.15 per adult. Cost may change per group size
  • It is a walking tour hence wear very comfortable shoes


  • Due to Covid-19, all tourists must wear face masks in open spaces
  • Tourists are required to buy their own food and drinks

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Enjoy A Trip To The Karlovy Vary Hot Springs

Ready for another walking tour? A little exercise does no harm right? Go on a private walking tour in this beautiful spa town. On this historical tour, you get to see the popular hot springs of Karlovy Vary alongside other historic monuments. The city has some interesting architectural structures that you can stare at all day and still won't get enough of. While on this tour, make sure you try the natural spring waters which are served from amazing porcelain cups that have been traditionally made. There is a lot to learn on this private walking tour, such as the Slavic settlement. You will also learn amazing facts about the King of Bohemia and the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Need To Know

  • Each tour has a duration of two hours
  • Tourists can pay using a mobile ticket
  • To get a full refund, cancellations are to be made twenty-four hours in advance.
  • The cost for the tour is $173.49 per person
  • The departure for the tour is at Tower View of Charles IV and the return location is Krále Jiřího


  • Face masks are to be worn at all times in public places
  • Social distancing protocol should be observed by all tourists

Relax At The Karlovy Vary Spas

Visiting Karlovy Vary without visiting the city's spas would be a loss. After all, it is mainly what the town is known for. A spa is without a doubt one of the best things to do if you find yourself in Karlovy Vary. An average of 79 hot springs can be found in Karlovy Vary alone, while 13 can be seen by just taking a casual stroll through town. The hot springs within the colonnades are often used for medicinal purposes by the inhabitants and tourists alike.

Most of the spas in Karlovy Vary have outdoor pools. Depending on the spa you visit, the treatments they offer may vary. However, being spas, they deliver the same form of treatment with a few tweaks to it. At some of the spas, you can enjoy the hot springs while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Common Treatments Offered By The Spas

  • They relax the muscles through the baths
  • Massages
  • Treatments to improve the circulation of blood in the body

Famous Spas In Karlovy Vary

There are many spas to visit in Karlovy Vary and quite frankly, they are mostly top-notch. However, some spas are exceptionally good. Below are some of the top spas in Karlovy Vary.

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Prezident Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel

The Prezident Luxury Spa and Wellness Hotel is one of the top spas in Karlovy Vary. The spa is located at Moravska 3, Karlovy Vary 360 01 Czech Republic. If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation experience, this luxury spa is a place for you.

Need to Know

  • Free cancellation is available
  • The cost to stay overnight at the spa is $295 per night
  • A swimming pool is available
  • Free breakfast
  • Pets are allowed
  • Free WiFi
  • Paid parking lot
  • There is a gym available

Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary

The Hotel Imperial is known to offer visitors a special experience as they offer amazing accommodations that are accompanied by the perfect spa treatment. This hotel and spa resort holds the honorable award of Leading Spa Resort throughout the Czech Republic. As a tourist in Karlovy Vary, this spot should be on your list.

Need To Know

  • The cost of this prestigious spa is $148 per night
  • Swimming pool available
  • Tennis court
  • Free breakfast
  • Charging spot for electric cars
  • Free WiFi
  • Fitness gym available
  • Pets allowed

Karlovy Vary is indeed a wonderful place to visit. What matters the most is knowing the right places to go so you can fully experience the magic of this spa city.

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