Justin Timberlake and 19 Other Celebrities Seen Hanging Around Bourbon Street In New Orleans

Justin Timberlake may be in a bit of trouble due to photos of him enjoying Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. But does this surprise anyone?

New Orleans, AKA "The Big Easy" is a city of fun and adventure. It's the home of Mardi Gras. It's a melting pit of cultures from France, the U.S., and Africa.  A place with such iconic locations such as Canal Street and Esplanada Avenue. It's one of the best places in the world for nightlife, food, and drink. That's why it's a hub for all sorts of celebrities.

Of course, not every A-list celebrity like Brad Pitt, Kid Rock, and Keanu Reeves goes to The Big Easy looking for trouble. But sometimes trouble finds them.

Without further ado, here is Justin Timberlake and 19 other celebrities seen hanging around Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

20 Justin Timberlake May Be In Some Trouble In New Orleans

Daily Mail

Justin Timberlake is all over the news right now due to being photographed in a precarious position in New Orleans. Let's just say his wife, Jessica Biel, isn't displeased with him for eating too many beignets. Ever since The Daily Mail broke the story, headlines haven't stopped.

19 Kid Rock Was Tame For Once

Daily Mail

Kid Rock is usually a magnet for trouble. But he actually remained fairly subdued in 2009 when he served as the Grand Marshall and headline artist for the 2009 Endymion Parade. The accomplished Detroit artist brought his controversial style to The Big Easy but still managed to win over fans everywhere.

18 Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse Party With All Their Friends


New Orleans is a town for every generation, which is precisely why every generation of actor likes partying there. Here we see Cole Sprouse hanging out with his gorgeous Riverdale girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, and his Five Feet Apart co-star Haley Lu Richardson. With them was Richardson's boyfriend, actor Brett Dier, and the gorgeous Zoey Deutch.

17 Let's Be Honest, Quentin Tarantino Already Knows He's A King

Daily Mail

Quentin Tarantino isn't the kind of guy who's known for his humility. But that's partially deserved given the fact that he's a master writer and director.  In 2014, The Django Unchained, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director sat beneath a giant crown as the Krewe of Orpheus' Celebrity Monarch; a tradition at Mardis Gras since 1993.

16 Ben Affleck Rides The Streets Of New Orleans

Daily Mail

In mid-November 2019, Ben Affleck was spotted hopping on a bike and exploring the beautiful and historic city of New Orleans. He was in town filming his edgy new thriller, Deep Water. He was layered up in black and grey athleisure attire in order to battle the cool temperatures hitting the region during the winter months.

15 Sandra Bullock Is ALL About Mardi Gras

Daily Mail

Celebrities tend to flock to New Orleans in order to celebrate Mardi Gras. In February 2015, the city's big A-List guest was Sandra Bullock. She seemed to be having an amazing time on the sidelines of the Mardi gras parade. She was adorned in beads and spent time with her Heat co-star, comedian Michael McDonald, and Chelsea Handler.

14 Angelina Jolie's Balcony Looked Out On Bourbon Street

Architectural Digest

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had the best seats in the house for Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. The once owned a five-bedroom early-19th-century rowhouse near the waterfront in the city's French Quarter. But the pair of celebs sold their home five years before going their different ways. Here we see Angie with one of her kids looking over the 2007 parade.

13 Kate Hudson Collects All The Beads For Her Boy


While the whole tradition of bead throwing may have a more adult history, it's been expanded to everyone. This is why Kate Hudson collected all the beads she could for her son Ryder during Mardi Gras in March 2010.

12 Blake Shelton Officiates A New Orleans Wedding

Daily Mail

According to E!, The Voice star Blake Shelton officiated a wedding in New Orleans. This proves that partying comes in all shapes and sizes in The Big Easy. He did this for his friends Trace Adkins and Victoria Pratt who were married, country style, in the city of beignets, jambalaya, and Mardi Gras.

11 Channing Tatum And Ashley Greene Do Mardi Gras Right


Anyone who knows anything about Channing Tatum knows that he has a particular affinity for New Orleans. In February 2013, during Super Bowl weekend, Channing partied with Twilight star, Ashley Greene. The two of them leaned over a balcony on Bourbon Street and tossed beads down to the crowds celebrating the Bowl and Mardi Gras.

10 Harry Connick Jr. Can't Get Enough of His Home Town

Just Jared

There may be nobody who loves New Orleans more than former Idol judge, Harry Connick Jr. The man is a native of the city, which made him the perfect man to honor a Lundi Gras, according to Off Beat. Lundi Gras is a parade on the Monday before Mardi Gras that locals say is even crazier than the actual festival itself.

9 Paris Jackson Had Some Major Drama At Mardis Gras 2019

Daily Mail

Although Paris Jackson claimed she was enacting a break-up with her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, it sure looked like a major fight to us. After night after night of partying, these things tend to happen in New Orleans. Nevertheless, she and her man still seem to be together. We're happy for them.

8 Brad Pitt And Matthew McConaughey Had A Game Of Catch Across The Street


What happens when you get two A-list celebrities living beside each other in New Orleans? Well, you get a game of catch. That's right, Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey engaged in a friendly exchange for the paparazzi and fans to see. This was mere hours before Brad's Make It Right gala.

7 Keanu Reeves Runs Through New Orleans

Just Jared

The Matrix isn't the only classic Keanu Reeves movie about to get a sequel. Although we're all excited to see he and Carrie-Anne Moss return to their roles of Neo and Trinity, Keanu's doing a Bill & Ted sequel first. Here he is, freshly shaven, filming with co-star Alex Winter in New Orleans this past July. Bill & Ted Face the Music is currently set for release on August 21, 2020.

6 Anthony Mackie Is The King Of New Orleans


Avengers: Endgame star Anthony Mackie was the king of New Orleans back in 2016. In fact, he reigned as King Bacchus XLVIII in the Krewe Of Bacchus parade in early February. This must have been a major honor for him given the fact that he is both a New Orleans native as well as the first African-American monarch for the Krewe.

5 Wilmer Valderrama, Ashton Kutcher, And Paris Hilton Probably Don't Remember This...


There's no doubt about it, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, and Wilmer Valderrama don't remember this night. It was back in 2003, when the three of them, as well as a few other cast members from That '70s Show, took to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi gras with all the pomp, circumstance, and craziness the city inspires.

4 Apparently Nathan Fillion Has Horns


Firefly and Castle's Nathan Fillion wore horns at the Krewe of Orpheus parade in early February 2016. He was honored alongside Krista Allen on the float. And for some reason, he wore horns. But this is fairly normal given that wacky, adventurous, and creative costumes are encouraged at these Mardi Gras events. It's a city of artists, after all.

3 Whoopi Goldberg Sure Looks Happy As The "Queen" Of The Orpheus Parade


Most of us love us some Whoopi Goldberg. And in 2000 she seemed to love her role as the "Queen" at the Orpheus Parade down Bourbon Street. The Color Purple and View star even wore a white Marie Antoinette-style wig and dress to celebrate her role in the parade. There's no doubt that she'll remember this moment for the rest of her life.

2 Hugh Laurie Really Struggled With His Crown


It looks like Veep, House, and Blackadder star Hugh Laurie had some trouble with his crown in 2014. He rode through the street as King Bacchus at the 'Bacchus Explores Our Sportsman's Paradise' themed Mardi Gras. And in front of thousands of people, he struggled to get his crown to fit. By the looks of things, he won't get that crown on properly before his new HBO comedy, Avenue 5, airs in January.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio Takes A Ride Down Bourbon Street With One of His Girlfriends

Daily Mail

If you're in a party town, it's likely that you'll spot Leonardo DiCaprio. But in 2012, Leo wasn't in a committed relationship to model Camila Morrone. He was dating Erin Heatherton, A Victoria's Secret model who met him in New Orleans while he was on a break from filming Django Unchained. Together, the two rode bicycles down Canal and Bourbon Street.

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