At the first sign of trouble, "Yummy" singer Justin Bieber took his wife back up to his home country of Canada. There's no question, that Canada is a great place to be. And for those who don't know, Justin and Hailey Bieber actually own a fantastic property up there. Seriously, this house is F-ing gorgeous!

While Justin and Hailey have several homes, mostly in Los Angeles, California, we're pretty jealous of this lakeside mansion near Stratford, Ontario. While the $5 million property is fairly secluded on a wooded hill by the lake, it has absolutely everything these hot young stars could ever want. We bet even Selena Gomez would be jealous if she got to see this house in person.

Without further ado, let's take a look inside Justin and Hailey Bieber's epic multi-million-dollar lakeside mansion in Ontario, Canada.

10 Just Think About All The Antics That Go On In This House

Justin Bieber is the king of antics, not all of them positive or appropriate. Granted, we kinda like when Justin pushes the boundaries. But even he isn't disrespecting his gorgeous house in Ontario, Canada. According to The Sun, the $5 million lakeside manse includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a two-story wine room, which we're sure Hailey is taking full advantage of right now.

9 The Neighbors Were Concerned About Them Moving In Due To Noise, But It Seems Like They're Just Hanging Out In The Bath

The supremely fit Hailey Bieber loves sharing photos from the bathtub in her and Justin's custom-built property in Ontario. The bathroom is stunning, as you can see. According to TMZ, residents of the neighborhood were concerned that their peace and quiet would be disturbed with Justin moving into town. But as long as he and Hailey just chill in the bath, the rest of the community should be fine.

8 Welcome To The Main Room, Complete With A Two-Story Wine Cellar

Next to Justin and Hailey's beautiful open-concept kitchen, dining room, and living room is the glassed-off two-story wine cellar. According to Big World Tales, this is but one of the custom-built attractions is their stunning house. The property is also home to a games room, a personal gym, and a built-in theater room. Of course, there are also copious bedrooms for friends and family to use.

7 Dinner And A View

Justin and Hailey have taken to their social media to share many photos of their life in quarantine at their Ontario Mansion. And, honestly, it doesn't look like a struggle for them. They're enjoying extravagant dinners in their dining room which, according to Daily Mail, overlooks their wooded backyard and the nearby lake.

6 A Little Living Room TikTok

Justin and Hailey Bieber are TikTok obsessed right now, not unlike many of us who need something to pass the time during all of this chaos. But Justin and Hailey are playing around with TikTok from the comfort of their $5 million lakeside house. Specifically, they hang out in the main living room of the house which is complete with comfy couches, cozy carpets, and a stellar view.

5 A Bright Kitchen Is A Vital Component Of A Modern House

Windows are everywhere in Justin and Hailey's mansion in Ontario. Natural light is an important component of a modern house, which is exactly what this is. Their kitchen is especially bright as it has eight windows looking out into the front of the property and also benefits from the open concept which lets in light from the back. This coupled with the white walls, light appliances, and counter space makes it a truly welcoming place.

4 Multiple Living Spaces For When They Get Annoyed With One Another

Every couple needs a break from one another once in a while. And we can imagine that both Justin and Hailey drive each other nuts. After all, both can be pretty full-on. Luckily for them, they have multiple living spaces for them to escape to privately. According to CTV, one of them even has professional lights for Hailey to make her Instagram videos.

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3 They Keep Their Master Bedroom Hidden, But Here's A Sneak Peek

Thirsty fans everywhere would love to get a look inside Justin and Hailey's bedroom. But unfortunately for them, the famous couple has kept photos of this room to a minimum, according to Insider. This is with the exception of a few shirtless selfies and feet-photos that let us know exactly how Justin likes to lounge. Apparently, catching up on Shameless episodes is part of his R&R routine.

2 The Main Room Looks Very Inviting

Without a doubt, the main room in Justin and Hailey's house looks very inviting. Thanks to a video posted on Justin's Instagram, we were able to see almost every inch of this space. While the room is one big open space that includes the main living room, dining room, kitchen, and wine-cellar, the hallways at the back lead to various other rooms including guest-bedrooms and the basement where the theater can be found.

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1 Tons of Land To Shield Them From Their Thirsty Fans

For some fans of Hailey and Justin, the thirst is unquenchable. But luckily for the star couple, they have tons of spaces between their house and the entrance to their property. This means they have quite a bit of privacy. This is a good thing, especially since the house in Canada has so many windows that could easily expose the antics found within.

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