Just 30 Pics Of A-List Celebs On Insanely Expensive Vacations

We all love to go on vacation and for most of us, that means saving up throughout the year and relying on frugality and smart financial decisions. This typically results in a modest vacation to a destination we’ve been wanting to visit for a quite some time. We have to make some concessions and choose certain amenities and activities based on our budget and time constraints. But these minor obstacles don’t always apply to everyone.

Of course, the rich and famous celebrities of the world don’t have to think about these things and they are able to essentially pick any destination they choose to visit on a whim and can do so without hesitation. Not only can they visit any place in the world without much in the way of setbacks, but they can go all out in style and the ultimate luxury. Money is no issue so dream vacations to some of the most exclusive destinations in the world with the rarest and most expensive amenities are the norm for the famous faces of the world. Here are 30 celebs enjoying insanely expensive vacations!

30 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Thailand

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On a family trip to Thailand in 2015, the Jolie and Pitt family visited the beautiful islands of Phuket. They were able to stay at the Amanpuri Beach Resort which set them back a cool $18,000 per night. The entire vacation amounted to over $137, 000 which featured kayaking, jet skiing, and a yacht touring the collection of islands.

The amount spent by Angelina and Brad on this weeklong family vacation essentially amounts to a modest house in many cities across the country.

29 John Legend and Chrissy Teigen – Bali

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The power couple of John Legend of R&B music fame along with his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen, love to have a good time and definitely did so on their recent summer vacation trip to the beautiful island of Bali, where many stars go for rest and relaxation.

Although the resort was luxurious, it wasn’t the most expensive part of their $75,000 trip. Their $50,000 first class flight tickets were the biggest expense, but that doesn’t mean their resort wasn’t anything to sneeze at. They still lived it up with their daughter as company.

28 Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez – Paris

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We aren’t sure what name Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez go by as a couple, but together they have spent some serious coin on vacation trips. Their trip to Paris last year cost them a jaw-dropping $196,500!

The biggest expense was their chartered private jets that took them from the United States to France, but they also spared no expense when it came to their Presidential Suite at the Le Meurice Hotel at $5,000 per night.

27 Julianna Hough and Brooks Laich’s Honeymoon – Africa

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Although this wasn’t just a standard vacation, this trip is still one of the costliest ones on our list at a staggering $475,000. Julianna Hough and Brooks Laich spent their honeymoon in Africa which included just about everything there is to do while visiting the exotic country. They spent a whole week in Kenya on a safari trip which cost them over $20,000 and also chartered private helicopters at nearly $10,000.

The amount spent on this honeymoon, much less the wedding, is nearly half a million dollars which is enough to put an entire family of children through college!

26 Kim and Kanye – Bahamas

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There are few couples in Hollywood with more clout to their name than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, so it should come as no surprise that their vacation is one of the priciest on any list of celeb vacations. At $443,000, Kim and Kanye racked up some serious charges while visiting the Bahamas. The largest expense came in at $176,000 which was spent renting a house on a private island. Why so pricey?

According to Eonline.com, “non-famous people can't even attempt to stay there, because you have to be a member or an invited guest to even set foot on the property.”

25 Beyonce and Jay Z Babymoon – Bora Bora and Tahiti

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At a whopping $230,000, Beyonce and husband Jay Z prove their standing as the power couple of the music industry, even when it comes to vacationing. The two visited Bora Bora and Tahiti when they decided to celebrate their twins with a “babymoon”. In anticipation of their newest additions to the family, the two decided to fly on their private jet to Bora Bora and rent a private villa where, according to Eonline.com, they “spent most of their time reading and taking naps and presumably reveling in their collective awesomeness.”


23 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth – Costa Rica

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Miley Cyrus and her off and on, significant other, Liam Hemsworth have vacationed quite a bit throughout the tenure of their multi-year relationship. Back before they married in secret, they took an extended vacation together in beautiful Costa Rica at a cost of $21,000 a week. They focused on peaceful relaxation while enjoying the serene beaches of the Pacific Ocean. They were photographed throughout their stay enjoying one another’s company, hand in hand.

22 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux – Cabo San Lucas, MX

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Cabo San Lucas is a favorite among the celebs of the world. One of the biggest hits as far as hotel and resorts stays for those visiting the beautiful Mexican coastal town is Villa de la Luna. The resort is luxurious and decadent, boasting just about every amenity someone could want, but it’ll come at a steep price tag. Jennifer Aniston stayed at Villa de la Luna with Justin Theroux for $11,500 a week.

This obviously didn’t include the price of all the extra activities the two took in while having fun in Cabo.

21 Tyga and Kylie Jenner – Punta Mita, MX

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Kylie Jenner of Kardashian fame has broken out from under the family name and has become a full-fledged star in her own right, arguably now the biggest of them all. She vacationed with her then-boyfriend, rap star Tyga in the Mexican resort beach town of Punta Mita, a favorite with the stars.

They went all out, forking over some serious money to stay in a private mansion that had twelve bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms. The cost was nearly $16,000 a day just for the home, alone.

20 Kelly Rowland – Turks and Caicos

via People

Kelly Rowland might not be the star she once was when she was in the prime of her career with Destiny’s Child, but that certainly doesn’t mean she didn’t rake in some serious cash when she was singing alongside Beyonce. She has plenty to go around as she recently vacationed with her husband and son in beautiful Turks and Caicos, spending $15,000 a week on just their private home, which according to obsev.com, included “their own private snorkeling garden and 6,000 square feet of living space.”

19 Gwyneth Paltrow – Punta Minta, MX

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Gwyneth Paltrow has been known to spend a great amount of money on the amenities that she feels are important to her and her family, including unprocessed food, skin care and general healthy living. It should come as no surprise that she also invests just as much in her family vacation time as well.

She took her children to the celeb-favorite Punta Mita, Mexico and dropped $40,000 a week renting out a private mansion.

18 Britney Spears – Malibu


Britney Spears might live in California, but that doesn’t mean she has to leave the state to vacation the right way. Malibu will do just fine for her and her sons where she spent the weekend renting out a giant mansion, making this one expensive “staycation”.

She rented out a Mediterranean style mansion in the world famous Billionaire’s Row in Malibu which is home to some of the world’s most expensive houses lining the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

17 Olivia Munn – Turks and Caicos

via People

The Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos continues to show up on our list as it has always been a huge draw from the celebrity crowd. Olivia Munn celebrated her 37th birthday in style on the beautiful island by renting out a villa called the Beach Enclave which goes for $20,000 a week.

The home is 7,500 square feet of private luxury which includes an infinity pool overlooking the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Munn definitely got her money’s worth!

16 Kate Hudson – Ibiza


Ibiza has long been known as a getaway destination for the rich and the famous. Seems like it’s restricted to only those two and there’s plenty of reason why – it’s wildly expensive. Kate Hudson and her girlfriends took a girl’s trip and stayed at a villa that cost her $80,000 for the week! If there are any doubts as to why someone would pay this much for a weeklong trip, the villa itself should put any doubts to rest.

It overlooks the lush mountains and beautiful ocean waters as a clifftop home while offering the finest luxury imaginable including mud baths and poolside lunches.

15 Elton John – Sardinia Island, Italy

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Earlier this summer Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish traveled with their sons to Italy’s incredible Sardinia Island, another celeb favorite. According to hellomagazine.com, “Denzel Washington, Lenny Kravitz and Princess Caroline of Monaco are also believed to be fans” of the island as well as the luxurious Hotel Cala di Volpe where Elton John and family stayed.

The hotel is designed to resemble an old fishing village while offering all of the amenities a $2,400 per night villa would cost.

14 Chris Hemsworth – Queensland Orpheus Private Island

via Daily Mail

The famous Australian who skyrocketed to stardom as Marvel’s powerful Thor, doesn’t have to travel far for the vacation of his dreams. Chris Hemsworth stayed in his country homeland and visited Orpheus Private Island to celebrate his 34th birthday weekend in style.

The weekend cost him $20,000 which he was more than happy to spend on a great time with his friends and wife Elsa Pataky. The star and his invited guests spent the entire time exploring the island’s caves, beaches and waters.

13 Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union – European Tour

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Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade and his wife, famous actress Gabrielle Union took their son Zion through a European tour for his birthday during the summer of 2017. The tour of Europe included several famous stops in many of the major cities across the continent, including Rome and Paris. The trip served as a way to allow their son to see more of the world outside of his home in Miami.

They certainly made sure he got to see much of Europe by dropping over $100,000 on the entire trip.

12 Kelly Ripa – Canadian Wilderness

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Who says camping can’t be a glamorous high-class affair? Kelly Ripa certainly doesn’t think that’s the case as she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, spent $32,000 to stay for a week in the Canadian wild.

Vancouver’s lush green and beautiful terrains provided the backdrop to their family vacation retreat which included first-class flights, private seaplanes over great lakes and high octane activities for their children.

11 Kardashians – Costa Rica

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Several of the Kardashians have made this list already as individuals traveling with their significant others, but this entry includes the entire Kardashian crew. The entire family vacationed together in Costa Rica, renting out an entire villa called Manzu which features eight suites, all for $23,000 a night!

The villa comes with several acres of private land, a spa, cars to use, an entertainment theater and its own staff ready to assist with any request at a moment’s notice.

10 Beyonce and Jay Z Honeymoon – Camelback Mountain, Arizona

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The queen of R&B pop and king of rap join our list again as they are at the top when it comes to lavish vacations that we could only dream of. If they went all out for their twins’ babymoon, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they went just as big for their actual honeymoon. The couple snuck away to the Sanctuary on Camelback Resort in the Arizona desert which faces Camelback Mountain for a secret getaway honeymoon they told no one about.

They spent $8,000 a night for the private home the resort offers and spent most of their time together relaxing indoors on the compound.

9 Kardashians – Dubai

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The Kardashian clan make yet another appearance on our list as the family is known for getting away for some fun and relaxation. And when they do, they do so lavishly and in style. The family visited Dubai and spent $35,000 per night on the decadent Royal Bridge Suite at the Atlantis the Palm Hotel!

That’s a staggering amount of money for just one night, but one glimpse into this suite and it’s no wonder why the price is so astronomical. The suite literally sits inside the bridge that bridges the two sections of the hotel together and includes three rooms, three balconies overlooking the ocean and even gold soap!

8 Katy Perry – Marrakech, Paris

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For her thirtieth birthday, pop sensation Katy Perry flew across the world to Marrakech, Morocco and Paris, France to ring in another year in lavish style. She traveled with dozens of her friends and took in all the sights in beautiful Marrakech before jet-setting to Paris where she and all her girlfriends had dinner at Eiffel Tower’s Le Jules Verne restaurant.

The birthday celebration was weeks long making this trip extravagant and expensive, but more than enough fun to go around.

7 Emily Blunt and John Krasinski – Lake Como

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Lake Como, Italy is pretty much the thing of fantasies when it comes to weddings. Staying at the Villa d’Este in Lake Como after their gorgeous wedding was icing on the cake and something few would ever be able to experience considering the extravagance and costly nature of the location.

According to bridalguide.com, the property “encompasses intricate English gardens, an enormous 25-acre park, boasting a landmark 500-year-old plane tree, countless walkways, stone fountains and terraces. Add the hotel’s sweeping views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains and you’ve got a storybook honeymoon setting.”

6 Demi Lovato – Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most sought-after cities by both common tourists and celebrities, alike. It’s simply an over the top extravagant city set on being the best at everything so it stands to reason that celebs are going to visit. Demi Lovato certainly isn’t the first celeb to hit the desert city and isn’t going to be the last, but she made waves while out there. Traveling with her friends, the mega pop star and former Disney star took in the city in every way possible, while staying in luxurious hotels and even enjoying camel rides in the desert.

5 Jennifer Lawrence – Punta Mita, MX

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Hunger Games Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence took a trip to celeb favorite Punta Mita in Mexico which has appeared several times on our list. The actress was celebrating a friend's birthday and went big for her bestie by booking lodging at the St. Regis.

According to Vallartadaily.com, “Jennifer Lawrence and her friends were pampered for the weekend at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, named one of the best hotels in the world by the specialists at TripAdvisor, Travel+Leisure and Condé Nast Traveller, among others.”

4 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – Bora Bora

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Another St. Regis property makes its way onto our list, only this time in beautiful Bora Bora. According to livingly.com, “Nicole and Keith paid a whopping $15,000-per-night for their private villa at the St. Regis Bora Bora. The villa came with butler service and their own private pool.”

It’s safe to say the famous actress and her equally famous country singer husband were looking for some luxury rest and relaxation, forking over the equivalent of an expensive car for a few night’s stay.

3 Ariana Grande – Greece

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Pop star Ariana Grande recently discovered that she comes from Greek heritage after mistakenly believing she had a completely different background. The revelation inspired her to take a trip to Greece and connect with her roots, where she took it all in the only way a famed singer could.

Ariana visited the spectacular Greek Island of Santorini, famous for its white buildings and blue roofs, alongside the beautiful ocean.

2 No Doubt – Jamaica

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Back when Gwen Stefani was leading vocals for the hit band No Doubt, the entire crew flew out to vacation in beautiful Jamaica. They stayed at the Geejam Hotel which is luxury all on its own, but what sets it apart is the recording studio it has on site. The band decided to rock out and record an entire studio album which they later released successfully. Other artists such as Drake have visited the studio for some music sessions as well, making this vacation a hit!

1 Selena Gomez - Italy

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During the summer, former Disney star and current pop sensation Selena Gomez took some time out of her busy schedule to focus on herself. She traveled to Italy and looked as happy as ever, taking in all of the sights and famous landmarks. She brought along David Henrie who played her older brother on the show Wizards of Waverly Place. She was seen enjoying Rome in high style, shopping at high-end boutiques and stopping to pose with fans alike. She even made to hit the beaches of Italy.

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