Joshua Tree National Park is a stunning national park not that far out of Los Angeles and named after the abundance of Joshua Trees that grow in the park and in the Mojave Desert. While not America's most dramatic national park like Yosemite National Park or the Grand Canyon Nation Park, Joshua Tree National Park has an other-worldly sense about it and a national park that should be on your bucket list. It is one of America's younger national parks only having been designated as such in 1994. The national park is large - larger than the state of Rhode Island. If you are planning to visit this stunning park, there are some cabins that should be on any traveler's list of places to stay.


About Joshua Tree National Park

  • Size: 671 Square Miles
  • Date Designated: 1994
  • Spans: Two Deserts - The Mojave Desert And The Colorado Desert

Joshua Tree National Park has two distinct ecosystems, that of the higher Mojave Desert and that of the lower Colorado Desert.

The Mojave Desert is higher and cooler than the Colorado Desert and it is the environment that the Joshua Tree (scientifically called the Yucca Brevifolia) has evolved to live in. The desert is picturesque and beautiful, it is home to many kinds of cactus and the home of much of California's most interesting geologic formations of deserts. This is a hotspot for rock climbing enthusiasts from Los Angeles and beyond.

  • Time To Go: The Weather Is The Most Pleasant In The Spring And Fall But Can Be Visited Year Round

The Colorado Desert is the desert below 3,000 feet, this is a very different ecosystem and is home to California's only native palm tree - the California fan palm. These palms grow in five oases in the park. These oases supply water year-round and support a much larger micro-ecosystem.

For people wishing to say and camp in this amazing park, there are nine established campgrounds in the park. Only two of these supply water and flushing toilets (namely Cottonwood Campground and Black Rock Campground). Summer may be too hot for camping comfortably.

There are several hiking trails crisscrossing the part as well. They range from trails as short as one mile through to California Riding and Hiking Trail which runs for 35 miles.

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Cabin Options Near The Park

For those looking for more comfortable family cabins in this is wilderness, then there is a range of cabins to consider. Most of the cabins inside the part are quite modest and so travelers shouldn't expect too much opulence inside the part. Some examples of what to expect include:

"Space" Mountain House: a more affordable option for small families traveling on a tighter budget. It is on 15 acres of land and has some stunning mountain views. It is the last property on its road.

  • Facilities: 1 Bedroom And 1 Bathroom - Accommodated 4 People
  • Costs: Summer Rate: $135 ($169 On Holidays)
  • Costs: Weekly Rate $1,014 - 7th Night Is Free
  • Minimum Length Of Stay: 2 Nights

Ranch House And Saloon: another option for those looking for a larger cabin and have a larger family or group. It is Western-themed both inside and outside and comes with a porch that overlooks the house's barn.

  • Facilities: 3 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom - Accommodates 6 People
  • Cost: Summer Rate: $235
  • Weekly Rate: $ 1,758 With the 7th Night Free
  • Minimum Stay: 2 Nights

Shell House: a secluded homesteader cabin and sits on 22.5 acres of private land just adjacent to the park. It comes with a great patio that is the perfect place for a BBQ and to relax with a glass of wine.

  • Facilities: Studio With One Bathroom - Accommodates 4
  • Summer Rate: $125
  • Weekly Rate: $936 With The 7th Night Free
  • Minimum Stay: Two Nights

Another option for accommodation near this national park is glamping. There are numerous glamping options they range from tents to trailers, to small cabins, to shipping containers, to cozy cottages.

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One example of an excluded cabin is a Mid-Century Rustic Cabin. This rustic mid-century cabin offers a rustic vibe with its wooden touches and interior fireplace.

  • Facilities: 2 Beds (Sleeps 4 Guests)
  • Cost: $128 Per Night

Option B: Palm Springs

For those looking for more upmarket and luxury accommodation, then consider staying the night in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is a desert resort town with an overabundance of golf courses (and swimming pools). It is not even an hour's drive from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree National Park entrance.

Joshua Tree National Park is a stunning environment from another world. It is a great place for people to go and visit while exploring the great outdoors of Southern California. If the traveler is looking for rustic accommodation, then there are plenty of options in the park, if they are looking for more luxury and conformable accommodation, then Palm Springs is a great option.

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