We have all heard the saying that if you find yourself in a career that aligns with your passions then you will never work a day in your life. Chances are if you are reading this then you are passionate about traveling and experiencing new places and things. You have a desire to see the world, but many times our jobs don't allow us the time or finances to be able to do that.

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Luckily, some careers will allow you to travel, and be paid for it at the same time. You could be flying high among the clouds or walking through foreign streets and feel comforted by the fact that you are not the one paying for it all. Keep reading to learn about ten jobs for anyone who loves to travel!

10 10. Geologist

A geologist might not be the first person you think of when it comes to traveling, but they venture out into the unknown more than you think.

They are called into different remote locations to test the rocks for certain materials so they can determine if an area is suitable for drilling or a good location to place a building. The median salary for this position is $58k, which isn't bad considering someone else will be paying for your flights and hotel stays.

9 9. Diplomat

A diplomat is someone who helps protect a nation's interests around the world, which means they obviously travel. People who obtain these positions usually speak more than one language and have some sort of degree in politics.

The average salary of someone in this position is $87k, which is quite a bonus when you think of all the free traveling you will be doing. It might take some extended training and require you to make some connections outside of your comfort zone, but you will be traveling the world on someone else's dime.

8 8. Nurse

This is one field that is relatively easy to get into as all you essentially need is a nursing degree. Once you have this, then you contact a staffing agency that will place you in different areas based on the needs of the hospitals they work worth.

This could involve traveling overseas, or you could stay with the borders of the United States. It can be helpful to have other certifications to make yourself a more valuable asset to a team, but it is not always required. The average salary for someone in this position is $75k, and oftentimes that includes free housing and relocation reimbursement.

7 7. Flight Attendant

This career doesn't require any formal training as the airline you are hired by will put you through a course before starting the job. Some airlines will only hire you if you have a college diploma, but there can be ways around this based on your experience.

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The great thing about this career is you can journey to different states or countries and be back in the same day. You might not be able to go out and enjoy what each city has to offer, but usually, there are free flight perks.

6 6. Writer

A writer can be a lucrative job, but it is a hard industry to break into if you really want to earn some money. Many start as bloggers, YouTube personalities, or jump in for part-time work, and then, later on, move up to a full-time position.

All you need is the internet and a computer to write your articles, then you can travel wherever you want. The only downside to this career is that you are generally the one paying for your accommodations at first until you gain enough of a following to be able to negotiate with companies for discounted or free places to stay.

5 5. International Aid Worker

This position required you to have a bachelor's degree in some sort of specialized field that can aid those who experience crises. These positions generally start as volunteer work and turn into paid positions as the worker becomes more established in the field and a certain organization.

Some of the companies you can work for include RedCross and the PeaceCorps, but this requires you to care about helping those in need. It can be hard and grueling work, but it will offer you a rewarding career where you are paid to travel.

4 4. Cruise Ship Worker

A cruise ship can offer you an epic vacation, but becoming a worker on one of these lines allows you to see the world. If you have a knack for getting seasick then this job probably isn't for you, but with a college degree, it is an easy job to acquire.

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The work isn't always fun as it can be quite laborious, especially in your first few years as you work your way up doing the grunt work. You will make a decent wage, and the plus side is you won't spend much of it as most of your time will be spent on the ship.

3 3. International Business Consultant

There are deals between companies on opposite sides of the ocean that happen every day, and the people who make these happen are called international business consultants. They help to guard the interests of one company while working a specific angle with another to help them expand their portfolio.

It is usually something many strive for later in life as generally, they have a few years in the industry under their belt before becoming a consultant. The good news is that when you do make it, your trips will be paid for and you can travel to new places on someone else's dime.

2 2. English Teacher

English teachers are wanted in several different countries as it is a language that everyone has a desire to speak. It depends on the area how much you can expect to earn, but you will be able to travel for your career.

You usually have to commit to a year or two, but after your time is up you can choose to move somewhere new and begin a new adventure. This career can even be combined with the international aid worker job, as some members of the peace corps end up finding jobs abroad as English teachers.

1 1. Au Pair

This is an exchange program of sorts where you provide a service to a family overseas in exchange for housing, food, and a wage. They are usually used to watch over younger children and cook the meals, but it can amount to anything as the host is the one in charge of their work.

It does allow you to see the world as you can take different assignments every few months or years as a way to travel. It can be difficult depending upon your host, but that must be a risk you are willing to take.

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