Looking to head home for the holidays? JetBlue could send you for free... and in true Christmas style; wrapped as a literal gift! The holidays are a time of year when most people are hoping to go home and visit friends and family - to enjoy that holiday spirit (no matter which winter holiday you celebrate), and take advantage of vacation time from work or school.

However, the huge number of extra travelers at this time of year can mean that flying home for the holidays is also expensive... and stressful. Crowded airports and in-demand flights can definitely put a dent in holiday cheer, not to mention feeling like you can't get home because you just can't afford to travel. However, JetBlue is now running a competition to send a few lucky winners home for the holidays... wrapped up as a giant present!


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Jet Blue's 'Go Get Gifted' promotion runs from Nov 28 to Dec 12, and offers five people the chance to win a return flight home for the holidays, as well as a return flight for a companion (leaving Dec 24th). As an added holiday bonus, Jet Blue will be wrapping the winner as a full-size present (once they reach their destination), and part of the entry form includes gift wrapping options; from the style of wrapping to the gift wrap itself, where a bow should go, and if you need any extra 'fragile' labels. 

Entrants must pick their wrapping and provide an explanation of what would make them the 'fly-est' gift (JetBlue gets full credit for that pun). The competition is open to any resident of the contiguous United States (sorry, Hawaii and Alaska) who is eighteen or over, and can choose to be flown on any JetBlue route.

There's no doubting that JetBlue is doing this as a promotion to draw attention to their holiday flights, and the rules make it clear that this can be used for advertising - so we can expect some JetBlue ads featuring these human gifts to pop up at some point in the future and make us feel all warm and fuzzy about the airline. There are also a few limitations to the prize - including that the winner is still required to pay any taxes and fees for the flight, and can only fly back on specific dates (including new years eve and day). So if you are struggling to find two dollars to rub together this holiday season, even these 'free' flights might be out of your price range. However, for those five lucky winners, this is definitely the cheapest (and the most dramatic) way to get home for Christmas.

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