Of all the airlines to book flights with when planning a getaway, many people think that JetBlue is pretty cheap. It has been around since 1999 and, according to Clark.com, the planes are known for having a bit more "legroom" than some others (which is definitely good to know). The airline goes to 102 different cities and there has been recent talk of flying to Europe.

But while people tend to love flying with JetBlue (and there are many positive posts on Reddit about it), it's not quite as affordable as people have thought that it is, and there are a few different reasons why.


Read on to find out why flying with JetBlue might not be as cheap as everyone assumes.

You Can't Hop On A Flight On Standby Without Having To Pay For It Anymore

The truth is that while some airlines might offer cheaper fares than others and a lot depends on where you're going and when you book your tickets, air travel is always pretty pricey. Even when someone exclaims that they're finally going to Italy and found a "great deal," it's still going to be several hundred dollars, and that's not chump change.

One reason why people assume that JetBlue is cheap is that, for a while, you could hop on a flight on standby and you wouldn't actually have to shell out any money. That's not the case anymore. According to Million Mile Secrets, "You used to be able to fly standby at NO extra charge for flights immediately before or after your original flight (as long as it had the same origin and destination)." Today, customers will have to pay $75.

$75 isn't exactly as cheap as, say, $5 or $10, and when you're already spending quite a lot for your vacation, it's tough to have to pay even more.

As Of January 2020, You Have To Pay More In Order To Check Luggage

Everyone feels differently about checking luggage when going on vacation. Some people feel that they have to bring tons of different clothing options so they need to check at least one bag, if not more. Others are happy to streamline their packing and have one regular-sized carry-on and they don't even think twice about it.

CNN says that now when you fly JetBlue, you have to pay $35 for one piece of luggage to check (it was $30 before). And while it was $40 for another piece of luggage, now that has been raised to $45. This is another reason why it's not going to be as cheap to fly this airline as everyone assumes. It'll make your plane ticket feel a lot pricier than it originally was.

The More Affordable Option Isn't Convenient

They say that time is money... and that seems to apply here as the most affordable option when booking flights on JetBlue isn't the most convenient.

There are a few different ways to book flights with this airline: according to the official website, there's Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. Only Blue Plus and Mint allow a checked bag.

As the LA Times explains, "Customers buying a reduced Blue Basic fare won’t get a refund if they have to cancel, can’t make changes to the reservation and will have to board last — standards that match other airlines for the category."

Because of these policies, flying with JetBlue might not be as cheap as everyone assumes. If you do have to cancel your flight or you want to fly at a different time, that will cost you. And because you can't get on the plane until everyone else already has, having to wait for that extra time might be a bit stressful. And if you're a nervous flyer then that extra time might not be the best news, either.

It's $25 More To Buy Tickets Via Phone

According to Clark.com, it costs $25 more to book JetBlue tickets by phone. While that could definitely be a lot more money, it's still extra money that travelers probably would rather not pay.

Travelers might not know about this, so if you booked your tickets by phone and then were told that you had to pay $25, that would be a bit frustrating to hear. And since you're already paying for your hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and some activities during your vacation, these costs can add up and it can seem like your trip is even more expensive.

While many people assume that flying JetBlue is super cheap, there are some extras that make it a bit pricier, and it's good to be aware of these things before booking your travel plans. Between paying to check your luggage to having to pay money to fly standby, flying with this airline might not be that low-cost.

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