Statue Of Jeff Goldblum Appears In London To Commemorate 25th Anniversary Of Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum's iconic pose from 1993’s Jurassic Park, which launched a thousand memes, has now been immortalized with a 25-foot statue next to London's Tower Bridge.

The sculpture shows Goldblum reclining with his shirt open in his best centerfold model pose. The temporary installation has already been named the city's "best attraction" by rabid Jurassic Park fans. All 330 lbs. of Goldblum will be on display until July 26.

The Jurassic-sized monument marks the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's sci-fi classic, in which Goldblum played Dr. Ian Malcolm. The pose, which according to the star was improvised, has become one of film history’s most talked about seductive stances.

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The sculpture, on display in Potters Fields, was commissioned by NowTV and is surrounded by dozens of printed dinosaur footprints, which relay fascinating tidbits about the Goldblum monument, such as the fact that the statue weighs 150 kg, the equivalent of 48,000 tea bags.

Goldblum has recently reprised his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in this summer’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He is also expected to take part in the final chapter of the trilogy, which will be directed by Colin Trevorrow.

He commented on his famous pose in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, saying that it made sense in the scene since his character was recovering from a leg injury. He admits that the open shirt was his idea.

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“It’s supposed to be Costa Rica, right? So things are hot and I’m sure I’m in some sort of fever,” he said. “So all the logic is that we gotta get some of these wet clothes off immediately. As I remember, I don’t think anybody fought me on that.”

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Goldblum recognized that he has had his fair share of typecasting, given his reputation as a suave ladies man. “I’m careful; I don’t want to be a skeevy reality-show version of myself,” Goldblum said. “But what I mean is that there might be great roles still to come for me that incorporate things that are recognizably my straight behavior. Who knows? I still am excited about transforming for roles. I wouldn’t mind playing a part with hair extensions and an eye patch and a funny accent.”

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