Craft beer is well and truly a fad that seems to have appeared almost out of nowhere. There was a time not so long ago when you would enter a bar and the choice of ales and lagers were slim. There was maybe a selection of three or four if you were lucky. Nowadays you're greeted with a whole smorgasbord of choices. Drinking beer has basically become the same as drinking wine.

With any craze, there are some who like to take it to the extreme. Brewing beers that have weird and wonderful flavors, some of which have no right being served in a bar. There is even a chain of pubs in the United Kingdom that uses carrots and bananas to create a beer that is specifically for dogs. A non-alcoholic one of course.


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A resort in Japan has gone one step beyond even that. As reported by Katie Lockhart of Travel And Leisure, who experienced it for herself, you can now bathe in craft beer. The experience is a part of the Misugi Resort and is one of many onsens that visitors can experience. An onsen is a hot spring and also refers to the resorts that tend to spring up around them.

The beer onsen is not 100% craft beer but has natural hot spring water mixed with it. Fresh beer is released into the onsen every 30 minutes and if you time it right, you can catch some in your hands and give it a taste. We wouldn't recommend sipping the watered down beer already in the onsen though, especially since others have been bathing in it.

The beer itself is called Ninja Beer, which is a perfect name because the onsen is found close to Japan's famous Samurai Gardens. If this appeals to you, or the idea of bathing in onsens in general as they come in a variety of different style. Bear in mind, Japanese people tend to be quite judgemental about tattoos. In Japan, tattoos are often related with Yakuza gang culture and remember, you will likely be sharing your onsen with others.

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