Do you have a craving for sushi? What about other Japanese cuisine? If so, there might be a couple of places nearby that do takeout, but if you want a real, authentic experience that doesn't involve traveling half-way around the world, you'll find there are several restaurants in America known for serving incredible Japanese food.

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They might be even closer than you think! We're highlighting ten places you can dine-in all over the country to have the best Japanese experience you could imagine, all from the comfort of your own home! Who knows, you could be living down the street from the perfect sushi spot and not even realize it!

10 Hashiri In San Francisco, California

Sushi Hashiri is probably not the type of place you'll be visiting on a whim. As an expensive, highbrow restaurant, Hashiri is known for its exquisite meals and fresh fish. You might be spending quite a bit of money for this fine-dining experience but if you're a true fan of sushi, it's an experience that cannot be missed.

They have private importation of fish from the Tokyo market and their dishes change depending on the season. Food is served and curated with refined Kyoto. Complement your experience with one of their rare sakes or wines. Be sure you come with an empty stomach, this is a multicourse establishment.

9 Fort St. George In Seattle, WA

Fort St George is a more relaxed setting than some of the other options on this list, and at only a block away from the light rail station, it's easy to get to. If you are a fan of Japanese food then you should certainly add them to your bucket list as they are known for serving sumptuous Japanese comfort food.

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Their menu has quite a range of options. They pride themselves on serving everything from pasta to curry and more. Recently, Fort St George and Maekawa Bar combined forces into a single restaurant with items from both menus. Make sure you try their Ramen!

8 Imanas Tei In Honolulu, Hawaii

Imanas Tei has been dubbed one of the best restaurants to eat authentic Japanese food in America by several different publications and they were that badge with honor, as they should. The restaurant is known for serving traditional Japanese seafood. However, they also like to add twists to their recipes to change things up.

Their creative flair has helped them bolster their reputation in the community. If you plan on dining in here, you'll need to make a reservation far in advance or risk having to wait in a long line for open seating due to the restaurant's popularity! Beyond seafood, shabu shabu is another customer favorite.

7 Uni, Boston, Massachusetts

If you're ever in the Boston area and find yourself with a sudden craving for Japanese cuisine, then UNI is a great choice to dine at. The restaurant uses the freshest seafood from Tokyo's Tsukiji market and local fishermen. Their culinary meals are infused with passion and creative zeal by Chefs Ken Oringer and Tony Messina.

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UNI adapts to cultural innovations and borrows from street vendor meals in places like Bangladesh, Shanghai, and Singapore. It is recommended you try the rock shrimp, tuna, foie gras, and the sashimi! UNI has been named one of the best restaurants in all of Boston on several occasions.

6 Sushi Yasuda In New York, New York

Opening back in 1999, Sushi Yasuda has quickly cornered the market on Japanese cuisine in New York City. That's not an easy feat to accomplish considering how many restaurants are in the city! But they stand out due to their authenticity, creative expression shown through intricate sushi-making, and their minimalist environment that many customers find relaxing.

The idea is that the minimalism helps their patrons focus solely on the explosions of various flavors while they dine in an intimate setting with their loved ones. The fish is flown in fresh from Japan and served on the bamboo settings. The three owners are bonded together by their love sushi.

5 Uchi In Austin, Texas

If you're looking for contemporary Japanese food in the Austin area, then Uchi is going to be your best bet. They serve both hot and cold dishes there so if you're not a big fan of eating raw sushi or sashimi, they have plenty of other savory dishes to appease your palette. Uchi is located in a refurbished bungalow.

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The chef, Tyson Cole, has won awards for his intriguing and diverse takes on Japanese food. People travel from all over the world to dine at Uchi so it will be crowded, ensure you make reservations far in advance.

4 Kai Zan In Chicago, Illinois

Twin brothers Melvin and Carlo Vizcondo, (some have dubbed them the ultimate sushi twins) own Kai Zen. They use both modern and traditional cooking techniques to serve up an impeccable meal that has made them Chicago gem and one of the best places to eat Japanese food in all fifty states.

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The service here is phenomenal as each meal is individualized to the patron's specifications and tastes. You'll be able to state your preferences when it comes to sushi and have them whip up something that best suits your taste buds.

3 Bamboo Sushi In Portland, Oregon

Bamboo Sushi is one of the few restaurants on this list that could be constituted as a chain but not on a large-scale. They have several locations in Portland, Oregon, in addition to a few locations elsewhere such as Denver, the Bay Area, and Seattle.

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The most notable thing about Bamboo Sushi is their ambition and drive to try and do better for our environment and lessen the impact of the company's carbon footprint. Because of overfishing and other issues in terms of the most popular animal protein, Bamboo Sushi does their best to only source from areas with abundancy.

2 Akiko's In San Francisco, California

In downtown San Francisco, you'll find Akiko's, one of the best on the west coast and in the entire country. The restaurant is family-owned and has been a premier spot of Japanese cuisine for more than 30 years. They make a concerted effort to get the freshest products and buy locally and organic when possible in addition to keeping track of environmental factors.

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The menu changes daily to reflect what is freshest. Because of how long Akiko has been in the business, you can feel confident knowing they have the experience to serve you some of the most delicious food you've ever had the pleasure of tasting.

1 Masu Sushi And Robata In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Masu Sushi is a chic eatery that has both grilled fare and regular sushi, depending on what you're hungering for. They have been accredited with being one of the best places to eat in Minnesota, and of course, best places to Japanese food in the country.

They're known for their Japanese pickles, made fresh in house, tuna tataki, pork shoulder, soba, ramen, and more. Plus, they do their best to only serve fish that has been farmed in a way guaranteed to have the least amount of impact on the environment in order to apply sustainability to their restaurant and our oceans.

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