It's a common thing to joke about; loving wine or coffee, so much that you could just bathe in it... and now you can, at this Japanese spa resort! In Japan, bath houses are a popular way to relax and enjoy the health benefits of soaking in the warm water of either a heated indoor bath (sento) or a natural hot spring (onsen).

Japanese bath houses are also a popular tourist destination, although it's important to be aware of the cultural norms here. Tourists can be surprised at the rules of more traditional spas, where tattoos are forbidden, genders are separated, and everyone bathes completely in the nude (and only after a shower - these baths are to relax in, not to clean yourself). However, for travelers familiar with the cultural norms at these spas, they are the perfect way to unwind... and at one resort, to bathe in liquids including wine, coffee, and tea!


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Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa and Resort in Hakone, Japan, offers a wide range of different bathing experiences - including the popular (and very Instagram-worthy) wine, coffee, tea, and 'ramen' baths. The baths are designed to pay homage to the liquid in them, surrounded by giant tea cups and wine bottles, and yes, it is real wine in there. However, it's not recommended that anyone actually drink the contents! The baths are re-filled on a regular basis, which also makes for a great experience as an attendant pours new wine, coffee, or pepper-water (for the 'Ramen' bath) into the pool.

These baths aren't the only ones in the spa, of course. As well as the food-themed baths, Yunessun also features baths themed to the Ancient Romans, a tiered Scenic Open Air Bath, and water slides, as well as the usual public and private bathing areas.

And while these baths are absolutely perfect for pictures and for a unique take on the traditional Japanese bathing houses, they may also have some health benefits. The coffee bath is said to recharge and rejuvenate the skin, and wine bathing has a long history of health claims; even Cleopatra and Mary, Queen of Scots have been said to bathe in wine to stay young and beautiful. Fans of vinotherapy (the fancier term for soaking in a few dozen bottles of red) claim that the polyphenols naturally found in red wine are what makes it so beneficial for the health - and they can be absorbed through the skin, rather than by drinking the wine. Whether or not a dip in a coffee or wine spa will actually make you healthier has yet to be proven, but even if it doesn't have any particular health benefits, it looks like a whole lot of fun!

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Source: Atlas Obscura, Yunessun