Japan is a country that a lot of tourists have on their bucket lists. It has a rich history, unique culture, and so many things to offer visitors. From ancient shrines to museums, arcades, and even world-class restaurants. It's no surprise that people from all over the world are drawn to Japan or want to visit if they haven't made it over there yet.

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On top of all the really unique and interesting tourist attractions that Japan has, there are also some truly creepy things that visitors can see. From spooky-themed arcades to haunted houses and buildings that have a super eerie reputation, there are some things in Japan that only the bravest visitors will check out.

To see 10 of the scariest places in Japan, keep reading!

10 Anata No Warehouse

Anata No Warehouse is a pretty creepy location in Kawasaki, Japan. It looks like a series of super questionable alleyways and balconies when you walk inside. But, as one gets deeper into this venue, the realization sets in that not everything is exactly as it seems.

Although the atmosphere seems dingy and creepy, Anata No Warehouse is actually an arcade. Anata No Warehouse is full of a ton of different Japanese arcade games like UFO catchers, claw machines, and other games where visitors can win fun prizes. Even though there are a lot of fun games in this arcade, the decor is still super eerie and gives off the feeling that this arcade isn't all fun and games.

9 Nakagusuku Hotel Ruins

The Nakagusuku Hotel ruins is an abandoned site in Okinawa. It sits near the Nakagusuku Castle, a tourist attraction that many people go to Okinawa to see. This site is also called the Royal Hotel and was abandoned before it was ever actually finished, leaving behind the shell of the building.

According to stories, the Nakagusuku Hotel was built on sacred Buddhist burial sites. People warned the developers not to build here, but they didn't listen. Accidents became common on the construction site and workers were worried that the land was cursed, causing them to leave and refuse to finish the hotel.

8 Himuro Mansion

According to myths and legends about the Himuro Mansion, it was the site of a truly horrific and haunting crime. Legend says that an occult ritual went horribly wrong and took the lives of several people in this house. Then, strange and unexplainable things started to happen in the house.

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If the name of this mansion sounds familiar, it's likely because you heard about it in the 2002 PlayStation 2 game Fatal Frame. The game claimed that some of the events were based on a true story and catapulted this house into the minds of horror fans everywhere. Whether or not it really happened (and it doesn't seem like it did), this house's reputation has made it pretty terrifying.

7 Aokigahara Forest

When it comes to scary locations in Japan, Aokigahara Forest is definitely one of the first ones people think of. This location has become iconic because of its dark reputation. Since the 1950s, this location has been the final resting place of many people in Japan.

People wander deep into the forest before taking their own lives and their bodies are found sometime later by local volunteers who scour the area on a regular basis. Because this forest has been the final resting place for so many people over the years, it's definitely got an eerie vibe to it.

6 Okiku’s Well

Okiku's Well is a tourist destination located on the grounds of Himeji Castle.  According to legend, Okiku worked for a revered samurai named Aoyama. Aoyama was in love with Okiku, but she turned him down.

Upset that she rejected him, Aoyama convinced Okiku that she had accidentally destroyed a family heirloom and threatened to tell someone what she did but promised to keep it a secret if she would marry him. Okiku refused, which upset Aoyama, and he threw her into this well. Now, the well is allegedly haunted by Okiku's ghost.

5 Oiran Buchi

Oiran Buchi is an area located in Yamanashi. For people that love nature, this area may seem like a dream come true. There are plants and steep cliffs everywhere and it's undeniably the home of a totally beautiful landscape. Even though Oiran Buchi may look beautiful, there are some truly terrifying rumors about the history of this place.

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According to legends about Oiran Buchi, this place was once the home to rich gold mines. As the mine started to decline, the area took a dark turn. Dozens of women were allegedly attacked and their bodies were pushed over the side of the bridge at Oiran Buchi. People believe that their spirits now haunt the area, looking for revenge.

4 Super Scary Labyrinth Of Fear At Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park located in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. Amusement parks aren't typically considered such scary places, right? Fuji-Q Highland is definitely a fun place to spend a day, but it's also the home to one of the scariest haunted houses in Japan.

This haunted house is called the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear, a terrifying maze that takes about an hour to completely get through. It's full of all kinds of different scares that are designed to really get under a visitor's skin. Even though the scares are completely fabricated, it's still one of the scariest places in Japan.

3 Round Schoolhouse

This eerie location is located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. It's known as the Round Schoolhouse and it was built in the early 20th century. It got its name from the really unique round shape that this building has. It was closed in the 1970s after being used as a school for a few decades and has since been left abandoned.

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Since the Round Schoolhouse closed, a lot of rumors have circulated about this building. These days, people claim that the location is haunted and that there have been ghosts and mysterious figures seen either in the school or in the woods around it. Whether or not the Round Schoolhouse is really haunted is unknown, but that doesn't stop it from having a pretty creepy aura about it.

2 SSS Curve

SSS Curve is one of the spookiest and allegedly among the most haunted places in Japan. It's located in Okinawa and there's not exactly a lot of information out there about this place. It got its name from the shape of the path that goes through the area, but it's a pretty mysterious area in general.

According to most myths and stories about the SSS Curve, ghosts are the least of your worries. While there are plenty of stories about the mysterious spirits that lurk around the area, there are also stories about what happens to people who visit the SSS Curve. People claim that anyone who visits here will get dizzy, nauseous, and hallucinate without explanation.

1 Inukane Pass

Inukane Pass is located on the Japanese island of Kyushu and also goes by the name of Old Chusetsu Tunnel. This is known as one of the most haunted places in Japan, but there isn't a lot of information about exactly why it's haunted. While some haunted places have stories attached to them that give a source for the ghosts in the area, Inukane Pass isn't one of them.

According to stories from people that have visited Inukane Pass, this tunnel has a high level of supernatural activity. People have reported hearing whispers and strange sounds coming from the tunnel as they approach it. Pretty spooky!

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