Unless you were raised by a very health-conscience family or you yourself matured into one, chances are you eat at McDonald’s at least once a month. It’s fairly inexpensive, always delicious, and there’s always a happy meal and a toy waiting for the kids! Like every restaurant, deli, or fast food joint - the menu is typically the same with very little changes made to adapt to the local scene. When you order a Number Six meal, you are going to be getting chicken nuggets. Frankly, that may as well be a law.

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In some areas recently, the Golden Arches is mixing things up a little and trying to give customers a broader scope of their menus from all around the world. Burgers from Spain, Chicken Sandwiches from Canada, and deserts from Australia are currently available in the United States. Hopefully, the experiment does well enough to prompt people to want to sample some more great McDonald’s food from around the world.

Until then, these items are only available in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are The 10 Best Japan-exclusive McDonald’s Foods, Ranked.

10 Mega Tamago

As of late, the Breakfast Burger has become a pretty big staple of menus at all kinds of restaurants. Eateries like Applebee’s, Outback, and even the Cheesecake Factory have adopted the mega patty topped off with an egg in their stores.

McDonald's Japan has done this as well with their Mega Tamago sandwich. For anyone who has ever enjoyed steak and eggs, this might be the next best thing. The Mega Tamago replaces a patty with an egg, which should be easy enough to recreate at home.

9 McPork

It’s an easy design, and yet so delicious. Proof positive that you don’t need to dump eighty million flavors in between two buns. Just a pork sausage, with Japan’s Garlic and Pepper sauce, and some crispy lettuce to top it off with.

What more could you want? Maybe a ticket to Kyoto? McDonald's has always specialized in creating simple comfort food, and the McPork more than satisfies this description.

8 German Sausage Chicken Sandwich

If you’ve ever eaten the McRib before, then you understand the sheer joy of what eating at McDonald’s could be like. The fact that the sandwich isn’t offered year round should be a crime. But when the Arches does rerelease this delectable sandwich, it will be like the running of the bulls to try and get one.

That is exactly how Japanese citizens feel when the German Sausage Chicken Sandwich comes to the Rising Sun. It’s a celebration of German meats topped with sour kraut. THAT is a sandwich that needs to his US shores by October.

7 Cheesecake McFlurry

Desserts all around the world certainly differ even more than the main courses. Sweet tooths vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, let along with country to country. Seemingly though, everyone loves a good cheesecake!

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The McFlurry is not solely indigenous to Japan, but this special version can only be found in Miyazaki, Japan, which is located in the southernmost Kyushu island and exclusively during the summer season. That is a rare a delicate Cheesecake McFlurry!

6 Sankaku Choco Pie

It looks like a chocolate-covered Apple turnover. While that might be an amazing food to try, Japan’s Sankaku Choco Pie is even better than that. Inside the delicious pastry is warm and gooey chocolatey goodness.

It’s what any chocolate-lover would think is just a little slice of love delivered in a familiar red and yellow McD’s box. If you love almonds, then that only increases the pie's appeal because those are mixed into the dark stuff inside.

5 Gratin Croquette Burger

Take the cold winter months in Japan, add a western take on a pasta bake, toss it all on a bun and you have some ultimate comfort food at the Golden Arches Of Japan. The Gratin Croquette Burger, or Gurakoro, comes around during the Winter season and would warm up any mouth.

It is macaroni and shrimp in a fried croquette and sandwiched between some cabbage on a fluffy bun. If you love cheese too, then you might want to order the Demi Cheese Gratin.

4 Melon Fanta Float

Japan has at least one drink not found anywhere else in the world. McDonald's really ought to consider having a complete global menu if they can keep the costs down. If you’re ever in Japan, you can wash down all of these Japanese exclusives with their Melon Fanta Float.

For those of who grew up enjoying Hi-C Ecto Cooler, it’s that - only carbonated and with vanilla ice cream. Note to Coca-Cola, please start producing lemon Fanta here so that McDonald's can start making these glowing floats.

3 McChoco Potato

There are a lot...A LOT of people who swear by “salty and sweet” when it comes to snacking. We all know at least one person who has to dip their French fries into Wendy’s Frosty dessert.

McDonald's in Japan doesn’t want you to go to Wendy’s to do that. They have their own spin on French fries and chocolate called The McChoco Potato. Debuting in early 2016, the fries are drizzled in chocolate sauce. If that isn’t good enough, they’re also drizzled in white chocolate sauce.

2 Shaka Shaka Chicken

McDonald's Japan has tried to make the crispy fried chicken even better. Whether they have or not is debatable, but their Shaka Shaka Chicken is definitely interesting. There are several flavors to choose from - Pepper, Cheese, and Lemon. Occasionally, new flavors like BBQ are even introduced.

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Imagine if McD's handed you your Chicken Nuggets in a pouch with your preferred flavor. Then you shook it up until your arm was tired, the whole time the sound the bag is making is “shaka shaka.” It’s Shake And Bake by McDonald’s and it’s been a successful staple in Japan for a few years now.

1 Manhattan Burger

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, at least one food item will have the words “New York” or “Manhattan” in its name and claim to be a representative of the food culture of the Big Apple. McDonald's Rising Sun has the Manhattan Burger.

As part of the brand's Big American line of burgers, the Manhattan Burger needs to come stateside pronto. A burger topped with mozzarella, pastrami, and sour cream! That’s straight of the Katz or Carnegie Delis! Hopefully, the current stateside international menu gets an upgrade this summer so we can all indulge in some treats from the Land Of The Rising Sun.

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