Japan Airlines has included a new tool in its online booking process that allows passengers to check how close their potential seat will be to people traveling with babies.

Whether you are traveling with a baby or simply find yourself on the same flight as one, it can make the trip infinitely more trying. Sometimes parents have to fly with babies and trust us when we tell you, no matter how annoyed or upset you might be by their baby's distress at being flown through the air for the first time, their trip is going a whole lot worse than yours.


Unfortunately for the parents of those distressed babies, there's no rest bite from their kids for the duration of that flight. For other passengers aboard the plane, there actually might be. That's thanks to a new tool Japan Airlines has recently included as a part of its booking process.

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The tool allows passengers booking tickets to check exactly where babies and small children will be sat on the flight. If the mini passenger is between eight days and two years old, an icon will appear on the site alerting the passenger to that fact. If they don't think they can deal with the sound of a potentially crying child on their journey, they can then attempt to reserve a seat as far away from the flight's babies as possible.

There is a catch. This service is only available to passengers who book directly through JAL. If you're using a third-party site or company, the option will not present itself. You'll also not be given the baby-avoiding option if booking as part of a tour group or if there has been a last-minute change to the aircraft, reports The Guardian.

JAL's new tool has had the internet pretty split. Some potential passengers have welcomed the option, citing that it should be mandatory of all airlines. Others have questioned people who aren't understanding of a baby crying on the flight, asking those who can't handle it to put themselves in the shoes of the parent trying to soothe that child. Either way, for the time being at least, JAL passengers have the option.

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