Many people visit the Caribbean islands to experience various cultures in one single trip. This is achieved thanks to the unique colonial history of these resort islands. Most of them retain traditions, customs, and food from their mother country. A beautiful Caribbean island located next to South America, Curacao, is one example of this magnificent blend of cultures. Curacao is known for its Dutch colonial history, which sets the country apart from the French and British histories of other islands in the Caribbean.


More than a million visitors come every year to Curacao to enjoy the iconic resorts, white sandy beaches, and some of the world’s best snorkeling activities. On the southwestern side of the country, people visit the lovely Jan Thiel area, which is frequented by singles, couples, and families alike. Here’s what to know about this magical neighborhood in Curacao.

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Here’s What To Know About The Beach And Dinner At Curacao’s Jan Thiel

The most famous spot in Jan Thiel is its beach, which holds the same name as the neighborhood. People visiting Jan Thiel Beach think they are spending a vacation in Mykonos, thanks to the energetic vibe and the lively beach parties this spot features. The beach is one of the most vibrant in Curacao, and people can expect beach clubs and upbeat music. Moreover, Jan Thiel Beach is frequented by fun-loving young crowds. Also, people who want to stay awhile and enjoy more than the upbeat vibe can have lunch at various iconic restaurants around the beach or relax at one of the comfy loungers.

  • What to know: Jan Thiel Beach is a private spot for its accompanying resort. However, people can access the beach even if they do not stay at the resort. The entrance fee to the public is NAFL 6 or $3.5.
  • What to eat: Jan Thiel Beach is home to five restaurants and three beach clubs. People are encouraged to try the delicious stone-oven pizza at Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant. The latter features a great tiki umbrella and an animal-print bar design, giving the restaurant an East African vibe. Eating under the massive canopy provides the place with a cozy vibe.
  • How to get there: Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant can be found at Kaya Damasco, Jan Thiel, Curacao.

Other worth visiting restaurants along Jan Thiel Beach include Zest Beach Café, Koko’s, Zest Restaurant, Dulce Ice Cream Shop, and Tinto Bar Y Cocina.

This Unique Beach In Jan Thiel Features A Charming Boulevard

Located at a 10 to 15-minute drive away from Jan Thiel Beach, people can visit the beautiful Mambo Beach in the neighborhood. While this magnificent spot is energetic as its counterpart, it boasts a more relaxed vibe. Moreover, the loungers at Mambo Beach are spaced further apart than at Jan Thiel Beach, which makes the former a more comfortable space for many. People love to behold the beauty of the palm trees dotted on the beach while taking up the impressive views from above.

  • Cost: Access to Mambo Beach costs $3.5 per person. People can also rent a lounger for $4.
  • Address: Mambo Beach can be found at Bapor Kibrá, Willemstad, Curacao.

Another beautiful activity to enjoy around this area is strolling along Mambo Beach Boulevard. The latter features a two-level convenient outdoor shopping center. Moreover, the boulevard has over 50 shops, and people can enjoy a tasty dinner along the strip.

  • Where to eat: People are advised to dine at The Green House at Mambo Beach Boulevard. The restaurant offers delicious steak, seafood, and Mediterranean food. Moreover, this place offers breathtaking views of Mambo Beach.

Reaching Mambo Beach Boulevard is easy since this attraction is located at the beach.

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What To Know About Salt Flats And Flamingos In Curacao’s Jan Thiel

People who want to enjoy the natural beauty and escape the crowds in Jan Thiel are advised to visit the sea flats in the region. These are also called saliñas, and they consist of vast swaths of flattened land where plantation for salt extraction was once carried out. The evaporated ocean water is the reason behind the crystallized hardened salt that people can witness at the sea flats of Jan Thiel. This water lays dormant in the flats.

  • Tip: People are encouraged to reach the sea flats around sunrise, where they will have the chance to spot beautiful flamingos. Other iconic places to witness flamingos in Curacao include the Saliña Sint Michiel and Saliña Sint Marie.
  • How to get there: To reach the sea flats of Jan Thiel, people will have to input « Parke Publiko Sorsaka » into their GPS. They will also find signs on the road that guide them to their destination. After parking, visitors to the sea flats expect to walk a short distance through a small forest clearing.

Other charming activities to undertake in Jan Thiel include witnessing the wondrous Tafelberg Mountain view, exploring Fort Beekenburg, taking a day trip to Willemstad, staying at De Plantage Jan Thiel Boutique Resort, and visiting the Curacao Sea Aquarium.

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