Trains can be a great way to travel, but sometimes the affordable coach option isn't all that great. You are forced to sleep in a chair, rather than a bed, and oftentimes paying two or three times the amount for a ticket just isn't an option. Luckily, several products can make your lousy ride feel like you are actually in a first-class suite.

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These items will help you feel right at home in your coach seat, even though you might have an annoying neighbor or a lumpy seat. There are some things you can bring that will make the experience one you would gladly do again, rather than something that you complain about to all of your friends. Keep reading to learn about ten items that will make your coach train ride feel like first class!

10 10. Your Favorite Blanket Can Remind You Of Home

The ride can grow quite chilly, so it's always a good idea to bring a warm blanket. These can be fleece, weighted, or even homemade if you prefer because it is something that will make you feel at home.

It can be hard to sleep in the chairs since you didn't want to splurge for a bed, but your blanket will help transport you into unconsciousness. The combination of its smell and the warmth surrounding you will help you feel like you are back at home tucked beneath the covers.

9 9. Inflatable Footrests Are A Good Idea

If you know you have short legs and constantly suffer from legs that ache because they can't touch the ground, then you should consider purchasing an inflatable footrest. They can be inflated to three different heights depending upon how you want to sit, and their small design makes them perfect for any train ride.

You can easily pull it out of your bag and set it up in a few short minutes, and it will provide you with an entire ride of comfort. They can also double as pillows as well if you prefer something smaller compared to lugging your giant pillow around.

8 8. Don't Forget A Power Strip

Your main focus during a long train ride is probably finding a way to keep all of your electronics alive. This includes phones, kindles, tablets, and computers, as they all have a tendency to die on us when we need them most.

It is smart to bring along a small power strip so you can plug in all of your dying electronics instead of choosing just one to keep alive. They are fairly small, and some even come with adapters if you plan on a train in another country.

7 7. Invest In A Travel Pillow

There are so many different kinds of travel pillows, but the important thing to remember is you should pack at least one. It can be extremely difficult to fall asleep in coach on a train without one of these handy pillows as your head will consistently move and slip throughout the ride.

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These will help keep your head in place and make you forget that you bought a ticket for coach in the first place because it will be so easy for you to fall asleep. Other passengers might seem unrested or cranky, but you will be prepared to experience the day after a night with one of these.

6 6. Pick Out A Good Book

Your electronics can fail you, so it is always a good idea to bring some solid form of entertainment for yourself. This can come in the form of a good book, crocheting, or crossword puzzles.

This extra activity should help keep you busy despite the boring train ride and hours spent waiting to arrive at your destination. It might seem like a waste when you have so many electronic devices to keep you busy, but you never know what might happen over the span of a single trip.

5 5. Pack An Eye Mask

You will be traveling with several other passengers in coach, so sometimes lights are still on when you think it is time to fall asleep. Instead of bugging your neighbor until they finally turn off the light, you should consider bringing an eye mask instead.

They will block out the light and come in a wide variety of materials for your comfort. It might not seem necessary, but neglecting to bring this item will result in a subpar train ride.

4 4. Slippers Are Great For The Cabin

When you are sitting in your seat and trying to fall asleep, it can be hard to do so when you have your shoes on. It can be a pain to pull them back on in the middle of the night when you have to use the restroom, but this is where a pair of slippers come in handy.

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All you have to do is lip them on and you are good to go without all of the struggles in your half-asleep state. This also helps prevent you from waking up your nearby neighbors in coach and gives you the plush feel that you were in first class all along.

3 3. Headphones Are Always A Necessity

The best way to ignore everyone and everything around you is to stick on a pair of headphones. You can pack a bulky set, a wired set, or even a wireless set that just sits in your ears. All of the options will transport you to a world away from everything you hate about train rides.

It is entirely your preference in terms of music and style, but it is something everyone should have. You can download music onto your phone, or some headsets even allow you to download playlists so you no longer have to worry about keeping your phone on you while you sleep.

2 2. Don't Forget To Pack Some Face Wipes

The trains do have bathrooms, but instead of packing a thousand towels, you should consider buying a pack of face wipes. They will take up minimal space in your bag and give you the fresh, clean face you would have had if you had slept in a first-class bed.

No one will know the difference the moment you exit the restroom because you will look as good as new. The best part about them is that you throw them away after one use, so your load will actually lessen by the end of your trip.

1 1. Consider Bringing A Small Cooler

One of the greatest things you could ever bring with you on a train is a small cooler that contains drinks and snacks. This is especially awesome if you have small children who only eat certain foods or if your an adult with special diet needs.

It might be something you doubt you will need, but after a few hours of sitting your hunger and thirst might kick in, especially after breathing in the stale air on the train. Your coach seat might not have first-class service, but you won't need it when you brought a cooler of your own.

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