Flying coach doesn't have to be a miserable experience. Though coach may not come with the legroom, service, and privileges that first class does, you can still experience a comfortable flight while sitting with everybody else.

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Getting the most out of coach is about being organized and bringing items with you that will add a touch of opulence to the flight. You’d be surprised how much difference a simple eye mask can make, or a toiletries kit with the right items inside. Keep reading to find out what to bring to make your flight in coach feel like first class.

10 Noise-Canceling Headphones

Getting a good sleep can be the difference between feeling refreshed after a long flight and feeling absolutely terrible. One of the biggest reasons many people can’t sleep in coach is because there is so much noise around them. So a good pair of noise-canceling headphones will help you to block out all that noise and retreat into your own little world.

Play some soothing music to help you relax or even zone out by watching a movie. With the headphones, you’ll soon forget where you are and it will be much easier to relax.

9 Cotton Clothes And A Scarf

To stay as comfortable as possible in coach, choose clothes that aren’t tight, constricting, or annoying in any way. By wearing clothes made from cotton, your skin will be able to breathe, and you won’t get sweaty. Wearing comfortable, breathable clothes will always make you feel better during the flight, even if it goes for hours.

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A light scarf is a great thing to bring because it can double as a blanket if it gets a little chilly on the plane, or you can drape it over your face if you want some privacy.

8 Compression Socks

You probably won’t feel the coolest you’ve ever felt in a trusty pair of compression socks, but your legs and feet will thank you. Especially if you’re flying for hours, you’ll probably experience cramping, pains, and aches in your legs before long. The socks will help with that discomfort, and they’ll also help to prevent varicose veins and blood clots from forming.

Any extra bit of comfort will help you feel like you’re closer to first class, so don’t forget the compression socks when you’re doing your pre-trip shopping!

7 Earplugs And An Eye Mask

Two things you don’t want to be without on any flight are earplugs and an eye mask. These will help you to create the illusion of privacy, which is what first class is all about.

Earplugs work in the same way as noise-canceling headphones. They’re a good option when you want to fall asleep in silence and there are a hundred different plane noises to block out. Put on your eye mask and you can trick yourself into thinking that you’re all alone, rather than cramped between hundreds of other people.

6 A Decent Neck Pillow

It’s very hard to fall asleep in coach if you don’t have a quality neck pillow with you. Whether you’re by the window, in the aisle seat, or in the middle, you’ll find it easier to get comfortable if you have a decent pillow with you.

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Rather than picking up a cheapie at the airport, take the time to invest in a high-quality pillow that will actually help your neck instead of causing more soreness. Memory foam pillows are the go-to option for many frequent travelers and are often more comfortable than the generic airport pillows.

5 Toiletries Kit

You’d be amazed at how powerful a few good toiletries are on a long flight. The first thing you’ll want to include in your kit is a moisturizer for your skin and lips since the air in the plane is often drying. Regularly apply the moisturizer to stop your skin from feeling dry and crusty.

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A good mist is another toiletry to include since it can help you to spritz up and feel refreshed when you feel half-dead during the flight. Also bring along some hand sanitizer to wipe things down around you, and some good pain relievers.

4 In-flight Entertainment

Coach can seem like a prison sentence when you’re stuck on a long flight without anything to keep you entertained. To make the time fly a lot faster, make sure you bring your own in-flight entertainment. Sometimes the airline will provide its own quality electronic entertainment, but if it doesn’t, remember to pack your own laptop or tablet.

Watching your favorite movies and TV shows, and listening to your favorite songs on repeat, is one of the best ways to pass the time and forget that you’re actually in coach.

3 Travel Blanket

First class is about comfort, so anything you do to add to your comfort in coach will help you to feel like you’ve been upgraded to first class. A travel blanket seems like a minor thing to pack, but it can actually be a lifesaver. Though many airlines provide their own blanket (some at a cost), there’s just something about having your very own (non-scratchy) blanket that helps you to fall asleep faster.

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Some flights can be super cold, so freezing without a blanket will make it feel more like a torture session than a medium of travel.

2 Essential Oil Towelettes

Essential oils can bring a sense of luxury to any flight. They can also be a blessing to those suffering from anxiety. While you might run into a bit of trouble if you try to bring whole bottles of essential oils with you onto the flight, you can bring essential oil towelettes to use as you go.

The towelettes come in different scents, all of which could come in handy during your travels. Lavender is a great calming scent that you should keep on hand for when those bouts of anxiety hit, or when you’re trying to fall asleep.

1 Snacks You Enjoy

Food makes everything better. You may not be able to secure a first-class ticket, but you can bring the ultimate sense of enjoyment to coach by packing your carry-on with all your favorite snacks. Even though the plane food can be surprisingly good, you don’t want to risk getting stuck with something that makes you gag. Being hungry, or sick, on a long flight is not fun.

Try to pack foods that you know won’t make you sick, are tasty, and also leave you feeling good. They’ll give you the energy to battle jetlag and will make the experience a little more enjoyable.

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