Some might say that it’s better to take too much than too little on your vacation, but in the case of backpacking, less is more. Less baggage and pounds on your back equal more freedom and more flexibility. All you truly need is a wallet and a passport. Everything else can be bought additionally.

Many make the mistake of packing items that are of no use to them while moving around. True backpackers mostly stay at hostels, a meeting point of people who mostly do not care about appearances, fashion, or luxury.

Packing only the most comfortable and useful pieces is the best way to prepare for your backpacking trip. Here is a list of things you should definitely skip.

15 Don't Bring Your Ordinary Towel, Pack A Travel-Friendly One Instead

Instead of bringing a cotton towel, consider taking a towel made of microfibres with you. A towel always comes in handy and you simply have to pack it with you since many hostels don’t offer one. They take less space and dry much faster. Every experienced backpacker owns one!

14 More Than One Pair Of Jeans Or A Lot Of Denim, In General, Is A Mistake

One pair of jeans is more than enough for any adventure you have in mind. More than that is just going to be in your way, though. Denim is heavy and hard to fold in an efficient way. If you own a denim jacket, just leave it at home.

13 Packing Uncomfortable Shoes Is A Waste, Regardless Of How Amazing They Are

Whichever shoes you deem the most comfortable and enduring are the ones you should take with you. Don’t bother bringing more than one extra pair. Consider taking some sneakers and flip flops, but leave your heels at home. You’ll never meet a backpacker that owns a glamorous pair of shoes.

12 No One Needs A Whole Make Up Bag With Them While Backpacking

it’s hard to know how much to pack, especially if you’re a first-time backpacker. Girls, don’t bother packing bronzers and shadow palettes. If you travel right, you won’t have the time nor interest to contour and look like a model. Let your skin go on a vacation as well.

11 Leave Your Designer Clothes At Home - They Will Get Ruined

Any clothes, purses or accessories that you hold especially dear to your heart should stay at home. Anything that goes with you on a backpacking trip is likely to come back stretched or stained – after all, you can’t trust washing machines that aren’t yours.

10 Due To All The Information On The Internet, Guidebooks Are Becoming Obsolete

Just a few years ago, it would make total sense to take a good guidebook with you. These days, they just represent an additional weight you probably won’t even open often. With internet services and data being available anywhere in the world, just look information up online.

9 Umbrellas Are Clumsy And More Often Than Not Completely Useless

Anywhere you go, don’t bother taking the weather with you. Most of the world’s destinations are not rainy 24/7. If it just so happens that the rain catches you, you can always invest in an umbrella while traveling. If you really hate rain, just pack a rain jacket instead.

8 Souvenirs Should Be Bought At The End Of The Trip

Most of the souvenirs we bring home are reduced to mere dust collectors. If you still feel pressured or passionate about bringing certain items home, consider buying them at the last stop before boarding a plane back home. If you buy them before, they might break.

7 Don't Waste Too Much Of Your Time On Hair Styling

While backpacking, you should say goodbye to your voluptuous curls or your perfectly straight hair. Embrace how your hair naturally feels. Any peers who you might meet while backpacking won’t care about how your hair looks, especially at beach destinations. A hairbrush should be enough.

6 One Electronic Device Is More Than Enough

Unless you are remotely working, packing your laptop makes no sense. It represents an unnecessary weight, it might get stolen and you won’t spend enough time using it. A smartphone with a good battery is really all you need. Try to be offline as much as possible.

5 Big Bottles Of Shampoo And Body Lotions Are Only Going To Be In Your Way

What holds true for make-up, applies to all toiletries. Don’t bring along your extra-large shampoos and body lotions. Cosmetics are the heaviest items in your backpack, so if you bring as little of those as possible, your travels will be much easier.

4 Less Is More: Make Sure To Leave Space For Local Goodies

Before packing it all up, consider how many clothes you need to make it to the next washing machine. That’s truly all you need. The more you pack, the less space you’ll have to bring home whatever catches your eye. By packing less, you have more shopping options open.

3 You Probably Won't Read More Than One Book

Even if you are an introverted book worm, mark our words: only bring one book with you. If you are hungry to read more than that, hostels often have a free library where you can take a book and continue reading. Books are too heavy and not worth carrying around.

2 Having A Snack With You Is Convenient, But Your Backpack Shouldn't Be A Pantry

Backpackers are used to super long bus rides and it’s smart to have a cheeky snack packed with you. But don’t bother carrying crazy amounts of food with you. You can always buy some at the local supermarkets and leave the rest at the hostel.

1 It's Called Backpacking And Not Suitcase-ing For A Reason

Of course, it all depends on the style of traveling, but suitcases can be extremely clumsy and inconvenient if you want to have a backpacking type of holiday. Backpacks are lighter, easier to manage and a symbol of a true traveler, so definitely invest in one.