Traveling to another country gives visitors the ability to do a ton of things that you likely never would have been able to in your home country. It's a wonderful way to experience a new culture, see new sights, and try out some tasty new foods. Traveling to Italy is definitely a good example of this since Italy has such a rich history, a ton of things to see, and a ton of tasty things to eat.

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There are some things that just about everyone visiting Italy does, like get gelato, visit the Colosseum, and toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain. While there's nothing wrong with any of those, it's fun to do something different when on a vacation instead of hitting all the most popular tourist destinations.

To see 10 unique things to do in Italy, keep reading!

10 Juliet's Balcony

Romeo & Juliet is a classic play by William Shakespeare that is read by high school students around the world. It's the romantic tale of two teenagers that were in love but came from families that didn't get along, meaning that their love was simply not meant to be.

Juliet's Balcony is located in Verona, Italy and is believed by many people to be the balcony where Juliet Capulet, main character from Shakespeare's famous play, lived and spoke to Romeo who stood in the courtyard. Although this isn't actually where Juliet lived since she wasn't based on a real person, it's still a popular and totally romantic tourist destination.

9 Thermopolia Of Pompeii

Visiting Italy gives travelers a good chance to see a hug variety of leftover artifacts and structures leftover from the days of ancient Rome. One of them that is a little less commonly visited by tourists is the Thermopolia of Pompeii. It was last used back in 79 AD when the entire city of Pompeii found itself covered in a blanket of volcanic ash, but today, visitors can step foot back in time by visiting.

The Thermopolia of Pompeii offers visitors a tour of this ancient Roman snack bar and ends with a sampling of different foods that are similar to what historians believe visitors would have eaten here when it was still open.

8 Torre Argentina (Roman Cat Sanctuary)

Largo di Torre Argentina is known as an important site in ancient Roman history. It's on the stairs of this building that Julius Caesar was said to have been betrayed in the worst way imaginable and lost his life at the hands of those he trusted. Today, this location has much happier inhabitants: cats.

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At any given time, this location calls up to 250 cats home. Many of them are cats that have disabilities or injuries that have left them unable to live on the streets as a stray and are taken care of here. The cat sanctuary also has a gift shop, accepts donations from visitors, and even allows people to adopt some of the cats.

7 Villa De Vecchi

Even though this house definitely looks like it's a set straight out of a horror movie, it's not! It's the Villa de Vecchi and it's located in the mountains of Cortenova in the northern part of Italy. It was built in the middle of the 19th century and has gotten quite a reputation because of the string of strange events that took place here.

After the designer of the home passed away, the first resident moved in. Only a few short years later, he returned home to find that his wife had been attacked and their child was nowhere to be seen and unfortunately, he took his own life before finding his daughter. The house is now said to be haunted and is a popular destination for lovers of the paranormal.

6 Casa Sperimentale

Even though this may look like some scenery straight out of a video game, it's actually a real location in Fregene, Italy. This is called the Casa Sperimentale and it was built back in the 1960s. It's built in the middle of the forest and was used as the vacation home for one family living in Italy through the death of one of the family members in the 1990s.

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Today, it's located among a massive overgrowth of native Italian plants, flowers, and trees. It's been completely abandoned since its owner's death and has been left alone by everyone. Though there have been rumors that it may be transformed into something in the future, it stands in the forest now as something for visitors to come look at.

5 Libreria Acqua Alta

Any book lover will know that books and water don't exactly mix. So, owning a bookstore in Venice where floods are a semi-regular occurrence was quite a decision. But it's one that the owners of Liberia Acqua Alta have managed to make work for them.

The name of this bookstore translates to "bookstore of high water" and it's not hard to see why. This store is so used to regular flooding that they've taken to keeping the books off the ground so they don't get wet. Books line the walls and are kept in things like bathtubs to keep them safe.

4 Porta Alchemica

There are a lot of tourist attractions around Italy that are really popular with visitors. Some are considered musts on the bucket lists of anyone going to Italy. And then, there are some things that are popular with people living in Italy that barely any tourists are aware even exist.

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Porta Alchemica is in the latter category. Although this mysterious location is infamous among people living in Italy, it's not exactly a popular tourist destination - unless you're someone looking for something a little different. Porta Alchemica is a door in the middle of a park in Rome that was built in the 17th century. According to myths and legends, it leads to a mystical world full of magic.

3 The Mad Colored Houses Of Burano

Burano is an Italian island that is primarily inhabited by fishermen. It's actually a series of four different islands that are linked by bridges and Burano has become a popular tourist destination for a couple of different reasons.

For one, the people living on Burano have started a tradition where they paint their houses in the most incredibly bright colors. These houses almost look like they're too bright to be real and draw in visitors from all over to see the eye-catching hues. Along with these houses, Burano is also known for being home to the Museum of Lace.

2 The Monsters Of Bomarzo

Parks are normally really serene, relaxing places for a person to have a nice day and enjoy the beautiful weather. But if you visit the Garden of Bomarzo, you'll find that not all parks are relaxing.

The park has an area that is filled with sculptures and is known as The Park of the Monsters. These monsters were built in the mid-16th century after being commissioned by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini who had been through a lot of trauma in the past few years. He commissioned the sculptures in this park as a way to express his feelings and to shock and surprise anyone who walked through the park and saw them.

1 St. Valentine's Skull

If you visit Rome, there are a lot of really romantic things that you can do. This means that going to Italy with someone you love is always a good choice and there are some unique and romantic places to go and things to see together. One of them is the skull of St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers.

The skull in Basilica of Santa Maria is identified as being that of St. Valentine and is decorated with flowers and gold, but the history behind this skull is complicated. After the discovery of St. Valentine's bones, they were distributed to different churches around the world, meaning that the location of all of the parts of his body and whether or not this is really St. Valentine's skull is somewhat contested. Either way, the Basilica of Santa Maria is beautiful and seeing this skull on display is something that can't be missed.

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