Italy has hands down become one of the most visited countries in the world and if given only a week to visit, we'd definitely recommend Rome. When it comes to Rome's incredible history, culture, food, and wine, we can see why it has become an international hotspot for American travelers over the last few years.

While coming up with an itinerary can be difficult, especially if visiting Italy for one short week, we've got you covered with some of the most amazing things to do in Rome. From visiting the historic landmarks, wining and dining, shopping to taking a few day trips to nearby must-see spots, Rome has truly got it all.

Whether you are balling on a budget or simply looking to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank, there are not only loads of free things to do in Rome, but most of the sites worth visiting won't cost you too much, to begin with. The eternal city really has a lot to offer, and while we wish you had longer than a week, here is what you should get up to while in Italy.

10 Fly-In And Out Of Rome

If you are visiting Italy for the first time ever with only a week to enjoy all the country has to offer, we highly recommend flying out of Rome's airport. Not only is Rome a great choice for a first timer in Italy, but it also offers travelers with cheaper fares. Since Rome Fiumicino Aiport is the biggest airport in Italy, it sees hundreds of flights per day, making it the most accessible and affordable airport to fly in and out of.

9 Visit Rome For Three Days

Once you finally arrive in Rome, we recommend taking the train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini, which will get you right in the heart of the city. After arriving at your accommodation, unload those bags and begin your adventure. Make sure to walk through the Roman streets and visit sights such as The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, and the Spanish Steps. While you could easily spend an entire week in Rome and not get bored, we recommend a minimum of 3 days in order to see as much as you can.

8 Grab Yourself Lots & Lots Of Gelato

During your few days in Rome, there is one thing that you should every chance you get, and that is to have yourself a cone or bowl of gelato! If you are visiting Italy during its warmer months, then this is a definite must. Not only will it keep you cool from the Meditteranean sun, but it will also take your taste buds on a ride of a lifetime. Ice cream in Italy is truly next level, and with the endless amount of flavors to choose from, you can stop for a scoop of gelato every hour and not run out of one's to try.

7 Spend A Day Swimming At Santa Marinella Beach

While Rome will treat you right, it's a great idea to try and visit an Italian beach, and although the South of Italy is home to some of the most spectacular beaches, there are a few close to Rome that will still do the trick. If you were to visit one beach, it'd definitely have to be Santa Marinella! This beach is roughly an hour outside of the city and can be reached via car or public transit. Pack your swimmers, sunscreen, and some good tunes and enjoy a day by the beach in none other than beautiful Italy.

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6 Take The Train From Rome To Florence

After having explored Rome and taken a day to relax by the beach, we would recommend grabbing your bags and taking a train down to Florence for an overnight stay. The train itself is quite enjoyable and only takes roughly 1.5 hours. Not only will you be in Florence in the blink of an eye, but it'll only cost you less than $10 to get there. If you're looking for a train company to get you there and back, Trenitalia offers the best rates and quickest trips.

5 Spend A Day Soaking In All Florence Has To Offer

Once you arrive in Florence, check into your hotel or Airbnb, and get going! Florence is just as spectacular as Rome and offers anyone with a love for art a plethora of stunning museums and galleries to visit. If you aren't to keen on museums, take a stroll through Ponte Vecchio and make your way to Piazzale Michelangelo for a view of the entire city. Stop for some delicious Italian food, and of course some gelato, before making your way over to the Duomo for a breathtaking experience, just make sure to dress appropriately since you won't be let in with exposed shoulders or knees.

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4 Drive An Hour Over To Pisa

After enjoying all that Florence had to offer, it's time to take a day trip over to Pisa! While Pisa itself doesn't offer you much more than the Cathedral and Leaning Tower, it is still worth a visit. We recommend taking the train over to Pisa from Florence, which will only take you an hour and cost $10. Once you arrive, you can either stow your luggage at the train station or simply leave them at the Florence train station since you'll be passing by there on your way back to Rome anyways.

3 Enjoy An Aperol Spritz By The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Before we get back to talking about your trip back to Rome, there are a few things you should get to doing while in Pisa. A visit to the Cathedral and the Leaning Tower is a must, however, if there is one thing that you should without a doubt do is to enjoy a nice lunch by the Tower and spoil yourself with a nice cold glass of Aperol Spritz. The drink itself originated in Padua, Italy, and has since become one of the most common drinks throughout the country.

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2 Head Back To Rome For One Final Day

After exploring Florence and Pisa, it's time to make it back to Rome for your final days. Hop back onto a Trenitalia train back to Rome and do whatever your heart desires on your last day. Whether it's a little bit of souvenir shopping, visiting a site you really enjoyed the first time around, or simply taking it easy and aimlessly walking around taking in all that the eternal city has to offer. You can really do no wrong when it comes to a trip to Italy, and sometimes not having any plans at all is the way to go.

1 Enjoy A Classic Italian Meal Facing The Colosseum

As your final night inches closer and closer, we'd recommend ending your trip with a band! The Colosseum may be an extremely touristic spot, but finding a darling restaurant nearby with a view of the stunning structure lit up at night is the perfect way to end your trip. Whether you are traveling solo or with other people, this will mark the end of what will be one of the best trips you have ever taken. Order yourself a glass of wine, get that pizza you've been craving or bowl of pasta that's been calling your name and look out to the incredible view as you say goodbye to Rome.

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